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  1. People thought framing Britney Spears was going to be pro c-ship. Just let things play out. If there is no hard evidence, there's no need to start rumors.
  2. I hope this passes! It's such a great step forward!! I'm also prepared for Ingham to stay when this passes. But, I hope I'm wrong and she gets the opportunity to choose who SHE wants to represent her.
  3. So if Ingham doesn't do what a certain group wants(who wrote this letter?), they want him to be investigated and/ or replaced. Which would make the process of doing what Britney wants even longer...but they are mad at Ingham for taking so long... This seems counterproductive and misplaced. Hold Ingham accountable, yes! But, I don't think this is the way to go about it.
  4. I'm confused. What is this letter supposed to do? What happens when it's ignored and they continue on the path of their strategy? Where is all the heat for Jamie and his TEAM of lawyers to do what Britney is requesting?
  5. They seemed like a strange pair. Maybe one day, she'll spill some tea.
  6. Right! I thought this was made clear when Ingham first said he wanted to bring them on. They are there to assist him. I've been so confused about the uproar because these details were available last year!
  7. I need that video in my life to watch on repeat for the rest of my life!
  8. Too many people trusted this guy way too fast and took his word as gospel. He's just as bad as every other player in this corrupt system. Now, can we ignore this guy and move forward?
  9. I thought that at one point as well. Then I remembered that she has supervised visits and he was the one supervising. She can't see her kids if the supervisor isn't there. I don't think it's that the court (family not probate)sees them as one, it's the supervision that had to be worked out. Idk if Jodi is the supervisor or someone else, but it's definitely no longer Jamie.
  10. I've been wondering the same. I think some stuff is going to come to light as well as some big changes for Britney. He's trying to pad the landing for his fall from grace.
  11. I thought Ingham took over in some capacity. I could be very wrong, though!
  12. He is not going to help! He is the undue influence Jamie & Co. talk about.
  13. Steve Dennis (Britney: Inside the Dream author) did an interview with the Eat, Pray, Britney girls and said he heard some things and based on that he doesn't think she'll ever be out of the c-ship. He then followed that up saying he hopes it is not true and she is able get out of it.
  14. Exactly! Nothing in the US court system gets done immediately. There is a strategy, people just don't like it because it's not one big move. Ingham knows how Team Jamie works, so he has to beat them at their own game. No, he wasn't great at the beginning, but he's making moves now that have been granted.
  15. She made the entire thing about herself. Plus isn't she still buddy buddy with Lou? She can miss me with that.
  16. Hmmm...I never thought of it in that way. That does make a lot of sense! You are right, Britney and Ingham should keep with their plan. Expose them all and don't give them an out.
  17. This makes me so sad. I hope when all of this is behind her, she can have a close and healthy relationship with her kids.
  18. Exactly! He needs help, but not have his rights stripped away.
  19. It's possible. Lou Taylor is buddy buddy with Kim and Kris. I'm not a fan of Kanye, but he shouldn't be put under a conservatorship. He needs help and they are doing the exact opposite.
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