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  1. I will save this comment for the day this bish really did it lol. Juno Lipless ain’t got no shame or money.
  2. Lipless Juno is taking endorsement from a candy bar for $500. She ain’t just got no shame, she’s broke lol.
  3. Wow this is a very small publisher.. look at their book catalogue lol. Soon there will be a day when boxes of Juno Lou book donated to local goodwill because they couldn’t move them.
  4. Britney can move to Vancouver Canada so she’s out from the states while keeping that west coast climate and keeping close to LA.
  5. I don’t get the hate for Courtney, especially with the whole propaganda of her killing Kurt. Probably as bad as how Britney have dementia. I think she give zero **** for what people think of her and she always keep it real. She’s been all for Britney since day 1. Queen Courtney over Madonna anytime of the day.
  6. Nope. To be honest not even Janet can touch Britney’s agility and ***iness. You can see Britney is borrowing some of Janet and Madonna’s dance moves, but in term of power and precision, it’s Britney ***** lol. Janet choreography is very original and way ahead of its time, but Britney perfected it and speed it up 2.0x. Here is some comparison: I’m not sure if Madonna is the same caliber of those two. She’s more of a theatrical performer and her dance moves is more like that as opposed to speed or intricate. There are plenty of reasons why Britney become a world phenomenon overnight. Talent and dedication is one of them.
  7. Maybe they can only afford JL, who knows. Money has been a little bit tight since covid.
  8. Yeah the same time when Fe was told Britney didn’t want her. You have to remember she was standing naked for hours for her body paint. If she didn’t like it, she wouldn’t record it. Scrapping Lachapelle vision for a cringy Randee mess is something that Jessica Simpson would do, not a star who invent pop culture.
  9. PREACH! People need to know that Jamie is powerful before. Even Fe is too scared to even say Lou’s name. Jamie just lost all ties with bank and TMZ now. That’s why some people just starting to speak up now.
  10. I remember in one of Jonathan Ross interview, she mentioned on how she didn’t get a say in final mixing or final cut of her album. But on glory she did have some creative control because she is being ‘strategic’ about it: https://ohnotheydidnt.livejournal.com/103502646.html Which got me thinking, the only time Britney seems to have a slight control of her music is when: - she record Telephone, but Gaga said the entire thing was a mess, probably because of Jamie and she refused to talk about it or some NDA (via popjustice interview in 2011) - Make Me music video concept by David Lachapelle that is so Britney. Scrapped because the wicked witch Robin caught wind with the subliminal message of the video. - Pushing the cover of Tom’s Diner with Giorgio Moroder in classic Britney fashion, which I think is what her concept would be for Britney Jean/Pretty Girls era: I believe the inability to work on final mixing is what make Britney’s album post Blackout seem lacklustre and missing that “Britney” essence. Not to mention her best career decision is when she fight the label, and that includes scrapping robot video for Baby one more time, and making Toxic a single instead of boom boom. I know that when she dug Brave new girl out of her catalogue last week, she is craving making music and have the absolute creative control. She can go to whichever direction she wants now that she’s free. Other thing that might change is probably her choreography. Her dance move is like a Zumba routine because: - she didn’t get paid for her hard work - she is not involved with choreographer, talent scouting, so she only get what was given to her. Britney’s dancer used to suggest cool dance moves to her and she would incorporate that into her routine. This is won’t be the case if you have Edan 24/7 prison guarding and pushing drugs on her. Being Britney caliber, who is able to fish out talents Wade Robson and Andre Fuentes out of nothing, she can definitely get a triple A dance moves from Parris Goebel or FKA Twigs. Imagine Britney pulling these off: https://youtu.be/eGNkw3d2CzY&t=262s If she ever decided to get back to making music, she can have EVERYBODY to work for her. Hell, she can even ask Gaga to re-record telephone if she ever want a Circus rerelease. What do you guys think? How Britney would slay if she’s not under con team drugs?
  11. To be completely honest, stories like these has been around since 10 years ago, even from Femme Fatale era. And we just brush them off. Not to mention some team con and fake stans here trying to shove “conservatorship saved her” bull crap down our throat. Free Britney voicemail just confirm that our guts is right, that is why it’s so easy for it to resonate to the whole Britney army. I trust this blind items, as other 100th blind item on how drugged and lonely she was. On positive note, she’s getting out of this prison and she don’t have to care about the past anymore.
  12. I think it’s safe to say that Britney’s exhale has return to its 2004/7 glory with all the meltdowns.
  13. Geez I don’t know there can be so much hate for Bey here. I thought some of the retired Britney fans are stanning Beyoncé lol.
  14. She is such a gem to not grew up to be racist rednecks like all of her family. It’s hard to go against the current, and she even get punished for that by her family. she’s amazing and we have to protect her at all cost.
  15. With all of the fangirling that Britney’s been doing right now, would you think it’ll be possible? Britney asked Destiny’s child to open for her back then for her Oops tour and they never said anything but kind words for Britney: Even when a reporter tried to bait Beyoncé to talk trash about Britney: Beyoncé and Britney always have nothing but mutual respect to each other. Beyoncé even know what’s up with the her dad even from way back. Wouldn’t surprise me if they are helping Britney in one way or another with the con team saga. Looking at Britney’s Instagram, it feels like she kinda want to put something out. I mean if B10 is ever coming, Britney should know she will have my money for tour ticket, merch, and vinyl lol.
  16. No. She didn’t even know that she’s performing after Beyoncé and she didn’t even saw her performance because she’s busy preparing hers. Maybe Britney might collaborate with Beyoncé after this idk.
  17. This is primeney without professional camera and make up. She will have them soon after she’s out of this conservatorship. Please be nice or hand me over your Stan card.
  18. She mentioned how she love lemonade and what a hardcore that album is. She mention that the album must be “therapeutical” for Beyoncé. With all the crap she’s been in, I think Britney would say project rose is her creative outlet (or lawyer project). Would be amazing if she came up with an album called rose and make it her lemonade with ‘You Oughta Know’ 2.0 Britney never afraid to called out her inspiration, from Janet to Madonna, from when she first started. I think this humility really makes her being well liked by her peers. She took inspiration from Janet dance moves and Madonna risqué song writing, but she never get anything but kind words from them. This is Primeney, folks. I’m glad she’s back.
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