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  1. Update: New Sweatshirt! https://www.forever21.com/us/shop/catalog/product/f21/top_blouses/2000328778
  2. https://www.forever21.com/us/shop/catalog/product/f21/top_blouses/2000329134 https://www.forever21.com/us/shop/catalog/product/21men/mens-main/2000328653 https://www.forever21.com/us/shop/catalog/product/f21/top_blouses/2000328778
  3. They look kinda basic and unofficial but kinda cute too you can buy it here or on UK Amazon: https://goheadcase.com/search?q=+"Britney+Spears"+"Apple"+"Apple+iPhone+XR"&1&dvcbrn="Apple"&dvcbrnid="2"&dvc="Apple+iPhone+XR"
  4. Do you think this is why she was so weird near the end of the POM tour???
  5. As fake as this is, I don’t get why she wouldn’t perform Passenger as it was (unfortunately) something she suggested as part of the POM setlist in its original setlist
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6bBy93CoU2g
  7. Ok so this was my first ever Britney show, and my second concert ever (my first being the Bruno Mars concert the night before). I came waiting in line at 2:00, 4 hours before the concert started. Throughout waiting in line I saw many variations of Britney shirts, including one from BreatheHeavy! @breatheheavy Get your coins!!! Anyways while waiting in line, I met a few amazing people, however I didn't get their names so if any of y'all met me, I would love to follow y'all on twitter and such! Anyways I ended up being in the front row, and Willie and Zac walked past us while waiting in line! We also saw Larry and Robin standing backstage. Ok so time to review the last POM show ever. The first section truly is the strongest in terms of choreography. Work ***** and every other opening song of her tours are always the strongest with the most energetic choreography and really set a good tone for the rest of the show. Womanizer was alright, saved by a good dance break. Break the Ice and Piece of Me were cute but not everyone knew it. Of course then we have Baby and Oops, which all my friends loved, but I almost cringed with the (officially) 20 year old vocals and scrapped dance break. However, it was kinda cute watching her at the end forgetting that her stage didn't have the little trap door in Vegas MATM was cute but no one did the Madonna part, and barely anyone screamed "who is it" in my section. Clumsy and CYM was cute cause it was one of the very few choreo s that wasn't watered down. And then we have my least favorite section. The outfit I have to say was atrocious, being articles of clothing from 3 separate sections mixed into one and the choreo for every song just wasn't it. Also obviously the crowd was DEAD during any Glory song except possibly Make Me. During the slave section, I think she killed the breakdowns (even the walk it talk it one). Before the show, I saw her bodyguard and asked about being the freak show guest, and I was told that it had been already chosen, and I was really curious to see who it was, so I was pissed when it was Cade for the 100th time . And Do Somethin was eh. However the energy (at least in the crowd) started to pick up once the Circus section started. Breathe On Me is one of my favorite choreos since it's so sensual yet well choreographed and doesn't show any of her tics. Finally we have Toxic which is the one and only song that most of the audience knows. Then we have Stronger/Crazy, which I actually kinda like. And instead of waiting for an encore, she immediately did TTWE, and I almost choked on the confetti since the canon was right in front of me so I just wanted to say a few things I noticed or wanted to ask: 1. The audience here was terrible. My friends didn't pay $100 for better seats so they sat in the back and they told me that while Bruno was packed, Britney wasn't even barely filled. Also seeing both shows, it was obviously that Bruno's show was better and more entertaining (if you're not a britney stan) 2. I just wanted to ask what was the point of this show? I mean I'm not complaining cause I got to go, but literally why did she take a two month break, "announce" a residency, and then do this random show? She could've released a new song or booked an Australian/Canadian leg in the middle, it just seemed odd. 3. Finally, I just realized that with the Domination photo and the BOMT anniversary photos being used, that the Randee St Nicholas photo will NEVER be used ever again after this. (Fingers crossed.) ill post a instagram photo I posted with a few videos I took of the show and if you saw me, feel free to say hello!
  8. This is a little weird but I’m in search of the Britney Tour Shirt in a size medium if anyone is there could they tell me where to find it?
  9. Its POM the Austin date is on the pom shirts and her dancers were rehearsing Womanizer on Monday
  10. The concert is outdoors, however it’s not up to Britney whether to cancel or not it’s the venue and they play rain or shine. However I do think it will be delayed (which is honestly a good thing cause the shows supposed to start at 5:30 pm)
  11. fake it’s just a behind the scenes look at the Mohegan sun arena. It’s a cool video though but there’s no more concert footage.
  12. I think it’s just the camera screens from one of the shows I think it’s from that one show that wasn’t in a casino
  13. So looking at that make me video thread, everyone knows that the released video was trash, but everyone liked how she looked. Therefore I have to ask: if britney released original make me video, and the album cover for glory was just a photoshoot and not a screenshot, would y’all still hate the album cover like y’all do now, or do some of you actually like the album cover? Discuss.
  14. How did it get wonkier than usual? Aren’t dentists supposed to fix those types of things?
  15. Some of them are deluxe/Japan only so a lot of people don’t have it
  16. It’s been confirmed to be a full 24K Magic tour show and a full POM show so it shouldn’t be a festival style setlist
  17. By the way, the shirt was cut and ruined by her using scissors, something Felicia said a lot during her backstage tours
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