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  1. Honestly, it sounds like me when I'm running around the house, singing and jumping and going crazy. The whole lipsyncing "scandal" can just be boiled down to the approach they chose to take for her live shows, where it was a spectacle and a story more than a showcase of vocal mastery, which no one would expect to see from Britney anyway (no shade, I love her voice but she's not exactly a virtuoso in that regard.) Lipsyncing lets her focus on giving 100% into her dance and performance, and it saves herself from damage from singing in her unnatural "studio" voice.
  2. That is absolutely insane! Thanks for sharing that with me. There's no way she just accidentally said those lyrics or had someone plan that for her. She must be a fan of at least that song, which makes her only cooler in my book. I haven't listened to Tool's new album, but I did see them live a couple years ago and enjoyed the new stuff live. I agree, NIN's new stuff isn't quite my jam, but I've enjoyed his soundtrack work (which is what got me back into them.) Britney obvs knows who he is, because we both know she watches Pixar movies, lol.
  3. How did I not know this?? Tool is my favorite band. I'm totally going through a NIN phase right now, though. I've always liked his singles but never really delved into the albums until recently. I think an updated PHM sound would work so well for Britney!
  4. I'm gonna be a bit different and say Trent Reznor. I need Industrial-ney in my life.
  5. I don't think it's that complicated. There are millions of people in the world who are happy to sing, dance, be famous, and bust their ***** for a fortune that will last generations-- no one in the entertainment industry needs to brainwash anyone to perform that role. It's more likely that fame, wealth, loss of privacy, constant criticism, long hours etc. can have drastic effects on people, especially young people. Also, "normal" people face tough times, too-- they just don't have an audience.
  6. ^ I feel like 'Crazy' was definitely inspired by this. ^ Of course we can't forget how this sounds so similar to 'I've Just Begun.'
  7. I remind them that there are plenty of popular, celebrated male musicians who are not technically proficient. If it works, it works, and if you don't like the music, that's fine. But millions of people all over the world love her for a reason. I listen to a lot of progressive metal and complex music, but that's not all that's worth listening to. Some music is meant to be simple, fun, feminine, playful, and joyful, and in my opinion, no one does that better than Britney. Two of my favorite producers she's worked with are Bloodshy & Avant and The Neptunes. I've made playlists of their entire discographies, and Britney's tracks are the best-- not because of the compositions, but because of her presence.
  8. Um... do Tesla's not have backup cameras? Sure, they do-- it's mandatory now. So open your ******* eyes, check your mirrors, and stop killing innocent animals. Oh, and I don't really have anything against outdoor cats on the right kind of property, but maybe if something outside kept killing your pets, you should consider keeping them inside... worse yet is that something is YOU. Not your car. So maybe they wouldn't be safe indoors either.
  9. LOL okay... this is literally the lady who sang that Chucky song, y'all.
  10. I love his holier-than-thou attitude and his very "profound" hot-take at the end, "she seems young, tehe." What a fitting neckwear choice for a clown.
  11. I LOVE Private Show. My bottle has kind of gone bad, but before that, I would get compliments on it all the time. It's so warm, sweet, cozy, and ****. I love all her other perfumes, but most of them smell harsh on me because I have weird skin chemistry. But I think PS smells amazing on everyone.
  12. I love when she does that deep, guttural sing-talking in the background vocals. Best heard in the very beginning of this song:
  13. Kind of gives me a bit of a cyberpunk vibe with the bass and some of the percussion... is this why 2077 was delayed?? The first verse is kind of rough, but it gets better. I think the production is really interesting. Honestly a bit surprised at how much I like this because I was not impressed with the snippets.
  14. Top 1%! This is my #1 song for this year though, apparently: I listen to this when I have a bad day at work, so uh... yeah.
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