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  1. Streets are saying she's gonna do another Backyard Sessions and perform a 2007 track so I'm very excited about that
  2. Apparently they're both being released, as Superdrug is starting to put it both in their stores. Most celebs only do big campaigns with a new fragrance (Prerogative, Private Show and Radiance for example) and then half @ss the flankers (the million Fantasys and this new Prerogative).
  3. they probably have a contract with EA cause they pump those out every few months since 2010 people always act real surprised to see these when she's had more perfumes than singles
  4. I know everyone’s going insane and scared over this but I had a theory to what this was. If you look carefully at the court docs it states that it was finalized in June 2018 but it was petitioned in late 2017. A few months before that, we had the Vegas attack where someone got on stage and then tmz shortly after reported that Britney wanted to put changes to her will after that incident. I was thinking that this decision was just the aftermath of what happened at that time.
  5. I think it would be cool for her to do the iconic old choreo (especially oops and slave) and make it known to the gen z. Slave choreo was already a challenge on there and she totally could’ve done it. Idk if I would want her to do the new choreo to the tiktok songs people have been doing tho...
  6. Miley Cyrus was asked about the #FreeBritney movement, which gained major momentum in the last year and a half after the pop star was reportedly involuntary placed in a mental health facility. Last year, Miley shouted "Free Britney" at one of her shows. While promoting her new song "Midnight Sky," a certified bop, Miley was asked to comment on the movement. "I think that from a public's point of view, it'd be really hard to relate," she began. "Because I don't personally know Britney that well, I feel like I'm also a kind of a public speculator. I kind of always check myself too, like 'is this my place? Am I just sitting from the outside thinking that I know details that I don't know?'" She continues, "I always kind of complain that the public does to me. So I think it's a treat others how you want to be treated kind of thing. I definitely don't really kind of know her personally to know any of the details. I scream a lot of things at my show. But I also think that Britney, like anyone else, should have the freedom to live the life that's the most authentic to her." Related:
  7. Just tell them to listen to the soundboard or Apple Music festival version and compare it to the studio acapella they’re totally different
  8. I’m so glad she’s doing disco pop before it fades out if she still wants to do a rock era (which she should as the two rock l*aks were amazing) she should do it next year
  9. The merch from Spencer’s is NOT officially licensed merch as there is no trademark on the design and someone who bought it confirmed it has a generic Gildan tag on the inside.
  10. Yeah it should be called isolated vocals instead it’s nice to hear the new re-recorded vocals in WB and toxic
  11. Nope. As I said above they really filtered the performance where you could hear the actual vocals from the songs especially toxic. This is just a studio version without the noise of the crowd but you can hear the instrumentals loud and clear
  12. They uploaded the full thing of this but took it down does anyone have it?
  13. I absolutely hate how they cropped the video to make it widescreen it’s so nice quality too it would’ve been the best I’ve seen
  14. It’ll do mood ring numbers: amazing on digital sales charts, awful on streaming. And now that merch bundles and concert bundles are being phased out by Billboard, she’s not gonna be able to get a boost in sales to balance out the bad streaming numbers.
  15. From The Blast: It's unclear if the unauthorized persons were actually members of the media, or just fans wishing to listen in on the hearing. Our sources say one of the people was a 'documentary filmmaker.'
  16. I don’t get how you could say that last sentence cause Britney’s been with JL during quarantine. and obviously it’s cause Bryan’s more reserved but as a result I’ve almost never seen him and britney together at least recently. I know most people don’t like JL but it’s really important to not be so assuming of people and focus on the real enemies of the conservatorship however out of all the people saying something I trust his word the most as he’s actually been a part of the conservatorship before so I’d definitely wanna hear his words
  17. I never wanna see an album where I’m a slave 4 u is on the same track list as my baby.... but actually tho, I think this could be a cute concept: a greatest hits albums and a b side album of fan favorites (not my baby tho...)
  18. I don’t understand how people can hate what they said... I think how they handled their opinion when the movement first started was kinda awful but they make sense rn. People have taken a serious concern and made it a conspiracy of asking her to wear stuff and post stuff and then looking into her following numbers and her eyelashes as a call for help and then actually calling the cops on her. They acknowledge that freebritney has an actual cause that isn’t being focused on in the right way
  19. the makeup artist from slumber party has recently commented on Britney’s Instagram in support of the movement and posted on her own (private) Instagram story. Sam who follows her reacted with a heart eyes emoji heres the original comment on Britney’s page:
  20. AlbumReceipts is known to make cute receipt type edits based on popular albums and they finally did a Britney one
  21. I also think he’s talking about the hate for Jamie Lynn. I never understood the hate, we’ve seen silence from almost everyone who’s ever spoken up it’s obvious that something fishy going on that’s above both of them and I think he’s trying to allude to that without being direct cause he probably can’t
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