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  1. What is it exactly that you think he SHOULD be bringing to the table? It's POP MUSIC. And he's killing it.
  2. So "Sun Goes Down" being about feeling suicical due to being gay isn't deep or serious enough for you? What exactly do you want him to sing about?
  3. So "Sun Goes Down" being about feeling suicical due to being gay isn't deep or serious enough for you? What exactly do you want him to sing about?
  4. Can you people stop attacking other female singers who haven't tweeted "FREE BRITNEY". Honestly wtf is a tweet going to do now anyway? Why hasn't Kylie said anything about Free Britney? Maybe because we have a worldwide pandemic going on, maybe because she's in her 50s and doesn't seem to be online much. What is happening to Britney is awful - and it's had massive worldwide coverage and rightly so. But quit demanding all the other pop divas fall into line with your demands. Not everyone has the time to hang out on the Internet talking about Britney and no pop diva owes you anything to do with Britney. For all we know Britney and Kylie may never have even met, and she may not even be aware of the ins and outs of the conservatorship - I mean Jamie Spears wants an investigation into Britney's claims and HE'S PART OF THE CONSERVATORSHIP, so it's very confusing to people who haven't looked into it the way we have. You have to realise it's a pandemic, we are all in lockdown in Australia and I don't know if Kylie is here in Melbourne or back in the UK but she hasn't been to the US for a while. I think demanding other pop stars bend to your will and get involved with Britney's issues is such entitled behaviour. I know Gaga has a connection to Britney via 'Telephone' and Madonna with the Movie Awards kiss and their duet but even then, they don't have to do what you want, and both Gaga and Madonna have shown incredible love and support to the gay community but now you want them involved with freeing Britney. And now you've decided Kylie - who doesn't really have any connection to Britney gets involved too? Britney has gotten mass publicity and it looks like something is finally happening and she'll hopefully be free soon but I think your demands for other pop stars to join the campaign is stupid and mean as you're making out they're horrible people for not tweeting about Britney. It's unreasonable and unfair.
  5. Your internet handle is HALFDRESSED and you're offended by Lil Nas X's performance? That is very strange.
  6. The truth is - Gaga can genuinely sing, play piano, act, and dance. Plus she is not conventionally pretty (which was a factor in a number of other white girl pop singer's success) but even as a 'plain Jane' Gaga got to the top and is not going away anytime soon no matter how much her haters want her to. Stans of other white girl singers hate that Gaga is a genuinely talented all-rounder and also uses her platform for the good of society, being socially conscious and civic minded and a lot of their faves don't tick all the boxes that Gaga does. It's jealousy and spite and it's so very very very very tired. If you don't like Gaga then DON'T CLICK ON THE STORY- I mean how hard is that ?? I've been on this site for about 8 years but I have never commented but the negative comments about her pre-inaugation speech really got me angry and made me comment. Enough is enough - if you hate Gaga so much then STOP CLICKING ON THE STORIES ABOUT HER and comment on articles about your faves instead, stop spreading hate and negavity, it's pop music - it's meant to be an escape and be fun !!
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