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  1. https://imgshare.io/images/2021/09/21/20210921_231028.jpg How da F do you embed images in here???! I've tried so many times 😫😫😫
  2. It was in response to his tweet asking people to photoshop whatever they wanted onto the background.
  3. Well she's gonna need that money to pay back her 500k 'floor' salary that Britney never knew or approved of.
  4. Very early on I seem to recall talk of the Netflix doc being very focused on Jamie and Lou since the other documentaries only brushed over their sick corruption and financial mishandling. With a teaser supposedly about to drop this weekend I do wonder if Rosengart, Netflix & Erin really are about to finally end this bish. She's distancing herself in order to blame other employees, whether the company is distancing itself from her name ahead of the inevitable backlash, whether she's been somehow ousted from within her own company for being a criminal or whether Matt already has her in police custody 😬🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻. Let's look at it this way - Jamie suddenly filed to terminate the entire c-ship, Britney got engaged and then deleted her Instagram account, poor Lou is gone from TriStar's website and their Twitter is deleted. SOMETHING BIG has happened behind the scenes or is about to be uncovered that has Team Con SHAKING ... we just don't know what yet. Since Britney's social media was often used by Team C to distract from actual news about her battle, I really think Britney's social media break was planned by Rosengart so nothing can distract from the bombshells about to drop.
  5. It seems Tri-Star have removed the page featuring Lou from their website. You can still find the page in web archives, but they have removed all links, imagery and mention of her...
  6. There's not a chance in the hell that is Jamie's broken colon that Netflix aren"t doing a documentary at this point. It's confirmed. Erin is liking Britney and Netflix related stuff all over Twitter... Netflix were listed as requesting to film the court hearings on multiple occasions... Its most likely that so much has happened in the last few months that they chose to take their time on the final edit and be the definative, up to date documentary on the case, ending with the termination of the cship. It would be so wierd for Erin to be working for 2 years on this and then throw it out ahead of potentially MASSIVE court dates and let another filmmaker and network pick up the conclusion when things are moving at break neck speed.
  7. I think a surprise drop for this would be great, especially if they are coming with some tea that's not really been discussed already in much detail (Tri Star, the financial wrongdoings, etc). There's no need for them to promote - have none of ya'll seen the press and Twitter these days regarding anything Britney related? A Netflix surprise drop of a damning exposure on Britney's Conservatorship would catch a fire instantly and be WW news within hours 🔥🔥🔥 I also think it would be pretty cool of them to drop it without promo as it wouldn't seem like they were just trying to cash in on her story grabbing new sign ups with weeks of trailers and advertising. I hope this is more of a journalistic investigation piece over the course of several episodes.
  8. The upmost thing that should be in any fan's mind is that she's happy and safe. It's weird to just go offline like this given the circumstances and not let the Army know... but if the truth is that she wanted a break then tbh she doesn't owe ANYONE any explanation. I just need to know she's safe :(
  9. Yep I believe so. Scum always playing Jamie's narrative and filling the comments with gross anti-Britney fake comments. Do NOT believe a word.
  10. Like others have said, i mix it up with loads of other artists. I sometimes Britney binge and then just listen to a few tracks here and there for a while. All the rooting for her freedom has had me playing her a lot recently.
  11. Cool story. Sucks for you that you get bored of our Queen. I could never.
  12. Guys, I legit got tears in my eyes re-reading this. She is everything and my heart swells that she ******* knows it ❤
  13. Oh my god, my wig fleeeewwww!!! Thank you Britney, never, ever change who you are for anyone. I love this woman SO much 💗
  14. Yeah it's a rarely discussed matter called an abusive conservatorship. Rumour has it that JL might have benefitted from it in ways Britney might not necessarily approve of. Also , nothing official yet but I heard whispers Britney might sue her entire family for facilitating the abuse and not helping her all those years... just something a little white dove told me 😜😂
  15. This. The contract stipulated full single treatment including a music video which was supposedly to be filmed in the UK. Britney at the time wasn't in the right place to be making more music videos and promoting singles, plus the emphasis was to be quickly turned to 'fixing' her public image and wiping the slate clean for Circus.
  16. SW has done some fantastic work for the movement (especially around Brown-Star and Poo T), but she is indeed like a red flag to a bull when going after people. She once went after Max Martin on Twitter claiming that he was part of the toxic misogyny that contributed contributed to 2007, but in fact she's misread an article and took a quote from Larry or Adam Leber (I think) as actually a quote from Max. When I pointed out this and told her that Britney and Max have a great relationship by all accounts and that he's not one of the bad guys she just blocked me from following her. Shame she has to be so hot headed and impulsive as she's very intelligent and helpful to the movement for the most part.
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