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  1. Lana shared that the chorus was actually a freestyle, and she’d been crying when they recorded, which explains the raspy quality. She decided to keep the raw vocals because she felt it captured the vulnerability of her teenage years, which this song is a reference to.
  2. I’m getting major Original Doll/Blackout/Rebellion/2007 vibes.... it’s fun to imagine her creating something LoFi, independently and releasing it on her own... obviously she’s under contract and there’s a lot standing in the way, but maybe she gives zero ****s
  3. Wait is this real How Dear lord ..... If he could just sit on my face for the rest of 2020 everything will be fine.
  4. These look dope, you’ve done a great job. I definitely have a thing for sweatpants. It’s hot as **** where I am, but I’ll probably order a pair. I love the throwback mp3 website description too 😂 They're really nostalgic and we all know nostalgia sells about as well as s.e.x. and you’ve covered both. And you look beautiful
  5. Irrelevant. Now I build temples for you. I can’t believe you featured me! You made my whole week. 🙏💜
  6. Awww Thank you babe I really appreciate youuuuuu
  7. The lyric continues: You say things and I believe you Why shouldn’t I Why shouldn’t I But then I saw your shadows And I felt what was coming Storm clouds were gathering I love you I held you in my arms And I gave you my heart I kept you in my arms while you tore it apart ...so that was the turning point
  8. Yeah that one was painful to write. A lot of these songs were. I went through a really traumatic breakup and it just kind of rattled my entire being. It was brutal. But I learned so much through my grief, and eventually I was able to really sit down and channel that heartache into a collection of songs that sort of document my journey from a place of sorrow and emptiness, to a place of gratitude, appreciation and love. 💜
  9. Omg dead Not @roxxy cleverly quoting my lyrics in a comment. I really made it
  10. Songs previewed: 1. Avatar 2. Mates 3. Stranger 4. Filmic Ambience 5. Selfish Behavior 6. I Bleed, You Bleed 7. Gem
  11. @Roxxy Omg I love you Thank you for listening!! Yes I said a cxck full of thoughts Y’know... thinking with my dxck and being self-destructive after a break-up.
  12. Aloha friends! I recently posted a topic about sharing my music here on Exhale. As promised, here is a small album preview linked below. You can preview 7 of the 10 tracks. Keep in mind some of these are rough edits as I’m still mixing and mastering the album and producing the vocals as well. Hope you like it! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1IXpeEbq2UNtlVrTNUYhLx1u_oU6YYsg0/view?usp=drivesdk @Roxxy @VCTR @Arckangel @Puppy @UncannyX-Man2099 @Needleney@Blackout2006
  13. Unfortunately your songs aren’t available in my country! (U.S.) But thank you for sharing anyway! Do you have anything on Yotube??
  14. Haha! 😂 Thanks babe! I’ll share something very soon. And you and @Roxxy can be my video hoes (AKA Ringleaders) and call the shots.
  15. I’ve been anticipating... I wanna rock with you Right on, thanks for sharing your thoughts and for the encouragement! 😊 That’s a bummer that people weren’t receptive with you in the past. I really appreciate all of you being kind and taking the time to respond. Thank you for the input Jordan! I’ve seen you support and a give a voice to new and independent artists in the past and I always thought that was really cool
  16. I think I’m gonna put together an album preview for you guys so you can hear snippets of all the songs 😊 The album is called Cordolium which means Heartache.
  17. Umm you guys completely made my day @Roxxy I appreciate you girl, thank you for the hilarious and heartfelt feedback. You’ll get the VIP treatment. and @VCTR , my ride or die, thanks hubby, I knew I could count on you Even though my thread is flopping harder than 2020, I now have 2 fans and that’s enough for me
  18. Hey everyone I have a few questions, and a few ideas to share. I’m an independent artist, singer/songwriter, composer and producer. I’ve been working on music steadily since 2012, and I’ve been working under the name Thomkat for about 3 years now, though I’ve never toured with my music or released anything officially, beyond a few uploads on SoundCloud. That being said, in this day and age being an independent artist is exciting, and we have opportunities and resources now that were never available to us in the past. My journey with music has been incredible and I’m finally coming to a place where I’m ready to share what I’ve created with the world, so right now I’m working with a third-party publisher and distributer and I’ll be releasing a full-length project onto all streaming platforms sometime in the first quarter of 2021. Something I’ve also thought about recently, is treating Exhale as a platform for sharing music and videos, and also experimenting a bit with different aspects of fan interaction and content creation. For example, something that I think could be really cool is collaborating with users/fans, and creating music in real-time, together. You give me an idea, you come up with a theme, you tell me what you want to hear, and I make it happen, and it’s just for us, BY us. Perhaps even offering to produce commissioned work, in the same way a person can commission a painting or a portrait, I’m imagining an interactive music experience where the artist and the fan are creating music together. Of course artists are inspired by their fans all the time, but this takes it a step further. Now I realize that none of you have heard my music, and I don’t necessarily have “fans” on Exhale, but what I’d like to do moving forward, is to share exclusive content here on Exhale, let you guys into my world, and see what happens. I think it could be a ton of fun to open that door for artists here on Exhale, have our own cute little album-rollouts and promo, countdowns and video premieres, and lots of amazing exclusive content and music that we can all enjoy together. Let me know what you guys think and if this interests any of you! 💜
  19. This is actually really messed up. “Threat of the Chinese communist party” What a joke. TikTok was created by Chinese people. That’s it. It’s headquarters are located entirely outside of China and NONE of that data is subject to Chinese law. The “administration” is paranoid and oppressive and as usual, “communism” is being cast as the ultimate evil here, which is just absurd at this point. But people will buy it, and thousands if not millions of content creators, business-owners, and artists will be cut off from a direct source of income and a means to connect with fans and supporters. Millions of users will be cut off from something that brings a lot of joy, laughter, connection, information and inspiration to a lot of lives. This sucks for a number of reasons, and it’s honestly a sad, disturbing development in my opinion.
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