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  1. 12 minutes ago, Springtime said:

    Again, I just don't agree. 

    I remember when Rosengart was first appointed he said his mission was to remove Jaime and that lawyer from Twitter, sorry can't recall her name, Lisa? who works with the probate court in California (she also submitted docs to the court). 

    Anyway, she was saying she just doesn't understand why is he not filing to terminate the conservatorship and that's it. She also said that Rosengart doesn't understand how slow Judge Penny is, and this won't be fast etc etc... 

    But Rosengart had a game plan from the start, he wasn't going to just terminate it, he wanted to investigate what the **** has been going on for 13 years and to do that he needed the conservatorship to stay for a short time but the main obstacle - Jaime be removed. 

    A less experienced lawyer, getting the petition from Jaime saying "I just want to terminate it all" would have said - oh, okay, sure, great... that's what my client wants - but not Rosengart - he said "hell no!" Rosengart was not letting Jaime call the shots and moved aggressively to ensure Jaime was not staying - don't kid yourself, not every lawyer would have been able to handle Vivian. I know we hate her but she is not stupid, she has been doing it for 13 years and it was not easy to get Judge Penny to finally suspend Jaime. 

    A lesser lawyer would have gone with Vivian's motion to terminate once accounting was finalised and this would have meant Jaime would have stayed on indefinitely ... 

    That's cool, we don't have to agree. In the end all that matters is that what Britney wants is being honored and team con will all have to face the music!

  2. 15 minutes ago, Springtime said:

    I don't agree with it at all. 

    Listening to the statements of those who were in the court (the surprise witness and Britney's Army) Vivian was giving all she had and Rosengart was brilliant at redirecting the court back to what was important (Britney's best interest). 

    His submitted pleadings (with the help of his team) were also brilliant and helped Judge Penny finally make the right decision. 

    To say that any lawyer could have taken team con - I doubt it. In the past other lawyers tried to come in and got removed very quickly from the court - Rosengart came at a time when other lawyers were not allowed to represent Britney and he actually was given permission to represent her! That was a massive victory! 

    He is actually one of the top lawyers - and there's a reason as we have seen. I don't think that just any lawyer would have gotten rid of Jamie in a span of 3 months and will end the conservatorship in another 45 days - he is a brilliant lawyer! 

    I agree that at the beginning she needed someone lik Rosengart to blow it to smithereens! When she was finally able to choose her counsel, the ship was already sinking. That's why I said at this time...

    This is not to say that Rosengart is not a fantastic lawyer because I'm sure he is! To remove her dad, she needed someone to fight for her. 

    Where I think Rosengart will really shine and prove that he was the perfect choice is when the investigation really kicks in! He's a former federal prosecutor, team con doesn't stand a chance against him.

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  3. I honestly feel like any lawyer who wants to do the right thing could have taken on team con at this point because con got so used to things going their way. So when someone finally pushed back, they got scared and lost their footing. Rosengart pushed the one domino to make them all fall. She just need someone to fight for her, and she finally got it!

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  4. 18 minutes ago, AP4 said:

    Oh I feel bad to know it taste awful. But yes it’s definitely a miracle drug for breathing. My son’s asthma really only flares up when he’s sick and he usually ends up taking it because I can’t handle the slightest wheeze from him it scares me. But his asthma came out of nowhere with no signs of having it before (or I didn’t know the signs) and he ended up in the hospital for a couple of days. Im just glad that mommy instinct was right because EVERYONE told me he was just sick with a cough and he was fine and I took him to urgent care, where he started turning blue so we were rushed to the ER. I just was like no something else is wrong he’s not just coughing he’s breathing weird like his neck is pulling. Asthma is definitely no joke, not being able to breathe is terrifying for the loved ones and of course the person experiencing the attack. 

    You sound like a great mom!

    Asthma does suck! I know what it feels like; flare up are super scary, so I can't and won't dare make fun or take joy in someone else suffering from it (even if I don’t care for them ie: Jamie lynn)

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  5. 3 hours ago, AP4 said:

    Some people are given antibiotics for covid. But there’s also antivirals some people manage to get as well. I mean for asthma I guess it could be corticosteroids, my son takes prednisone sometimes if his asthma is really flaring up. I forget that as an adult she’d probably get that in pill form I usually see it in liquid lol 

    Prednisone tastes like death, but it will definitely open you up so you can breathe!

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  6. 28 minutes ago, nthenwkiss said:

    yes. a part of me wonders if it was better that they grew up with kevin considering the horrible and toxic environment with britney's family - imagine britney's dad humiliating her in front of her sons... thats not a healthy environment for them to grow up... around that insane toxic crazy psycho jamie and the rest of the spears.

    It's a hard pill to swallow, but I think you're right. Kevin is a trash person, but he seems to be a decent father and I can't fault him with that. Of course there was more he could have done to help Britney, but I also think she appreciates the fact that her kids are safe and out of the spotlight. I think Kevin is the least of Britney's worries. I'm sure she has more heat for his lawyer than for him.

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  7. 1 minute ago, Heitorzinho said:

    But recently? Britney drinking in 2007 or whatever year before and she was free okay, but in 2019 onward?

    Her testimony on June 23rd was about 2 years ago, right?

    Idk how long people normally stick with AA. I was just piecing things together. A lot of people don't believe she has any sort of addiction and her so openly talking about going to AA and having support there was good to hear.

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