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  1. Right? I'm so confused. One day exhalers say she doesn't write her posts and next day they react as if she is writing her own posts??? Which one is it
  2. This. I can't with considering 19 an adult, you're still clueless. Then again I'm still clueless at 27 and I guess you are clueless no matter your age and everyone is literally a child inside so... Whatever she looks fine, she should do whatever she wants to do my existential crisis demons took over to write this irrelevant comment.
  3. Fact. Destroy all the crocs please, it's ugly, it's unhealthy, it signals self-hate, no self-respect and whoever is wearing it should go to the light and see Jesus or whoever they believe in.
  4. Oh really? So I can't really show it off cause everybody will know yet I knew it before it was cool This also happened with The Night We Met after Selener used it on 13 reasons why but at least nobody around me watches that one
  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this remix, it's on repeat for 2 days and I can't get enough tbh. Such a vibe. Wish Ari did more stuff like this. Btw the production sounds so much like Words by Fr David, a random 80s song that I know from a gay short movie I've been watching when I was a teenager, Blue Bird or sth. (Edit: the movie's name was Lucky Blue, just looked it up)
  6. Is everyone REALLY staying at home and not even having small meetings with their friends in US? I'm asking because I'm really confused about the backlash people get for going out there lol. The situation is bad in my country too but even when it's banned to go outside people do it so I'm guessing these "backlash" stuff is by Twitter SJW's. Celebrities probably have more ways to be safe with trips since they're probably moving with private jets. Who would just stay at home non-stop if they had all that money anyway I sure wouldn't stay in home and go out probably less than 10 times with any friend in a whole year if i wasn't this broke
  7. not you trying to come up with an excuse for cheating
  8. She probably means she had nothing done to her skin considering her healthy skin is the topic here, not the shape of her nose Also the makeup difference is huge between those pictures, that '99 make-up already ages a face +10 years by default
  9. This is what @mythology is refusing to question even a little as if their parents created the vaccine in front of them in the living room. Sending laughing emojis instead of making some effort to understand the discussion is not healthy yet disrespectful. I hope someone trusts me as much as they are trusting this vaccine someday
  10. I think you should chill and respect their opinions instead of calling them stupid since we are not really SURE the vaccine is safe, it's just what is being told to us and let's face it lying is not uncommon in this world for profits. Any side of this argument may be the "blind one" here. Since Bill Gates thinks the world will only be saved by a mass extinction and he is also behind all these vaccine organisations IS sketchy. Not saying this is the truth but there's nothing wrong with questioning rather than believing the medicine industry which is known to scam for profit. Also the vaccine will be forced on people undirectly since you won't be allowed to do anything without it. Again, there's nothing wrong with questioning the vaccine. I'm not sure about anything at this point so I'll just wait and see
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