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  1. She did exactly as I expected. She didn't answer any questions. I don't think this will have the impact they think it will. She just came off just like any other politician; using so many words just to say nothing at all.
  2. I love it! All of the Easter eggs in the commercials, how everything fits perfectly into the MCU!! I'm curious about the direction they are going with another Universe.
  3. I am genuinely curious, what would someone have to do or say for people to believe they are in contact with Britney? People say they want to hear people speak up, when someone does, they get attacked. This Liz person has no contact with Britney, never had a conversation with her, but we are supposed to believe her? Again, I'm just curious.
  4. I see. I think it comes off as more legit if professionals and people close to Britney and the situation are interviewed. But, at the end of the day, if it helps the situation, it'll be worth it!
  5. So because they weren't asked, it's no good? Why do they need to be in it? That kinda rubs me the wrong way.
  6. It's definitely frustrating! But the way I see it, Ingham knows how team Jamie works. He knows how shady they are (he went along with it for so long). He has to beat them at their own game. He tried the suspension, but it got shot down (for now). Now, he's on tactic 2. Get Bessemer in, find wrongdoings with the money, get Jamie out, Britney proves her competence and gets a transition plan in place, then petition to terminate. We've known for quite a while that this would be a long process. Every win, no matter how small, is a step forward. This isn't a game of speed, it's strategy.
  7. I was so upset when I saw that! I really liked that show too! That part didn't even flow...
  8. He's not saying you can't use the hashtag. He saying if you use it for profit, you can be sued.
  9. What made her think it's a good idea to post a video about this? And somehow they consider Britney a bad driver...
  10. They weren't negative feedback. They were and are constantly getting attacked. They were blindsided and ganged up on. A great source of insight is gone because of baseless and factless bullying. All they ever provided was legal facts. Some people act like as soon as Britney says she wants out of the c-ship, it's magically dissolved. It will take time.
  11. Too many people are biting the hand that feeds! Who has been getting these court documents out to the fans? Of course, you can be skeptical and question things (LBF had been answering questions since they were attacked. Some have been asking the same question and they continued to answer). I'd leave if I was constantly attacked too! This movement started out being about what Britney wants, it feels like it has been hijacked and turned into a self serving platform for certain people. Dissolving a conservatorship takes time. If Britney just wants her dad out, for now, we should support her. With her dad out, she can build a support team (counselors, therapists, life coaches, ect.). When and if she is ready to ask for it to be dissolved, we should support her then too. It's on her time and terms, not ours!
  12. You can't fire shots with no proof that starts drama, dip out, not answer any questions, then try to come back claiming you're about peace. They can miss me with that!
  13. Cool, I'm glad his treatment was used... what is he hoping to gain with this? It was almost 20 years ago.
  14. They just posted that Cade Hudson is behind the voice mail. This is too much!
  15. I thought that user already said they had nothing to do with Britney. I could have sworn I read that. I just assumed everyone knew that wasn't Britney.
  16. Is Billy admitting that he's been catfished?
  17. He'll be gone soon enough. This reminds me of when Wallet did his interview and soon after was gone from the conservatorship. Ingham is on the right track and Jamie and his team are throwing everything just to see what will stick.
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