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  1. YESSSS. I'm torn between wanting her to take the iconic dragging to another deserving victim or whether I want to see her continue digging her sister's grave so damn deep there's no getting out... Either way, I can't ******* wait.
  2. I have a slightly different take on the bodyguard paying situation... could it be possible that this is a measure that Jamie put in place to prevent Britney giving or receiving letters or mobile phones from people outside of her controlled inner circle? We have many stories over the years during the Conservatorship where she has at least attempted to contact people/receive secret phones/messages, etc. so it wouldn't surprise me if such little things as handing over a debit card to pay for coffee could be seen as a potential opportunity in Jamie's.eyes for Britney to reach out again?
  3. This is definitely Britney, definitely aimed at JLS and I expect the good work of our new overlord and master Matthew. I imagine Britney may have spoken to him about her social media situation and Matt making a quick, straight to the point phone call somewhere and fixing it for her.
  4. When they go down I want a 'me time' meme posted on Loucifer's Instagram.
  5. Run #FreeBritneyRadio through Twitter search to pull up some of the stations participating! X
  6. My thread title would be: The People Who Have The Time On Their Hands To Go After Glory When There's So Much More Important Stuff To Focus On Right Now Are As Bad As BJ The Album Itself.
  7. This is old content. Check her posts from November 2020 and January 2021:
  8. Wow! This made me all emosh. What an incredible long way we've come ❤
  9. I see that, but whatever it takes at this point to remove Jamie ASAP, I'm here for it. Out of everyone, through all the years, there's a big long list of people I wanna see brought down before we even consider Jodi's fate.
  10. Honey, I'm talking about the entire damn thread. And no, I don't think it's being brave of me able to write a sentence or two on an online forum, but if that's your measure of bravery then HONEY, being a little ***** and a baby about having one line you said picked apart and then getting personal about it isn't that brave either
  11. My agenda is to #freebritney and to do so by focusing on the facts laid out before us, rather than by analysing a 5 year old performances for more things that may or may not exist...
  12. Here we go again 🙄. I can't at ya'll still focused on discrediting Sam.. Everyone involved came under fire on June 23rd and not one bad word about Sam, only her desire to be in his car and go places with him, marry him and have his baby. Please stop trying to take away the one thing that seems to make her genuinely happy until you know any better.
  13. Well I do agree as that's what I'm trying to say. I think there has been a lot of team damage control/narrative pushing going on lately, much more so than before the last 12 months or so. I think Britney has been less willing to send content and less amicable in general towards her management, so they resorted to faking it as much as necessary. Previously her posts were much shorter caption wise, didn't triple use emojis all the time and didn't tag brands and other celebrities all the time. Back then I genuinely can see Britney being behind most of the content. Given her revelations its not too far fetched that she might also have been sending signals in some posts (YELLOW anyone?). She also didn't mention that her posts are all fake - only the parts where she said she's happier than ever. Surely she would just go for the neck and say 'my team pretend to be me on my social media and make it all up' if it was as constant as some fans think? It's not like she went into that hearing trying to go easy on anyone or protect her brand as owned by Jamie. I consisider the last 6-12 months of her account to be the Britney Jean era. Its about 40% her and the rest is trickery due to the circumstances and Britney not having the power to prevent it. I'm still convinced the SuperBowl video that was taken down was her cryptic way of talking about it. Suddenly the sassy 'I LOVE sharing' clip goes missing and we get a very delayed 'I hated the doc and cried for weeks' reaction.
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