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  1. I think they changed her trust so it doesn't just go to her kids. It goes to her family and her boys. I think that change was made a few years ago.
  2. I'm not defending her because if I were in her situation, I would be moving heaven and hell to help my sister. But, this is the first time she has really had to defend herself and defend herself against the world and as a fellow Aries, we fight back and always have something to say. She's just dumb enough to make it visible to the entire world!
  3. My queen is taking me on a roller coaster ride that I didn't know I needed! Thank you Sam! You're hot and helpful!!!
  4. Supposedly, it's about a month old and is gaining traction and being recirculated. https://mobile.twitter.com/britstarrrrr/status/1416837169948381184?s=19
  5. He totally was! He thought he was running things, only to find out he was just a pawn. When you play silly games, you get silly prizes!
  6. Fe is life!! This made me look at kfed and his wife a little differently. Yeah, they are still lazy moochers, but I do believe that Kevin loves his kids and wants the best for them. Because of Team Jamie, Britney's home life probably wasn't the best environment for the kids. I think Kevin has been a puppet for Jamie and MVK. If what Lance's husband said is true of how her team talked about her and messed with her phone, who knows what they told Kevin. This is not to say Kevin and Victoria are blameless because they aren't! I just don't think they are the villains they have been painted as.
  7. One of the few times I agree with McCain! Jot just should have stayed quiet! No, I don't like Matt, but she completely put him in the forefront and was pretty flippant about Britney.
  8. I usually hold my tongue when it comes to her, but I'm sick of her smart-arse comments.
  9. I'm trying to manage my expectations, so I think the biggest change will be the Britney can choose her own counsel. The court dates after this is when thing will really start to change. I'm so proud of her for standing up for herself! I know it has to been scary, but I think she knows the power she has. She just needed to be reminded!!!
  10. Queen is playing no games!! The least Penny could do is allow this. If she can hire him, team Con is toast!
  11. This is going to be super unpopular, but I'll put it out there anyway. Jodi is the only person stopping Jamie from being in total control. Do I like her? No. Does she have a really shady past? YES! Something happened that made her turn on Jamie. It kinda seems like "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" for Britney and Jodi. Whatever motive Jodi has to do the right thing, I hope she fights hard for it and it leads to termination. Then Britney can come back and sue all of them!!
  12. They are doing exactly what Antprodite said they would do; this is crazy!
  13. This is going to get ugly. Stay strong, girl! I hope she attends ALL of her hearings!
  14. It's got nothing to do with race. This is just power and greed. If it were about race and if it is believed that she is on board with team C-ship, why would she fall in line with all white people? She is just a cog in a bigger machine that's run by white people. It's not race, it's greed.
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