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  1. I just hoped this stupid conservatorship will end soon so we won't have people paid by Lou and Thoreen logging in here to post some bull crap like Jamie is good for her.
  2. I think if Britney is not free yet, that would mean those whole gang of corrupt conservators are still in control. They have threatened Courtney and her daughters in past. If Britney is free, then Courtney would be somewhat safe to be back in LA. I'm 100% on Courtney on this. I support Britney but if it have to come to my family or Britney, I would pick the former. Remember that conservatorship business is worth billions, they can easily took lives if they have to.
  3. Well, tbh I'm not surprised. Conservative business has been very lucrative in the beginning, prolly worth several billions. There is no way "group of California lawyers" are going to let go that amount of money. Thoreen and Lou gotta to eat too, y'know. This is why we need more documentaries, so there will be more exposure for this "alleged" corruption. This is not about exposing Britney's past and profiting off her like in the past, this a criminal court cases that need more attention and people into it so nobody is going to sweep it under the rug.
  4. It is very sad because Britney is very down to earth and only buy clothes from Target, while her handler and abuser is laundering 600 million elsewhere. This everyone's worst nightmare.
  5. Ryan Gosling will have a genuine chemistry with Britney for sure. I think Christina dish out on how Ryan have a crush on Britney when they were kids. If Britney ended with Ryan it will be totally a different story for her.
  6. If you contact the seller directly, I bet the guy is willing to negotiate lol. Some generic meme would sold half a million dollars on NFT, so this one shouldn't be that far fetched. If I have $10 million in bank assets, I would seriously considering getting these. It's small, easy to store, and culturally significant. Like, where is all the rich gays at? lol
  7. what are you talking about then? tmz article? lol send my regard to Lou and Thoreen.
  8. I remember when everybody rave about this including Rolling Stone.. Her label wants her to do Pretty Girls with Iggy Azealia, but she contacted Giorgio Moroder out of nowhere to cover this song. Probably give you the glimpse of Britney if she ever been given creative control.
  9. The whole vibe of that documentary is just like... Britney admitting her lost. She kinda knew that's it for her. She would probably google and search how many people has been trapped in conservatorship and not being able to get out of it. It is really sad after what had been unraveled these past years.
  10. Remind me of that scene in Scarlet Johansson and Adam Driver movie. Like the lawyer fight viciously in court, but in real life they're all buddies.
  11. So something really struck me about her interview in From the Record. I remember she was saying: 'People started thinking I was on drugs.' 'You would think that I would have gone home, I would have taken the kids and I would have gone to Louisiana. 'I think back now and I'm like, "Why didn't I in that fragile of a state?" I'm breastfeeding one kid and the other one's with me and I have a nanny. 'Why didn't I just up and go to Louisiana?' With Lynne is getting help from Louisiana governor and all that lawyer that she's been up to, I think Britney was indeed considering moving to Louisiana at the time so she could get away from being set up as conservatee in California. Remember that Thoreen, Lou Taylor, and Jamie was in UCLA the whole night Britney was there, so she was being targeted from the very start. They know how the probate court for conservatorship works in LA for many years there, so they just do their usual catch. If Britney was in Louisiana, she probably can have a better support from the state, at least it's a small town and she is well known and better connected there. I do believe For the Records is being dissected and put together to create a certain narratives, but there are so many things that are hidden in the details. What do you guys think? *can't post the video here, but I guess you know what I'm talking about.
  12. But if she was really incompetent, why would she get appointed as a judge in the first place? Or is there a corrupt system in place that place a certain judge in “strategic” position like this conservatorship court. Remember that Thoreen and Lou has been doing this for years and that’s where they get their pay check. They catch a really big fish when they got Britney. So they know the loophole in conservatorship or *allegedly maintain that loophole to stay lucrative. I wouldn’t say so about the other judge that are clearly corrupt, denying Britney’s right to lawyer without even disclosing the medical record. This is certainly an institutionalized crime that manage to stay low this whole time. Hopefully the bill for conservatee’s right to lawyer get passed sooner rather than later.
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