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  1. For me it's a real toss up between Make Me... and Work *****, but I went with Make Me because I hate G-Eazy. I have to admit really hated Womanizer at the time, too. It's grown on me a little over time and I know it was a big hit, but I still genuinely think it wasn't the song. If Circus had been the lead single I think it would have been just as huge, and I have always personally preferred it to Womanizer.
  2. I'm so lukewarm about the Circus album and I have a serious love/hate relationship with "Womanizer" especially, so it just surprised me. Maybe I'm the one with bad taste in Britney music considering I really like Femme Fatale and don't understand the appeal of Glory at all. I agree with you about Criminal 100%, though.
  3. I really do not understand the GP's taste in Britney songs. I mean, three songs from Circus? Criminal in the top 10 instead of Everytime? I just don't get it.
  4. It started for very superficial reasons when I was a kid. I was seven or eight when ...Baby One More Time was released, and when I saw the music video for the first time I just thought she was the coolest, prettiest girl in the world and I wanted to be just like her. Especially after I found out that she was from the South like me. Her music was the most fun to sing along with, and her choreography was the most fun to try to learn with my friends. She had the best music videos and performances. She was just really inspiring for me as a kid. I went through some traumatizing experiences and I started struggling with my mental health when I was a teen around the time that she was having her breakdown, and the way my friends were making fun her for how "crazy" she was made me feel really defensive and protective of her. What she was going through was really different, obviously, but I felt a lot of empathy for her, and I think that's when I became emotionally invested in Britney rather than just admiring her as a performer and artist. I remember watching For the Record when it premiered and crying my eyes out when she talked about the constraints she was under at the time due to the conservatorship, and I couldn't believe that that part wasn't being talked about everywhere. Seeing her still under the conservatorship after all these years is really heartbreaking. I want to see her free and happy more than anything else.
  5. My dream was Usual You for the third single, and Kill the Lights as the fourth and final single. I thought Kill the Lights would be a nice finisher for the era.
  6. I voted for Unusual You in that poll, so maybe it's just lingering bitterness all these years later, but If You Seek Amy is one of the few singles that I pretty consistently skip if it comes on. I really have to be in the mood for it.
  7. Tbh, I'm an old and I was 17 at the time waiting to be able to watch all these performances on YouTube after they aired. There's a bit of nostalgia for the first time I saw the X Factor performance to be considered. I remember being really disappointed with the Bambi and Star Academy performances at the time, and, to me, the X Factor performance was an improvement.
  8. Britney would not be in this situation to begin with if she were not rich and famous. We let young, poor nobodies ruin their lives due to mental illness, alcoholism, and drug abuse all the time. Not saying that Britney was or was not dealing with any of those specific things in 2007/2008 because we have no real way of knowing, but guardianship/conservatorship was always meant to give the heirs of elderly wealthy people a mechanism to protect the assets they were "entitled" to inherit. It was applied to Britney in spite of her young age because she had people in her life that were willing and corrupt enough to take advantage of something that is already disgusting. No one needs a conservatorship. Britney deserves her freedom regardless of whether or not she uses it to make choices society deems are good.
  9. Her makeup and outfit for the Bambi performance were definitely the best. I think it's the hair flipping in the X Factor performance that really sells it for me lol. Can't really do that in the performances where she's wearing a hat.
  10. X-Factor, for sure. I thought that was going to be the real beginning of the return of her stage presence, especially after the part around 3:40. She seemed a lot more confident again, was giving great facial expressions, and just seemed really energetic. I remember being so excited after watching it the first time and rewatching it over and over.
  11. This is exactly the self-centered, useless commentary I expect from Kim.
  12. Forever one of my all time favorite songs. I usually don't care for remixes, but I love the Jason Nevin's rock remix almost as much as the original.
  13. One of my absolute favorite unreleased tracks. This version is pretty good quality and it's the one I listen to all the time: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lH42XwXlDHQ I hate the version where the guy (Sean Garrett, I think, but I might be wrong) sings one of the verses because they lyrics are so cringe.
  14. I am so dumb. I totally misunderstood the rules and thought you could only give one solid 10, 9, 8, etc. so you were supposed to give decimals for like a 9.5 or whatever, but I didn't want to obnoxious with my decimals so I overthought everything. I really do love Oops more than my overall rating would suggest, but I am the person who called Girl in the Mirror "an inferior Reflection" (I think I used profanity in my actual comment, though) lol. I will definitely do a better job with my ratings if I get the chance to play in the future. I'm sad I missed out on the ceremony for this one. :(
  15. I've never participated before, but I love Oops! so I wanna play this time.
  16. Fantasy is my favorite by far. I wear it almost every day, and I used to get compliments about it all the time before the pandemic forced people to respect my personal space. Circus Fantasy is the only scent that I've ever liked ALMOST as much as Fantasy. I have and use Curious sometimes, but it's mostly décor for my dresser because that bottle is gorgeous.
  17. I voted for I Wanna Go. I remember being very annoyed that it was released instead of Inside Out at the time. I didn't want Criminal as a single either, but by then I had accepted Inside Out's fate so I was less disappointed when it was released anyway.
  18. I definitely prefer Matches. Since 1999 I've been dreaming and desperate for a Britney/BSB collaboration. Even if it was trash (and I don't think it is, obviously) I would love Matches because it is literally a dream come true for me. I do like SITS, but the way it starts so abruptly bothers me.
  19. I remember getting In The Zone on CD for Christmas when I was twelve and running back to my bedroom as soon as we were done with unwrapping gifts that morning so that I could listen to it. I was blasting it, of course, and when it go to the part where the Ying Yang Twins are like "she naked, she soaking wet" I went to turn it down, but it was too late. My mom came in my room and told me that I was NOT allowed to play this album when everyone else got there for dinner lol. She made comments about how raunchy the album was later, too, but she never took it away form me or anything. My dad let me listen to it in the car on the way to school all the time and never said a word about the content.
  20. I think it's supposed to be that she loses consciousness from the head wound and then drowns by accident. There was a lot of meddling by her label, apparently. If the rumors I recall are true the original treatment had her commit suicide and be reborn as the infant like in the video. The scene at the end where she comes out of the water wasn't planned, and it's obviously just footage of her coming up from filming the scene.
  21. Dream Within a Dream tour is just, like, untouchable. The songs, the costumes, the choreography, EVERYTHING was just top tier, and it showcases everything Britney is capable of when she's at her best in a way none of her other tours really did, imo. Onyx Hotel was so focused on being adult and showing that through sexuality that it wasn't nearly as fun imo, and I didn't like the stage or most of the costumes. I think the Circus tour tried to recapture DWAD's magic, but... I don't know. Everything post-conservatorship makes me kinda uncomfortable in retrospect, so that colors my opinion on that tour negatively. I do have a lot of nostalgic love for the Oops! tour, though. I used to watch the videos of her performance in London on that tour on YouTube all the time.
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