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  1. Don’t forget her #1 song ”Are you ready, for prison?” Ohh I know you see me standing here, in these cuffs do these cuffs look good my dear Do they look good today Songwriting credits to Britney of course
  2. Cade is getting hate, tbh it’s valid I look at all her team with a magnifying glass tbh but if he stuck around purposely to keep Britney safe and so that she would have a friend I mean that could be true, but was also paid for his friend to be abused Is Britney really that susceptible to undue influence or does she have Stockholm syndrome Or maybe Britney begged him to work and stay with him, Britney seems to like him a lot, he was on stage during freak show once and he sang like Britney, per her request too idk what to believe until Britney speaks again
  3. Yea I hate their spin on this, britney admits she’s been medically abused… all the lawyers: but why was she abused, must’ve been a good reason for it obviously?
  4. Lies lies lies it was recently revealed that bathroom door wasn’t even locked they caused all that 5150 bs and had cops break down her door, just because a 5’3 unarmed woman wouldn’t give up her own son It seems like the state of California had been against Britney completely, and she’s isn’t in the slightest view as a normal human just a crazed pop star
  5. We honestly have no idea how many of these videos she filmed and when she a actually filmed them i wouldn’t be suprised if she’s sent a schedule telling her the kind of pictures and videos to take something is sinister about her Instagram. Why would give her back her Instagram if it’s still owned by Britney brands. Her driving rights were restored and rights to use the internet but not her social media accounts! social media isn’t exactly synonymous with internet access you can miss out on a lot these days by not having social media rosengard has yet confirm if she has her ig back because she doesn’t control it, it’s not her Instagram accounts it’s Britney’s brand!
  6. I’m bi quite the lover of straight ****, but I would never watch that….. I’m not kinkshaming but cmon now
  7. This performance always felt like a mess to me but I love the slave mix, wonder why performed with a in hand mic here too
  8. Apparently at the album release he cried about his tweets from a year ago, where he referenced LT
  9. Oh I love the circus choreography I forgot to mention that!!!!
  10. I know slave 4 u but do I excute it properly that’s a different story lol i really love the baby and oops choreo i kinda know the overprotected choreography work ***** is fun crazy is a friggen work out but so much fun and spinning lol yes Ik a lot of her choreographys i use to spend hours at home dancing to her music lol
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