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  1. If this is Britney typing then I think it’s awesome that she’s able to express herself- no matter what the message. That’s the crux of the #freebritney movement, right? However, from a fan’s perspective, I think the most unfortunate part is that we’ve been spun around so many times, it’s hard to know what to believe. If she wasn’t in control of her Instagram, I hope they felt pressured to give this back to her and this is Britney in her words and not some sinister angle that is yet to be revealed.
  2. The paparazzi should let her relax. Wasn’t this the problem that led up to the conservatorship in the first place?!
  3. Some of you are extremely ignorant and you’re propagating anti-semitism because you don’t fully understand what’s happening. Educate yourselves.
  4. I would love if Britney would write a book about her experience and then Oprah could be like the big promo appearance.
  5. I don’t mean this to be petty but I am aware it’s petty. Hybrid Theory sold 27 million worldwide and BOMT sold 25 million worldwide. I remember hybrid theory was a big album but bigger than Baby? I’m surprised. That’s all 😬
  6. This might be a stupid question and/or covered somewhere else- but what happens if they find evidence of fraudulent spending (or any kind of misappropriation of Britney’s money), would she ever be able to recoup that? Or is it just a criminal thing after that?
  7. When I was little I swore up and down that the breast implant thing was just a rumor but you can clearly tell that she was enhanced. Which is sad when you think about it- she wasn’t even 18. Even if she wanted them, there should’ve been someone telling her to at least wait until she was a little older.
  8. Yes. I would still stan and support. I’d even pay for an M&G. I don’t expect the conservatorship to dissolve and Primeney to return. Maybe she’ll reinvent herself in such a way that it’ll just blow everyone’s mind… 🤷🏾🤷🏾🤷🏾
  9. I know I shouldn’t like it, but just from the little clip, I love it! And the “new” photo is amazing! Hopefully she blesses it and let’s us all know that it’s ok to enjoy it!
  10. I don’t know what you’re reading or why you feel like your news sources are any more credible than something I would read. You are also mistaken and misguided if you believe the things you wrote. Trump cares about the rich. That’s it. Anything else you feel he represents, he doesn’t. If he’s given you that impression, it’s only so you vote for him. Hopefully you are able to open your eyes to see a bigger truth. Better yet- hopefully we get a new president. (Side note- I don’t even like Biden but he is most definitely the lesser of two evils)
  11. Both sides are like a cult. At least the left represents social issues that have an effect on all Americans and how America is perceived on the world stage. The right- or better yet- Trump supporters are so caught up in the BS he spews, they don’t even realize it. He does not represent progress or the future. He represents his followers and that is a terrible leader in my opinion.
  12. Imagine her singing this at a piano on Instagram or a live show one day- dare I dream?! That would be amazing! 😍🥰😍
  13. Not for nothing but I’m digging this album. Champagne problems is a definite bop. And Never Really Over is probably my favorite Katy song ever! She knows how to deliver a pop album and that’s what I got to say about that!
  14. I love her! I kind of new her songs but didn’t know her name until future nostalgia. It’s a solid album and I couldn’t stop listening to it. I love her voice. She’s gorgeous. Creative. And seems to be a great performer from what I’ve seen on YouTube.
  15. I’m in the army and today a guy at work started talking about Free Britney. I really think this whole movement is gaining traction in the mainstream. It took a lot of restraint to not go full on preachy with the guy- but I held it together. 😂
  16. Nooooo! I’m too late to see the video! 😩😩😩
  17. Sadly I really feel like he’s guaranteed 4 more years with Biden representing democrats. Biden is a terrible human with dementia- he’s not going to be able to derail Trump’s momentum.
  18. Imagine she films a simple music video on her iPhone at her home. What else does she need?! A cross between what she did for “Breathe On Me” and “Lose You to Love Me” and also while I’m on Selena- imagine they remix Mood Ring and add Selena to the second verse!
  19. Yessss! I turn to you was so good! Can you tell Ginger was my favorite?! Haha
  20. Hoku!!! Willa Ford, Anastasia, M2M, b*witched, and if you’re in America, you might’ve missed the awesomeness that is Geri Halliwell’s solo career! Look at Me is a late 90’s anthem!
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