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  1. I saw Britney live 3 times on the POM tour. Her energy is totally there you can tell she's enjoying herself and she just has that it factor you can't take your eyes off her she's a literal superstar. Even the choreography looks decent in person a couple of bottles of wine helps. ? I can't wait to see what she can deliver with some good choreography. She's a put on a show kind of girl
  2. I was there front row in the golden circle. I don't remember anyone booing her if anything everyone started chanting her name after she cried about it being the last show. Once again the media love to blow everything out of proportion. Miss bad media karma, another day another drama.
  3. I went to Blackpool was in the golden circle. Was so close to the stage I could literally see the sweat on Britney's abs. It's so surreal to have Britney Spears right in front of you feet away from you. Omg it started with some drama some women started arguing next thing I knew one of the women went to hit the other. Security had to step in. Not going to lie low-key was living for the drama until it hot physical. Anyway Jae, Sarah, Lake and Zac are so hot up close and personal. Michael is also very attractive in person. Britney went off during Clusmy it goes off live. The who is it moment during Gimme More was everything. That freakshow guy was so hot too. It was so bittersweet when Britney cried about POM ending you could literally hear her voice crack. Overall it was a great show. Pitbull did his thing and gave a good performance. Hotel motel hoilday in was a moment
  4. Had a couple of days to collect my thoughts. I went to Manchester with my mate bloody hell Britney was so amazing. We were completely blown away by the production value. Glad I finally got to see the show completely sober after being **** face drunk in Brighton. The lasers are a huge highlight. Breathe On Me was my favourite performance. Britney and the girls were so confident and ****. It's literally hit after hit. I also love how she did a fake ending after crazy and came back for Till the World Ends. It was so f**king hot I howled when Britney said it's hot in here. I was living my best life doing all the dance moves and singing along. It was the best concert I've ever been too the energy was crazy. At one point we did a Mexican wave until it died out lol. Britney snatched my invisible wig A special shout out to her dancer jae that grind on the floor during Get Naked did things to me I was also impressed by Pitbull his energy was great. Really got everyone pumped up for Britney and he had the nicest things to say about her ❤ Also that 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8 punch of Work *****, Womanizer, Break The Ice, Piece Of Me, Baby, Oops, Me Against The Music and Gimme More was everything. ? and Circus and If You Seek Amy are cute in person just for the sing along.
  5. I think you should go by yourself and have an amazing time. Find an attractive guy and have a fun time. It's what Britney would want ? just sell your other ticket. It's ok to do things solo because people let you down sometimes.
  6. Aww thank you and you're welcome. Like everyone else said you do forgot your alone once Britney is on stage all that anxiety just fades away to the lush sounds of her live band and the roar of the crowd. Weirdly enough you will probably have twice more fun going alone it's quite liberating.
  7. Aww you're not sad I went to the Brighton festival alone & ended up having the best time I met so many awesome people that love Britney as much as I do some I ended up making out with and more. ? You will be totally fine. I'm going to Manchester with my mate, considering going to Blackpool. Have fun, for standing in Scarbough get their as early as possible. Manchester if you have your own seat I think you will be ok setting off a bit later. And Blackpool I don't know maybe a bit later than Scarbough but earlier than Manchester. It just depends on the venue and how many people are going to be there.
  8. Best moment ever honestly in person her energy is on a another level. Her dancing is actually better in person. She was serving I actually can't believe that just happened and I witness it. **** me I need to recover from this slayage I wasn't ready.
  9. Omg this stage looks amazing I actually can't wait. I do have a question for anybody listening. I brought my ticket for pride it was an electronic one when I downloaded/printed the PDF it came out as a A3 pride poster with a bar code for Brighton and Hove but no mention of seats or britney I just want to make sure it's the actual ticket because my ticket for Manchester looks like a normal concert ticket. I don't know if it is just different because it's a pride festival.
  10. Haha I might take you up on that offer sounds like fun.
  11. Aww you're so lucky I've such a crush on Mikey. I'm going to see Britney at Brighton pride this weekend alone. Who else is going? Where are the after parties at?
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