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  1. I know I saw that too and she goes I love that too or something like that. In my opinion she is aware of the controversy surrounding these tracks and she comments things like this. To my knowledge, she is not credited as a background singer on body ache. However someone commented “I’m glad they used your vocals” which is clearly shade to me that they are inferring Britney did not sing on body ache. In my opinion I only hear myah on the track but myah has never admitted this. To me it seems like we have confirmation now that at least some of myahs vocals were used on body ache. We never had official confirmation before as the credits did not have myahs name on that track.
  2. The post: The comment: Other comment: And she also comments on a fan saying they loved Chilling With U (which is also rumoured to have vocals from Myah) Related:
  3. I love the album idk why but it’s fun (minus til it’s gone and body ache and hold on tight and now that I found you)
  4. I have the solo acapella of this where it’s only Britney do people want to hear it?
  5. Im shook. I feel famous now lol jks. I mean I guess it’s nice to know that we all suffer the same insecurities and we all want to be loved. What I hate tho is it always feels like I am climbing an uphill battle. I am not actively looking for love or trying to force a puzzle piece. I know I’m good on my own but I see all my friends falling in and out of love and it always makes me think it’s me. i feel like in the gay world it’s so easy to have ***. But then if you want things to get real it’s so much harder.
  6. Rare is an amazing album, it feels generic because everyone copied her sound on revival. I think this album would of been a huge hit if it came out a year after revival I remember she was so big then and this is a continuation of her signature sound. She made us wait so long plus the music landscape changed a bit that she should of tried something new and fresh. I love the album and her lyrics you can tell come from the heart. I do believe she has a team behind her writing her tracks but all the music she puts out is quality work. None of the songs on rare do I think are bad. I do agree the bonus tracks on the deluxe are better then some standard tracks on rare. I feel like she has such a story to tell (lytlm, lahn, she and vulerbable) and I wish she focused more on those lyrics and themes. I love listening to her lose and find herself because I feel like I can relate to her having grown up with her
  7. I need to find the one lol I’m so lonely I took accutane for my acne laser hair removal on my chest nose job and then filler in my jaw and cheeks
  8. I have been looking for someone to love since I was 14. Since I was 14! This is getting old. I’m 24 now and it feels like I will never find love. I see all my friends get in and out of relationships all the time. They find them so quickly. I’ve been in a few relationships as well, but usually I run away before it gets too heavy. I just decide I don’t like the guy or the way he treated me so I dip. This was true except for last year. I dated this immaculate 40 year old with a body like a Greek god for 9 months and it was the most torturous 9 months of my life. That experience changed me forever but that’s not the topic at hand. I just feel like maybe I am destined to be alone otherwise. Why is it so hard for me? I go on a lot of dates but usually I’m just not interested in these guys when I meet them (and don’t say I am asexual cuz I’m not, I hook up a lot). I just want to feel that magical feeling when I meet this guy - it’s love at first sight - you know what I mean? I know what that feels like and I know that it is far and few in between. I got so much plastic surgery and now the only guys that come after me are ones I was never interested in to start with. It feels like running a race I will never win.
  9. Your right. I hope one day i find love but it’s so hard out there. I can find hookups no problem but dates are so much harder. It makes me think there is something wrong with me as a person not how I look (I got plastic surgery, changed my appearance to be what is considered attractive) it makes me feel like my personality is what turns guys off and that’s nothing I can fix about that.
  10. I feel you I would settle for an ok body and a nice ****. Some guys I went out with I really liked but when we go to the bedroom it was just too small so I broke it off lol I feel so shallow but it’s true
  11. but they are so empty inside and shallow inside, like I by dating this guy that was a muscle gay I got invited into all the “cool” groups I became that gay. And as I got to know these people more and more they were never people I could be friends with, they were just so empty inside and shallow. Finally someone who understands me! None of my friends understood but you are right. It was literally 8 entire months of catering to his ego. Doing what he wanted to do acting the way he wanted me to act. It wasn’t worth it but I’m glad for the memories and what I learned about myself. I felt very much through that relationship i lost myself but I found myself again. (Selena Gomez reference lol) How old are you if you don’t mind me asking? You seem very wise about these types of things.
  12. Wait ok I have serious questions. I am your stereotypical basic twink. And I am only interested in masculine guys too and I don’t know why. There is only a very limited amount of guys I am interested in. Does everyone have this problem like when they go on tinder or hinge and match there are only a few guys they would consider? Am I just too picky? It’s weird but the guys that are the most like me I am the least attracted too, maybe that says something about how I feel about myself but I haven’t figured that out yet lately I’ve been finding the only guys that have been falling for me are ones I am incredibly not interested in and only see as my friends and I don’t know what to do because I only ever will like them as friends. But these are nice guys who I genuinely do get along with and instead I always won’t let it happen. is the moral of the story that I should find new interests and new hobbies to attract this masculine guy? Cuz I will! Usually I try to act all cute and innocent but I need some dating advice. How do you land a nice masculine guy? but I don’t know if that’s true last year I dated this muscle guy for about 8 months he was so toxic but his body was perfect. (Hence why we broke up) He was very masculine. And it was everything I ever thought I wanted. On the surface we were perfect, on paper he was perfect too. But our relationship was a mess. I feel like there will be someone who accepts you for you.
  13. Ok I agree her discography is bad and that’s me being polite. I’m not defending her discography in any way because she has some TERRIBLE songs it was clear she was just about the hot 100 entries and not about quality. Some of her raps are good (kissing strangers and side to side) and some are pure trash in my opinion. She is so inconsistent which makes me wonder if she really writes the good ones. I mean cuz if you did wouldn’t all your tracks be that good? but I actually love masquerade, to me the song is about self acceptance “You can be who you want/ Be who you is never be what you aren't“ I think that songs have different meanings for different people and I love come see about me, her sadness is so real. I feel like she is singing from the heart on that track. I stan those two tracks but I agree with your point
  14. Excalty why is Ariana pointing fingers when she goes around licking donuts
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