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  1. She was beautiful but did she get like her Botox everything looks nice and tight lol
  2. Who is Weee?! pretty girls was always that ***** and you can tell she really enjoyed performing it live and adding new music to pom to keep it fresh!
  3. At least now this confirms she was put in witness protection like some Fans thought, I’ll be honest I thought even that was a stretch…
  4. Or will she opt back to lip syncing since she’s been doing it since her debut to be honest so it wouldn’t be like off brand but I will love to hear her unfiltered voice again live
  5. It was most importantly a hit with the kids I was in 6th grade at the time and girls were always singing it, and William was still quite popular and Britney was still a mainstream enough that middle schooler knew about her thanks to xfactor but it still wasn’t openly acceptable to blast her music and be a Britney fan, which I actually wasn’t a Britney fan until work *****
  6. Really, she sounds like she’s Imitating Britney the entire song? Definitely could’ve been a Britney song and Britney would’ve been able to actually do the choreography live lol
  7. If this was Britney’s debut smash hit I’m certain it would’ve broke all the same records bomt, Britney brings magic to every song she touches
  8. Ahhh bless his closeted bi***ual heart, I’m pretty sure I’m straighter than him tho
  9. Oh wow she said the same exact thing on her now deleted ig a few years back
  10. Omg within in second ik exactly who he is!!!!! I just can’t remember his name, but only he would sing circus on the masked singer which is an interesting song choice, because it’s not the best song to show case your vocals but lol he did it and I’m here for it lol
  11. Yeah the problem is Gone are the days of us having limited access the celebrities. You can see them whenever wherever from your phone now there’s no hype to watch an award show to catch a glimpse of them when you watched there live yesterday. Honestly this is how Beyoncé is excelling, urs very rare to see her on social media or in public, that in itself drives up people’s hype to see her on tv, movies, concerts
  12. Hi I’m younger people and no we don’t, I had to restart my online cable service to watch the vmas lol, but i actually enjoyed the show maybe it’s because I knew who all the performers were
  13. I actually watched it live and really enjoyed, maybe it’s because I was high and drinking, but I felt like I was at a concert, I loved most of the performances! I didn’t care about the awards those awards mean nothing! This Olivia chick winning her first vma for her Disney channel bios while it took Britney like 7 years to win a vma….
  14. Well for me as a black bi***ual 21 year old man, he’s EVERYTHING!!! I have no complaints, he’s living out my fantasy on stage, and feel like that’s me on stage, living my best life. I do think he is a little much, like he doesn’t have to do ALL OF THAT at every performance, I like that he’s a troll tho he’s gets people talking, and he’s living in all the haters heads rent free! im not huge fan of his music tho industry baby is probably the only song I like of his tbh i love his spirit and personality, and sense of humor and he’s very very very attractive!
  15. I’ve been seeing a rumor circulate all over social media regarding page six statement that rosengart said Britney deleted it herself was a lie and rosengart never publicly came forward and said that… idk if it’s true but you can’t ever be too sure with Britney and the people surrounding her. But I mean wouldn’t it be damning move for the page six to make false statements about an attorney who could really bring them down if he wanted too ?
  16. I think she had to reply because people were starting to think she was connected to Jamie Lynn It’s a bad look when Jamie Lynn of all people like your post about Britney
  17. Wow this was a hilarious read I needed this, OP didn’t anticipate this turn of events
  18. Robin is that you? or are you a pcd stan… idek they had stans but go off sis regardless of all that communist bs you just uttered everyone with EYES knows who brought pcd their success and it wasn’t robin, all she has ever done was try to profit off **** young girls, she really is a female lou pearlman, I learned a lot about her when she tried over and over to recreate pcd and I was actually a fan of the group that Simone was apart of… regardless of what you say robin worked those girls like slaves and each one was a dollar sign to her, in all those groups! so what she owns the group she barely contributed to all the success and earnings the group brought in Robin is the reason for Nicole vs pcd because she prioritized Nicole and made the rest of the girls feel like sl*ves, she was the manager it was her job to manage the overall morale of the group not Nicole’s. Nicole couldn’t help that robin essentially made her the teachers pet, robin should’ve gave all the girls the proper exposure BACK THEN!! It’s sad excuse that’s she’s trying to do it now…. all those stupid pcd reallity shows she made and remember that failed group girlicous. robin Antin is just an untalented greedy person with a Brain and love for music! those saying she reminds you lou Taylor, I can’t be the only one who thinks they look alike
  19. I was actually really disappointed in 2020 when PCD had to cancel the reunion, but I see why Nicole doesn’t want to do the tour anymore, life has changed so much and the hype has DIEDDD for pcd, they have no actual idea when they can actually safely tour. It’s just a mess free Nicole
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