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  1. Imagine Matt getting all the redneck republicans to turn on Jamie as well though... His own kind turned against him 😂
  2. A republican hero? Wait. I'm confused. But I'm here for it! Go get the ***** Matt! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
  3. The viral tiktok Britney and Sam jumped on is only a couple of weeks old so that video was very recent. She seemed happy.
  4. Walks in to thread.... Sees poll result... My work here is done....
  5. Im sure I'll be ripped apart but this is my (ie. Personal feeling and belief) rationale as to why I don't get all the hate towards Billy. I'm not here to war with any of ya'll and I remain open on the matter, but trying to look at things from a level headed and reasonable angle: 1. He speaks very pro-britney, anti-Jamie and anti-CShip. If he was part of Team CON, then I don't see how it possibly benefits them. 2. If he's being catfished as many suggest, then why haven't Lynne, Sam I, L&L, etc or anyone on her team issued a cease and desist for talking falsely on behalf of B? Pretty sure if I started posting online that I'd been talking to Britney and passing off opinions as hers then I'd be shut down quick. 3. Billy quickly brings reciepts - like his texts with Samantha regarding this latest attack from Elizabeth Who-Ever-She-Is. Why would anyone who isn't part of NYT have ANY clout over the NYT Documentary and who appears in it? NYT have a good relationship with Billy and have covered his career quite a bit. Can Elizabeth back up her claims with evidence? 4. Sure, Billy can get a bit snappy with his defence but wouldn't we all if faced with the highly aggressive and hateful stuff he's been getting from certain fractions of the B Army? I'm proud of the Army, but we can be terrible at turning on each other and in-fighting at times. Those who issue threats and abuse don't deserve to be a fan of our Queen, especially when she reminds us all the time to BE KIND. 5. Yes Billy was 'only' a MUA for Britney and that was some time ago and mostly during the Circus era (correct me if wrong) but many of his ex clients seem to be fond of him and hold him in high regard. Circus is probably the time where people could still get close to her to an extent and she was seemingly not being over/mis medicated as it would appear in later eras until Glory. 6. I don't believe Britney has no one - no friends, no legit boyfriend, no support, no one working on her side. I also believe she doesn't want to destroy her father in court or send him to jail. It's her DAD at the end of the day, no matter how greedy, mean and manipulative/ed he has been. I personally think Britney wants informed fans to bring awareness to her case and the public/legal pressure build enough so he will let go, step away and let her live her life. 7. We know full well Brit can't speak out or 'go live'. I think talking indirectly through others where she can is an attempt to calm the waves amongst all the 'are you OK?', 'wear YELLOW', 'MK ultra' peeps and those screaming threats at her family. 8. BRITNEY IS VEEEERRYYY SMART.
  6. Yes. This is what we need to keep on happening - people/ex employees are beginning to speak out with anecdotes against Jamie because the documentary and subsequent growth of the movement is empowering them ❤️
  7. Palms don't have tips Mine is - GOD BLESS YOU @Jordan Miller 🌹🌹🌹🤓🤓🤓🌸🌸🌸🌼🌼🌼!!!!
  8. No discussion? What? There's like a gazillion page thread of people discussing and giving their opinion on it
  9. Anybody still doubting Sam at this point needs to hop off the movement and be placed in a permenant conservatorship of their own, tbh.
  10. https://www.blocked.com/file/995nfrvuepn2jpd/The.New.York.Times.Presents.S01E06.WEB.x264-PHOENiX%5Beztv.re%5D.mkv/file
  11. So (not surprisingly) after 800 views, vemo deleted my account You can still download from my OneDrive link though x https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ainv7Ev4W8ougb57YaJIhgZBpV_Y0w?e=1hLgfU
  12. I think I've found a torrent. Just downloading - if it works I'll but it up on vimeo for ya'll.
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