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  1. LOL I am not acting like I'm twelve posting pikachu gifs on a forum that is struggling (and stanning Christina). I sincerely hope you aren't someone over the age of thirty otherwise... You are a ****ty mod by any standards so I will go off. You are not able to be objective and sound like a flippant 12 year old who can't handle criticism of a pop star's career (Xtincta is that you?) @JordanMiller Good luck with this forum. Your main moderator is toxic and is probably a reason most people lurk and don't post on here. How they engage new members and have a clique of people that are able to post questionable things constantly is probably another factor. My bf and I started checking out the forum/website daily when glory came out and now we won't be. I'm sure you don't care. But I have no problem saying it because it is what it is. Good luck.
  2. I remember that but I also remember her sending this whole thing up on "Will & Grace" where she played a hardcore closet lesbian named Peg who used the alias Amber Louis who espoused those exact sentiments ad nauseam through out the episode. I don't think she was heavily into politics but judging from her views on the song "Take Off" and her Will and Grace appearance I don't think she was ultra conservative.
  3. Most of the accounts on here are new members and they are in agreement yet I'm getting attacked How will Exhale grow with so much intimidation?
  4. All I did was call out that it was a feature? Before it, when was Christina's last #1 on her own?
  5. also my point still stands my life feels threatened and I feel uncomfortable right now... all for speaking the truth my truth it was just a poll and i paid the toll
  6. scared as a new exhale member and for those new lurkers watching our exchange like...
  7. I never bragged about it though... why are you generalizing britney fans?
  8. Christina Aguilera. "Stripped" and "Back 2 Basics" positioned her as an artist to watch and both were really good but she never was able to make her albums afterwards have a clear vision. Her next three albums were all good. But that's it. Just good. "Bionic" was a good record marred by its choice of songs on the standard edition . It had a handful of great songs but also had just as many mediocre ones. "Monday Morning" and "Elastic Love" should have been singles and "You Lost Me" was lost on listeners because as beautiful of a song as it is, it clashed up against "Not Myself Tonight" "Lotus" was bad...It had like three good songs, one great song and the rest were beneath her. "Let There Be Love" should have been the first single. "Liberation" was good. She picked the right songs as singles but the public lost interest already. I think the last time the public was here for her was in the 2000's too. She had all this potential with single choices too. I would say Katy Perry next because she was on the top and instantly plummeted faster than anyone in the last ten years.
  9. "Pink Diamond" reminds me of Bjork in the best way possible. Especially the Outro. It starts off like a track from Charli's last record, but then is elevated by its 2nd act which seems to be part of this albums sonic synth-garage aesthetic. "Forever" combines all of the vulnerable elements of Charli's best mid-tempo ballads. And its some of her most affecting work. It also works as the perfect segue-way into the next track. "Claws" if you haven't listened to this instant ear worm then what are you waiting for? It's one of her catchiest tunes and like forever it feels sincere as a Robo-romance pop drama. And further cements Charli as one of the most important pop artists of her time. I think the first couple of songs all mesh and then the wheels start falling off the record. "7 Years", "Detonate", "Enemy", "Party 4 U" are solid songs. As a whole its a good project. For what it is and the time it took to record its surprisingly solid. It feels like two steps forward and one step back. Her last album and mixtape positioned her as a pioneer and this continues that streak but with slightly more mixed results. If you are fan what are you waiting for?
  10. I find it difficult to sit with people who support conversion though... Like god created all thots equal
  11. It is one of her best tracks. Period. That one, two, three punch of "Gimme More", "Piece of Me", and "Radar" on "Blackout" is like the genesis of modern pop.
  12. Her last album was amazing. "Gone", "2099", "Cross You Out", "1999", "I Don't Wanna Know", "Silver Cross" and "February 2017" were all awesome tracks. I can't wait to listen to this album later today and I will post my thoughts in here. I too am shocked people are paying her dust. She is one of the best pop artists out there right now.
  13. So are we doing only for Itunes? Why not do streaming parties on youtube/spotify also?
  14. None of them would want it as a gift. If we were doing a campaign for "blackout" I would buy multiple and they would all be like... but maybe I will. Who else is on board?
  15. If we all make a pledge to buy the song not the album I'm in. And its not because I can't buy the album its because I've already bought it on cassette/cd/vinyl/digital x2
  16. That last part especially, hey. It's very scary when the average person who is not a medical professional tries to disperse medical advice. But on the other hand you, are sticking to your guns and being level headed about it. So thanks for that. It's nice to see that their are still people out there who can agree to disagree.
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