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  1. Wait... She actually was supposed to perform at the Domination launch?? Queen of Abandoning Vegas Residency Launch Performances 😂
  2. This is great so far. Fantasticly directed with credible and anecdotal insight into Britney's world from people you actually could consider 'insiders'. The unseen early years footage is a treat and the fact the focus is also on portraying the humanity and likeability of Britney is very welcome. Jive lady snapped
  3. You guys need to be on the link I shared a few pages back - there's no jumping back to PP. This is sooo good already!
  4. https://windscribe.com/ It's free, i'm using it to connect to the UK server and the new link works great
  5. It's working fine for me? I'm using a VPN. Otherwise maybe try the original link in another browser? I found it more stable using Firefox than Chrome.
  6. This is my worst fear and I kinda expected it to go down or freeze when the show is on I'm going to have a look around for other links now just in case!
  7. Heya Sis! I literally retrained my sleeping pattern over a few days to lead up to this, and I'm forcing my housemates to stay up and watch it too (even though they have barely any interest in Britney usually)
  8. Who else here is staying up to watch this at 3am UK time? I'm in London, listening to Britney on shuffle and so pumped for this! This is our big moment to show the World and get them fighting for our girl too. Prayer circle this is the catalyst we have been waiting for to give Sam I and Britney the confidence to go in hard and tear Jamie apart in court #FreeBritney
  9. Personal, lyrical, Commercial, critical... it didn't matter because every single time you were challenged by someone that Blackout beat Oops! you switched to another aspect of the album to dry hump instead of coming back with a compelling argument. You literally told several of us off that we can't continue the discussion because not agreeing with you is not caring what you have to say. You pretty much laid into anyone's opinion you didn't like so, you get what you giveth.
  10. Yeah but sis... Thai whole weird ride on this thread started with dismissing my belief Blackout is her most personal. Then you kinda farted some loose stool of a theory that most personal is ITZ. After giving solid reasons why I disagreed and in no way bad mouthing the album, I even have a interesting and artistic interpretation of how I link the two albums. Without any input or acknowledgement to my ideas you then cancelled us both to proclaim Oops! and Britney's Ray Of Light. Again, you faced reasonable and informed resistance to your opinion, which again is to be expected in a thread about her most clearly loved album by fans. Seeing the mounting evidence and that your bid for Oops! to be crowned winner of the first ever 'What's Britney's Most Personal Album?' award of 2021 failing, you have since been hailing rational.people with weird facts about the albums success; none of which particular have any bearing on your prior claim of most personal which is what we have all been trying to debate with you and find out if you have anything else other than 'Lucky is on there and it won 17 Teen Choice Frisbees and sold lotzzzz' to give us? I haven't finished yet because I've watched enough Buffy to main damn sure... Not to mention the way you kicked off about lyrics and songwriting being the only important factors right at the very start of all of this then almost immediately tried to lock out people from debating with you because they didn't agree with your opinion; that those people (me included thank you so kindly) were advised to move on with our opinions ie. shut up and you singled out one poster simply because you were seemingly here looking to discuss Oops!'a critical and commercial success.... In a thread... about the production of Blackout. Maybe just take the time to absorb your replies from others a little more and see if we can construct counter arguemts that are as compelling and well informed as the members engaging with you.
  11. What on Earth has the critical acclaim of Oops! got to do with the thread title or to do with how personal her albums are which is what myself and others have been trying to debate reasonably with you? Critical acclaim does not = best/most personal by default, the legacy of a album belongs to the fans and their experience of it, not the paid journalists listening to their free copy reflected on Metacritic. Titanic is the biggest Oscar winning and most nominated film ever, that doesn't mean it's the best or the highest calibre of it's genre/medium. It's still loved and revered by millions who connected to it, but if you ask most (normal) people what the film that changed their lives was then I doubt the tally of Oscars would correlate.
  12. You directly quoted me, though? Besides, as this is a public forum where generally the idea is groups of people share their opinion on topics openly without having to wait until they are directly spoken too? Shadow is great but literally any pop queen could sing it, I don't get the relevance here? This is really weird.
  13. Eh? You do realise producers and writers create tracks very much with a certain artist in mind, and often from conversations with them to get a vibe or message they want to express. The only way Why Should I Be Sad could be any more personal is if it literally namechecked Kevin ddd You OP with a claim that you know a lot of people disagree with so don't come at me when all I've been doing is debating with you and backing my argument with decent reasoning. Seems like you ran out of counter arguments and now you want to make out you're being attacked? And your other picks other than Everytime on In The Zone that scream Personalney are...?
  14. And maybe we should respect her decision not to publicly release the sadder, emotional material and deliver a '**** you' to a world turning against her. They want more? Well we'll give them more. You want to follow me around 24/7 well here it is... here's the side you never get to see that goes all out against her team tried to manage her image as previously, and at the time it was a reflection of the real person underneath the mask. I mean, this might be a shock to you but I don't think Gimme More is just a simple tail of **** dropping in da club and boy meets girl, etc. There's so many reasons that song was PERFECT as the opener to Blackout if you can read between the lines.
  15. Yeah I suppose. Its not like she had anything going on in her life which might have changed up how she wanted to express herself or anything... I mean after so much unwanted and disgusting attention and intrusion in her personal life already, I'm sure she was just desperate to reward us all by letting her most personal thoughts available freely to buy and fulfil the grotesque thirst. She even signs off on Blackout with a song telling us "well what were you expecting? I'm not going to be sad like you all want me to be and imma dance and **** the pain away having a great time and keep having all you mutha******* something to talk about". Her MIND.
  16. Er... So an artist personally expressing what they personally want and feel their creative output to be and not bowing to any non-personal influences isn't personal? OK, Jan. Everytime is indeed probably her most personal track but that doesn't mean the rest of In The Zone isn't mostly the same as Blackout in content. Everytime's position on the track listing is the perfect prelude to all the personal drama in Britney's life and the pressures that led to the iconic 'it' s Britney, *****... ' which introduced to us the last moments of a free Britney, a girl parting and rebelling, hooking up and casting off the image of Britney in the past. The ending of the Everytime video foreshadowed it and her most personal song was the catalyst for the album that followed.
  17. People like it because yes, while it was perfect for 2007 it's a bigger story than just that. It's the only album that she did her way and her way only. It's pure Britney, *****! It absolutely slayed and she did that with no pushing, guiding, encouraging or forcing particular tracks or a sound on her. Her most personal album, which isn't said enough.
  18. This OP is overproduced and one-dimensional. Reported and application for an involuntary conservatorship filed.
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