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  1. In my opinion we need to keep our mouths quiet on her, Lynn and the others trying to actually help right now until she’s actually free… then we can crucify them for what they’ve done in the past💀
  2. Nah I don’t think that’s the reason why. first of all, the Hulu documentary is gonna do more and make more noise than that Netflix one ever will so it doesn’t make sense for them to care. also it’s not that impossible to think that Britney didn’t like the clips shown. In for the record, she was constantly saying how she didn’t wanna be seen as a victim and how when she was talking about VMAs she didn’t wanna see the 2007 one. The whole documentary, although shed light on the conservatorship, shows a side of her that she wants to forget
  3. People were saying they wanted her testimony to be the finale part of the documentary so it should be finished and in post production right now
  4. Here’s my own tier of hatred: Tier 1 (D3ATH!): Jamie Spears Tier 2 (y’all are next in line in h3ll!): Lou, Larry, anyone else on her team Tier 3 (Flop siblings): Jamie Lynn, brother Tier 4 (I think she’s doing more right now than the siblings but not enough): Lynne Spears Tier 5 (like him but I got my eye on him): Sam Asghari Tier 6 (unproblematic queens): Britney and Fe
  5. Don’t forget that Instagram comments always talked about her hair and told her to “brush it”. I think that might’ve been a reason as to why her hair didn’t always look great and that she wanted everyone to hear
  6. Not true Larry stopping bring her manager around 2015/Dead Petz era
  7. It’s so weird to think that they only got her out doing stuff because we asked where she was and then once the hashtag trended it became a whole legal problem. but do y’all ever wonder what would’ve happened if we took the “me time” post at face value and left her alone? And what would’ve happened if we didn’t have that voicemail message or Britney’s Gram talking about it?
  8. Britney Spears is requesting former federal prosecutor Mathew Rosengart represent her in her ongoing conservatorship battle. He has reportedly agreed to it. Now all that's left is for the judge to sign off on the motion. TMZ reports Britney already signed a legal doc stating her desire to hire Rosengart - the first step in dissolving the conservatorship. Rosengart has represented Steven Spielberg, Ben Affleck, Jimmy Butler and Sean Penn. Via TMZ: "Rosengart has now agreed and will appear remotely during a court hearing Wednesday, asking the judge to appoint him." "The catch 22 is that Britney cannot sign contracts of any substance without the approval of her conservator, Jamie Spears, the man she wants out." They add: "Rosengart will make the argument Britney has a Constitutional right to the lawyer of her choice. Defendants in criminal cases have a Constitutional right to an attorney, but a conservatorship is not a criminal case. Thing is ... it's not a civil case either. It's a hybrid ... somewhere in between." Rosengart will argue that Britney is entitled to due process, which includes the right to a lawyer of her choosing. He'll also argue that it's absurd for Jamie Spears to have the power to deny Britney's decision because Rosengart's sole purpose is to help her evade her father's control. Removing Jamie is the first step in ridding Britney of the conservatorship. Britney wants this done without yet another evaluation, however TMZ believes this will be a tough sell to the judge as there are "several dozen medical professionals have weighed in regularly over the years she has a mental illness that makes a conservatorship necessary." Related:
  9. He also states that they met with Britney in 2016 and that she tried to make plans but her “handler” refused to give Lance her number and took Lance’s number instead, and then never contacted him. (Remember that backup dancer who had a similar story?) He also said that her friends were given lies as info (including JL I’m inferring) and that Lance was told the wrong info because of that. Related:
  10. Well if it wins, it’ll get so much more exposure. It’s also a prestigious award which will give it more credibility
  11. I think he was mislead by JL, which makes me question her even more cause now we know she had been feeling this way since the closed hearing in 2019 yet JL had the audacity to say in interviews and to lance that Britney was doing great…
  12. https://www.livexlive.com/live-events/festival/iheart-wango-tango
  13. Yes actually I think she’s said before it’s her posting, and then she acknowledges how she posts about the fridge and the rose stuff
  14. It’s still in production, they wanted to record britneys speech as the final scene of the doc I think, but all media recording was denied so we’ll see what happens but it probably gonna come out in the next few months
  15. I think Britney wanted to do the show and was excited about doing her own choreo, but I think the fact that she didn’t have a break took a toll on her and she couldn’t do it. They told her she could just postpone it and it sounded like she was fine with that and that at the time she just needed a break.
  16. it has to do with where it's sold, it used to be sold at expensive department stores like Macy's for $60+ and over time it trickled down until it was available at drugstores like Walmart and Walgreens and discount stores like Ross and TJMaxx for $15-20. Cheaper selling price means the perfume has to be cheapr to make
  17. Looks like they’re gonna be showing the 1999 performance? It’ll be cool to see it in its original high quality if they show the whole thing
  18. It’s so weird seeing them use a 2013 photo for the front cover of a 2022 calendar but I guess that’s what happens when she’s been on strike for the last 2 years.... still why couldn’t they have used any of the new glory shots? If it was too expensive, there has to be a million pictures from randee, I mean this one she posted on Instagram a long time ago looks really great:
  19. it definitely would've been cool, but weird for Britney and her team probably saw the backlash/oddness of her barely singing Carpool Karaoke and decided to not do this one
  20. i never liked this song, but i learned to love it with the performance, video, and choreo. I almost never go to this song to listen to it, but rather to dance to it
  21. I’m sorry, but can we wait until britneys hearing to know how she really feels? I get why sam isn’t anybody’s favorite lawyer, but there’s obviously a lot more evil people than him... and I don’t see how complaining about one of the few people who is on her side helps anybody
  22. I like their new sound, it's giving me something that Britney would've heard while she was on her roadtrip in Crossroads If you're looking something similar to their more pop rock Disney days, I'd recommend Listen! it's one of my favorites off the album
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