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  1. Rita is really on her way to becoming the British JLo with this stolen Rina Sawayama font...
  2. The headline for this post is cheap clickbait... Miley said that the fact health and wealth are the same thing is "unfathomably wrong"... not that what Madonna said was "unfathomably wrong". She merely said she doesn't agree with what Madonna said. I think we can do better than pitting women against each other.
  3. this is actually really exciting i think she times it really well but i think this is just the single cover, not the album cover - on her website this photo is next to the timer for the single but the timer for the album is blank
  4. well, actually, this thread is about "Dumb And Questionable Career Choices That Had Long-Term Consequences" - its in the title. And furthermore, the creator of this thread specified that he was talking about "career choices that had real, genuine, noticeable consequences when it comes to a certain artist's career and success" Perhaps you misunderstood the assignment 🤷‍♂️
  5. Rainbow actually sold more than warrior, which is a huge accomplishment considering warrior was released in 2012 when streaming wasnt a thing and people bought albums more... While Kesha hasnt replicated the success of animal and cannibal, those were her debut projects, and they were released like 10 years ago. The music landscape was completely different, i dont know if you can really compare them. Plus she's going in a completely different direction now, not as "pop" as animal & cannibal
  6. i dont think any of these had long-lasting impacts. iggy's career was ended by those fake tweets that someone circulated and people decided to cancel her as for pretty girls.... chile dont nobody remember that song PCD ended because nicole wanted the spotlight... until she realised she couldnt get very far without her backup dancers the *****cat dolls Gaga working with R. Kelly..... um her career has only grown exponentially since then so although it was a terrible choice, didnt really seem to impact her career much
  7. The fact that all three of these women aren't bigger is honestly such a tragedy. All of their latest albums have been incredible considering they hadn't released anything in years and the expectations were so high. Fergie made a whole *** film for double dutchess, and that album had incredible songs - the rollout was messy af tho. How you gonna release the album 3 years after the lead single Gwen I think has remained the most relevant out of the 3, because she's on the Voice and that gives her a lot of exposure. Her music is still good too. Truth was a little generic at points but nonetheless a solid pop record. Nelly has become CRIMINALLY underrated but she seems to have amassed a somewhat cult following, at least on twitter. I think people connect with her because she is SO authentic in her music. I love her whole discography. I think the reason she hasn't seen much success after Loose is because of the spanish album and the fact that when she made her english-speaking comeback, it was very different from her previous stuff. I remember listening to her comeback single Hoops and thinking wow this girl has lost her mind. Since then I've grown to love that whole album of course so idk - I wish more people today cared about the incredible musical legacy these women left behind, because their discographies are absolute treasures.
  8. i love zara but like... considering she dragged a whole crew out in the middle of a pandemic to shoot her album cover for an album that she's been trying to release since 2018 but hasnt been able to get a hit... she should've just sat there and ate her food
  9. I used to get angry at Ur So Gay but now I honestly think its SUCHHHH a hilariously written song omg "i hope you hang yourself with your H&M scarf" she CLOCKEDDDT I think another problematic song would be 'Stupid Girls' by P!nk... its such a bop tho 😫 and the music video is so good, although its even more problematic than the song
  10. She never said she wasnt a feminist. You need to read closer my darling in her post she said shes not "not a feminist" - and she said that in the way she did due to the feminist critique and attack on her songs and their subject matter. Furthermore, please be careful when making blanket statements like the one you did. Her entire catalogue doesn't revovle around seeking approval from men. She has many songs with feminist sentimets, most notably God Bless America and All the Beautiful Women In It, but also songs like Get Free and even Norman ******* Rockwell where she sings about cutting loose a good-for-nothing partner. Why is everyone trying to restrict her in what she sings about? Is it not important to validate the women who feel like she does? We've all sought approval from another person - and its important to acknowledge that and reassure ourselves that we're not crazy for doing that. It's all part of the human experience.
  11. i found this tweet summarising what Lana really meant and what she ideally would've said. It's crazy how just slightly changing the delivery would've garnered a completely different response
  12. i agree that she could've gotten her point across without naming anyone, but i think the second half pushes a really harmful narrative - that depressed people are a turn off, or that people get bored of them
  13. nicki's husband killed someone though i didn't realise people made fun of nicki for singing about her abortion - thats horrible. Are you referring to all things go? Thats a beautiful song
  14. that wasnt her point - she never discredited the hate women get generally she's just saying that no one is being dragged for being vulnerable in their lyrics in the way she was. she's not saying she's the only woman facing criticism - she's just the only one facing criticism for this specific thing - being honest about the less-than-great relationships she's been in
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