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  1. I actually never heard about backlash for her concert, I only heard about the fact that she delayed a vote in the city. There've been plenty of people played there since her and I don't see them being cancelled. She got one of the biggest audiences in a while and she did fine especially compared to the 2018 tour. Also, does anyone outside of Isreal even know what's the problem? I never hear about this kind of stuff unless there's a small backlash for an artist performing but I never hear anything bad
  2. When the zone first started, there was a limited amount of merch available online and the rest was only available in the store and there was a whole collection reserved for those who actually paid the $60 ticket (phone cases, some circus merch, etc.) While The Zone is "temporarily closed" they have now put almost everything on https://store.britneythezone.com/ I was really confused by this one but it's the hat britney wore during everytime so it's kinda cute Anyways, it made me wonder why would they put all this up if they were gonna open up in the future? Maybe it means they're finally gonna shut down? Or they're losing too much money renting out the abandoned k-mart whiles it's just sitting there collecting dust
  3. someone noticed that she takes videos and screenshots them like she said one time in a caption and it makes total sense
  4. as I always say I never understood the hate for Sam
  5. Honestly everyone says slave is easy, but the details and intricate moves actually makes it really hard. Everyone knows the break but I always hate it when they mess up the details...... also since lou apparently visits this site, I thought I would show myself messing up the slave choreo. Maybe “Britney” will post it on her story
  6. ok but is there a full video of this?! also it's a hard choreo when you're actually doing it right, unlike britney who simplifies the really specific parts.
  7. i hate how y'all believe this sort of tabloid trash just because y'all hate sam. They're literally in quarantine, they don't have time to cheat on each other
  8. Please, if she was dead, they would start making more merch, a hologram, and finally releasing unreleased stuff for everyone to buy
  9. I think it was because it was the first single under the “new” label RCA instead of Jive. Also there wasn’t any performances of this song not even on tour
  10. The reason why it's stretched is because E usually has a border on the bottom for celebrity news, so when the border shows up, it looks regular. The editors probably thought that the border would show up more than it actually did, they they stretched the documentary to compensate when all it did was make her look weird. I tried to get a better photo, but it seems all the britney documentaries have been deleted, does anyone have IABJ in full HD?
  11. cause pop stans have a different relationship with their fav than everyone. You don't hear about guys going crazy for new music, they just get the news and then stream it on apple music
  12. it's an HD upscaling of the video using an app called Remini. Sometimes it edits the photos weird when it's trying to make it HD
  13. Ok but like has she actually dmed anybody? Nobody in here is a basic white mom in need of diapers
  14. were people offended over the old song? in the caption, she said people were mad about the horse video but the only difference is the song
  15. They probably have some sort of contract because it looks like her (and a few other celeb perfume makers) make a summer one and a winter fragrance every year
  16. omg her hair is so cute, and literally the only problem is that she usually does a weird part to the right when she has a part straight down the middle. Also idk if it's just the lighting but it looks like she had her hair dyed
  17. Omg I wish she could go live with Miley it would so cute and they could do a yoga pose together
  18. I don’t remember but I have a vague memory of someone dragging her on insta during pretty girls era and she actually dmed the fan to say she was sick? Idk if I’m just imagining that but I remember that update: honestly I wish she would do that to some of the people in the comments rn...
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