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  1. What kind of vibe? Fact is the kids are kids and may not understand the depth of this type of things and yeah they are her sons but they are also the sons of kfed and grandsons of jamie and lynne, family abuse and trauma can be more complicated than other forms of trauma, just because they are her sons doesn't mean they are also not victims of brainwash or being shut from details, not to mention the fact they are teens
  2. And why do we believe her? Does she have any receipt? If there are death threats go to the police not to IG
  3. U guys believe this blind items like they were confirmed. Most are super basic and can be fabricated tho, dont you think her team and loucifer will keep on trying to divide the movement and do damage control. Sam is always the target by fear inducing to the fans, and Jamie Lynn defense blind item is just a bad taste joke.
  4. For a moment I thought I lost track of time with the lockdown and it was already Aprils 1st. Confess how much Jamie paid you to post this
  5. BOMT is obviously the biggest one, no discussions accepted A new born child at this very moment already knows the full lyric and video, thats just facts
  6. He isn't lying when he says people are entertained so that means the job is done. Society as a whole needs to do some soul search and realize if they wanna keep feeding this ****ed up gossip industry, otherwise we will keep on justifying type of paparazzi craziness. With that being said, I don't give a **** about his ran over foot.
  7. I would love to have a political debate with you in another type of forum. Totally disagree with despising someones country but this is the exact egocentric mentality some Americans preach that fuels comments like this. I would never exchange most countries from the European Union to live anywhere else, however I dont go around shoving my European pride down other nations throats dispising they're own qualities. Would love to understand how the American "help" you mention to other countries is also not focused on your interests or how the USA doesn't strangle other countries economies simply for not agreeing with they're political systems, and I'm not here talking about Human Rights issues. Would also have a ton to ask you more, like the huge gap between rich and poor (guess you consider wage slavery as freedom), the permit of guns, the health care system, the extreme far right, the hyper capitalism, the lack of education on leftist politics.... But like I said this is not a subject for Exhale.
  8. Sorry but I have to totally agree with this! Wtf is this mentality about the glorification of money!?! This is a ******* movement created by the fans and some smart *** brain who thinks better than the rest is trying to bank from it And own it!?!?! Isn't this the exact same values the movement is fighting the principle is not so different from the core values of Jamie Spears Im so disappointed with this fan base, literally only here for Britney Snakes like this can jeopardize the movement from within, ******* *******
  9. This is great news, knowing that even the straight male communities on reddit are aware of #freebritney This is what we need, the GP interest, we need to mantain that spotlight, for once all of this attention will help Britney
  10. This Is there any stan who understands American law and how they can try to hide they're doings They do have resources to try to escape justice
  11. What is it with bottoms craving dudes who look like proud boys members? That bodyguard must be on Jamie's side, I can feel toxic masculinity pouring from that photo, hopefully I'm wrong
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