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  1. Well it’s what happens when the people managing you think it’s good to start a residency at the 2nd peak of your career... I don’t think she ever wants to be at that height of fame though so if she wants to be a “has been” let her be. At least she’ll always be relevant enough to be above xtina
  2. It’s the same as what I posted in my post, it’s footage meant for commercials and promotional footage sent to news and media but the shots they’re using and angles and all that aren’t meant for true dvd quality
  3. no she left RCA and became an independent artist, also the tracklist of this deluxe is in the same order as the physical versions with DYWCO being second and all the physical copies don't have the tinashe version
  4. The thing is the POM show was never filmed in actual DVD quality besides Work ***** and Toxic for the New Years special. It's only been filmed with a few camera for the Vegas commercials and then with a couple high quality cameras for the never released behind the scenes mini documentary. But there's certainly not enough high quality footage to create a whole movie We have these made for commercials but the sound quality and the shots just aren't movie material
  5. really ugly but im glad to know that they own that photo maybe we'll get some cute non holiday shirts with that pic
  6. definitely fake, using the old cover, no SITS photo on the back, and no SITS or matches or remixes
  7. i mean urban outfitters in general just isn't that good of a company, but they're kinda known for making vinyls now to the point where a lot of artists go to them for exclusive vinyls so it's just how it is... for glory though it's a wide release not just an urban outfitters exclusive so if you wanted it faster, i'd recommend amazon or target
  8. Ok first of all, I know she isn't gonna do one cause of the situation rn, this is just hypothetical assuming she was ever free in the future while the pandemic was still happening. After seeing Kylie and Dua's concert livestream concerts, it got me wondering if Britney could make one and it seems like it could actually be the best way for her to have a concert. Billie Eilish had a full actual live show, but Dua and Kylie both prerecorded their shows, which means Britney could too. If she ever messed up, she could have unlimited takes to get it right, similar to how she filmed the New Years concerts. Almost all Covid concerts/award show performances lately have been lip synced, which I'm not gonna say how Britney is similar to that but.... you know There's so many ways to make the show interesting, Billie used virtual reality and animation to create unique sets, Kylie had lights and lasers the entire show, and Dua had cute fun colorful retro-y type rooms and tons of dancers and choreo. She also already has a full show with props and choreo that was never used. And finally, she could do the thing she likes doing, performing, without having to interact with a crowd or do those meet and greets that we all know she hates. So assuming she will be free and the pandemic cancelling concerts for a while, would we want to buy tickets for a virtual concert? Would y'all want her to do a POM show, Domination show, or something entirely new? And how much would you pay for it? Billie and Kylie's shows were 50 minutes and were $30 and $20, while Dua's show was about 70 minutes and was $15 at the cheapest just for reference. Billie's show Kylie's show Dua's show
  9. I absolutely love Kylie I think Britney and Kylie would be an amazing duet, but I’d rather have it be kylies song instead of Britney since literally every single since pretty girls was a feature (including this rumors BSB collab...)
  10. you can see the feet are arched in the new one where you can see her tattoo better and the chains are slight different positioned, maybe it’s photoshopped but I think she was in that pose long enough to get multiple shots and they chose a slightly different one
  11. I don’t think they did. It looks like it’s actually a different shot cause her feet and arms are in a different position
  12. Something that was interesting to me was her knowing about the Glory Buying party like is she looking stuff up online and finding that out? Or is someone in her inner circle telling her that it happened? If they’re telling her about that, then they’ll probably tell her that glory is charting next month when the inevitable happens, but that’s always been a mystery to me whether if she knows what’s going on or not
  13. yeah people like having a cd cover blown up as a vinyl, also people are big vinyl collectors to the point where vinyl sales surpassed cd sales this year
  14. for anyone wondering how it sold out, besides the obvious fact of annoying resellers on eBay, the UK apparently only got 1k copies. Out of that, they put a certain number up for pre order and that sold out. So it didn't actually sell out, just the amount of pre orders available. Although according to their twitter they legitimately don't know if they will be receiving any more vinyls so the british fans might wanna go out hunting for it the day it comes out. Then there's a ton of vinyls available in America cause I think they're spreading them out to all the local record shops across America. 4 record shops near me seem to have it up for pre order
  15. The FF dvd honestly could've been such a good movie. The way how the camera angles are so bad and still cause they filmed it as a 3D movie just for it to only air a couple times like that makes it so unwatchable. They also filmed it at such a bad show, there were so many good moments from other dates that ended up flat in toronto but that's team britney in a nutshell
  16. yup it was “Britney Spears - The Hits” they used what they already had and then added the rest of the albums after it edit: it might actually have been the Oops 20th Anniversary playlist although I’m pretty sure they just changed what was on the same playlist Everytime
  17. yeah it's urban outfitters doing this they're calling it "Sing11es" and they're doing 11 different artists it's so weird selling $17 for one song
  18. Britney Spears is releasing a new single titled "Swimming in the Stars." It's a collaboration with Urban Outfitters, and will be available on vinyl (similar to My Only Wish This Year) This is a totally new unheard song with a new photo from the desert photoshoot!!!!!
  19. Usually when you look up the song, it’s in a compilation album with other random Christmas songs and a generic album cover. They just made it it’s own single with a cover with britneys face on it
  20. Lol so here’s my unwanted opinion: I (for the most part) don’t see any problem with this. Aside from the obvious cash grab that is a $16 one track vinyl the only thing different is a new cover art. And a good push will be good for the future to give her better attention in the Xmas music industry. It’s not like y’all haven’t been streaming the song, you’ll just have a cute cover to go with it
  21. This is cute lol it’s been a long time coming too I can’t wait to play the song and have a real single cover on it
  22. wasn't it always on tv? I've definitely had it recorded before but I never watched it so i don't know if they aired the Britney version or not but they've definitely showed it
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