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  1. Even though Britney didn't really come of age in Kentwood, most people from small towns feel that way about driving. She probably had older friends who had their license and couldn't wait until the moment where she could drive around aimlessly like them. But then her life turned into a circus.
  2. Even though Britney didn't really come of age in Kentwood, most people from small towns feel that way about driving. She probably had older friends who had their license and couldn't wait until the moment where she could drive around aimlessly like them. But then her life turned into a circus.
  3. I hope Britney heard Halsey's new album and hits up Trent Reznor... that sound would totally work for her. I'll ship Britney and NIN 'till the world ends.
  4. All I can say is... finally, the Britney x NIN collab I've been waiting for my whole life.
  5. I mean, was he not the one who subjected her to that grueling schedule? To give the benefit of the doubt, he may have been unaware of the harm that he was doing to Britney, and he may truly have guilt. He was previously a lawyer, so he knows the best thing to do is to not give any public statements that might implicate any wrongdoing and just keep quiet. But Britney was his first client as a talent manager. I'm sure he made mistakes. His job was to make money for himself and his client, and to ensure that she had a successful career, and he did that. He's not a psychologist, although ideally, that would be a better background for a talent manager because the mental health of an artist is, as we've seen time and time again, paramount to their long-term success.
  6. Maybe if she just woke up in the morning and was in her pilgrim jammies and sang in front of like 10 people, she could do it. Honestly, that was a really good performance for someone who hasn't sang live on stage without playback in... how long?
  7. I didn't know she was black until now... But anyway, I'm sure he is somewhat justified in saying that because of the way some people are on social media... it wouldn't shock me if people were sending him and his mom racist messages. I'm sure this woman worked very hard to get where she is and is a great mom, but that doesn't mean that she's incorruptible or incapable of bias. It's also possible that she's just doing her job... after all, Britney just recently hired her own lawyer and began opposing the conservatorship in court, after years of Team Con presenting evidence and working with the judge. She's not just going to be like, "Oh, whoopsie, okay," and turn on the other team of lawyers. Like it or not, they deserve time to prepare their defense.
  8. So I actually became a stan with the "Make Me" single release. I saw a newer performance of hers and was shocked, because while I wasn't a fan back in the day, I knew how amazing of a performer she was. Then I went into full-on investigative mode to try and figure out what happened. I learned about her conservatorship, and I was already familiar with guardianship abuse. My Amazon Smile charity was (and still is) NASGA, so I was immediately suspicious.
  9. I found info about an addiction counselor and acupuncturist working there, as well as an orthopedics center, but I don't see a connection with Lou/Britney. https://www.sharecare.com/doctor/kathleen-sotello-2snwy https://www.sharecare.com/doctor/penny-wong-zbmqc https://npiprofile.com/npi/1154662542 Also, Whittier is not that close to Calabasas. Tri-Star is an incredibly common name for businesses.
  10. Does anyone know why I can't access the first page of this thread? I've been trying to read it for months, but it gives me a 504 error. I've tried three different browsers. It won't load on my phone, desktop, or laptop, and I've tried two different cable internet ISPs and a mobile network. It just doesn't load. Would anyone mind quoting the first topic or something?
  11. I'm beginning to think this is the case. Anything "embarrassing" but extremely unlikey-- autism, intellectual disability, psychopathy-- would do nothing but arouse sympathy if publicly revealed today. I'm beginning to truly believe that they made up some illness that only she has to justify the conservatorship and sealing any medical information.
  12. I would *hope* that stopping guardianship/conservatorship abuse is a bipartisan issue. I don't identify as a Democrat, but I'm registered as one (to vote in primaries) and lean more in that direction than the other. Personally, when someone on the other side of the aisle agrees with me on something, I'm very pleased. Having bipartisan support is a good way to get **** done in this country. Attacking conservative news outlets for covering and supporting Britney is NOT the way to support our cause.
  13. When I'm nervous, I talk REALLY fast and trip over my words a bit, especially if I'm reading something I've written down. OMG I need to go into a conservatorship, too!
  14. Honestly, it sounds like me when I'm running around the house, singing and jumping and going crazy. The whole lipsyncing "scandal" can just be boiled down to the approach they chose to take for her live shows, where it was a spectacle and a story more than a showcase of vocal mastery, which no one would expect to see from Britney anyway (no shade, I love her voice but she's not exactly a virtuoso in that regard.) Lipsyncing lets her focus on giving 100% into her dance and performance, and it saves herself from damage from singing in her unnatural "studio" voice.
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