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  1. Does anyone have a list of all the unreleased songs, preferably by era/album?
  2. Good luck Myah you got a storm coming your way Do you regret recording backup vocals for the Britney Jean album considering the backlash that happened after and would you ever record vocals for her ever again? Were you ever asked to record vocals for the Glory album?
  3. I was gonna post the full parts about Britney but when I paste it it goes in black text
  4. Jamie Lynn is promoting her role as Noreen in Netflix's new series 'Sweet Magnolias' She gave an interview to The Hollywood Reporter. They couldn't resist asking her a bunch of questions about Britney. One of them was about whether Britney is retiring or not, a rumor that's gained traction in the last year or so. According to Jamie Lynn, she's NOT. Here's the full interview excerpt about Britney (which one of you was asking these questions. Only a real fan would ask these ) Speaking of music, Saturday marked the 20th anniversary of Britney's second studio album, Oops!...I Did It Again. It was such a monumental album that, for 15 years, it held the record for highest first-week sales for a female artist. To date, it's sold more than 20 million copies worldwide. How would you describe that era in Britney's career and the mark it left on pop music? I look back at that time as the best time of my life. All of the highlights run through my head like a movie montage. Before Oops! came out, I was like, "My sister sings, that's so cool." But after that album was released, that's when it really clicked for me that she was on her way to becoming an icon. With Oops!, Britney really came into her own, who she was as a young woman, and she was getting to share that with the world. At that time, it's funny thinking about the things people would push back on: certain outfits she would wear or the way she would dance. Now, those things would be completely G-rated. I remember thinking to myself that not only is my sister a superstar, but she's changing things. She's really the best of the best. She made me believe that anything was possible. At the same time, though, I can't believe it took nearly 18 years for the rest of the world to figure it out that my sister was this huge talent. Oops! is when Britney's fame went from household name to absolute superstardom, in my opinion as a young girl observing it all. That's when things around me started to change. She had to have security everywhere, hotels were a little nicer, and we got to fly in the nice part of the plane. I remember thinking, even at 9 years old, "This can't be our reality." Do you have a favorite song from Oops!...I Did It Again? Every single song is so good, but I love "Lucky." That's one of my favorite songs of Britney's ever, and I love the video for it. And I'll never forget when Britney performed it on her Dream Within a Dream Tour, when she came out of this music box and then sang "Lucky" in a little sailor's outfit. It was my favorite part of the show, and that song is still so special to me all these years later. What do you make of your sister's enduring legacy? I tell her all the time, "You are a living legend. You are such a badass!" And does she get that? Does she see herself as a living legend? No, not at all. She just doesn’t. She waves me off and is just like, "Whatever, whatever, whatever." But I still try to explain that to her. People always ask me, "Is there a lot of pressure being related to Britney, someone who is an icon?" And the answer is no, not really. If anything, it's an honor to be the sibling of someone who worked very hard and created a dream and a legacy that will last forever. I'm so proud of Britney for everything that she's been able to accomplish and the impact she's had, not just on pop music but the industry as a whole. And the best part about being a living legend is that it's not finished. There's always more to come. Glory, Britney's last studio album, came out in 2016. Her fans recently launched a #JusticeForGlory campaign on social media and, through sales and streams, got it to No. 1 on iTunes' Pop Albums chart. Does she have plans for more music in the near future? I don't really think so. I mean, right now, she's quarantining in L.A. But, in general, she's kind of just relaxing. And I think that's good. Britney deserves that. She's worked her *** off. So if she wants to make another album, great. But if she doesn't feel like it, she doesn't have to. She's given the world a lot. I don't think there are plans for anything — at the moment. So, she's not retiring? No, no, no. Obviously, right now, she's just trying to quarantine. She's taking it day by day. And when she wants to make music, she'll make it. I don’t' think you can ever retire someone from their passion. In 2013, you released "Chillin' With You" with Britney, a duet from her eighth studio album, Britney Jean. Would you ever consider another musical collaboration with your sister? That was such a fun time, being able to record that together as sisters. But I don't know. It looks like we're going to be in quarantine forever. (Laughs) So I don't know how or when we'd do a follow-up. But, in the future, I'm down for anything with Britney. In the meantime, though, I'm really focused on acting. Related:
  5. I mean the way she talks here is literally a whole *** caption it's pretty plausible that she is the one writing these
  6. I don’t think people actually hate it. It’s kinda just a joke at this point lol anytime people make edits or a joke about a new single or bonus track off a newer album, Radar gets included (ex. Radar being the next single off Glory)
  7. I heard it was like part of the camera and not the actual camera, so it was probably a lighting fixture attached to it or something
  8. I always love seeing these types of performances where nobody’s cares who Britney Spears is. It’s so odd and strange to see
  9. Personally I think it’s really easy in this day and age to get a number one but you have to be smart about it. First: get a good first single with immediate music video drop and radio payola and streaming playlists. on that day, put out merch with free digital albums and announce a tour/dates in Vegas with free CDs for every ticket. then, performances and interviews on talk shows, award shows, and anything else she can get on. At this time she should be releasing another single with radio support and announce/release collabs with big artists and not people like Tinasha and Sabi Also pick a release date for the album that isn’t busy and filled with other releases like they did for glory then finally, sell autographed CDs online for fans, which should also be done for any of the singles
  10. Ok? Literally every celeb has a social media team to spread their posts over different platforms. It's not really breaking news or anything
  11. Hi I've been looking for the hoodie in Medium to buy! Omg I tried on eBay and the price went from $20 to $50 in a minute like omg! So if anyone has an extra to sell I'd really appreciate it!
  12. How many recording are there of the tour? Which ones the best?
  13. I hate how they crop it out to make it widescreen it looks so ugly
  14. He posted the Boys dance rehearsal today and I gotta say that this choreo actually really reminds me of the Boys dance break and the last chorus. Primeney definitely would’ve danced the hell outta this. That being said I think she did fine for what it was but I’m glad she got the chair in the tour
  15. Watch my Slave 4 U video also will you be sharing any more Britney Spears rehearsal videos? I would love to see the breakdown and final chorus of HIAM!!!
  16. She was supposed to with Epic Rights before the whole thing happened in 2019
  17. It looks like she’s finally gonna do the daily yoga posts that she promised back when corona started
  18. Lol this is the absolute most wishful thinking but I hope for her sake that she was somehow able to get a kids over for the weekend and that they’re playing fortnite or something next door
  19. Does anyone have a full HD download of the Apple Music Festival? Britney Online has one but it's off Mega and it wont download properly for me since it's so big of a file
  20. girl i dont get why some of y'all are so mad... there's people that are DYING. This is a CHARITY event. Are y'all capable of thinking about anything besides FreeBritney?
  21. Ooh La La when I was young at a pizza place You Drive Me Crazy at the supermarket and My Only Wish this Year at a Kohl's during Christmas shopping
  22. Is it bad that I’ve been so used to her voice and movement that I don’t even notice until I look at the comments?
  23. Why would anyone wanna do this? This would just make the GP think she can’t sing, ruin her legacy and general public opinion more than #FreeBritney and her new Instagram posts did, and she would probably be affected financially
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