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  1. When he lists all of the things someone must be to be considered incapacitated and suitable for the conservatorship she’s under - Britney has low key disproved all of them with her Instagram posts. She’s very smart ❤️
  2. Omg don't tell me the Little Monsters have seen Gimme More's viral streaming success and are trying to claim Gaga was responsible??
  3. I think the captions are 50/50 - sometimes all Britney, sometimes Crowd Surf adding or editing to suit. I'm not very convinced by the documentary commentary she's been posting - it's strange she's suddenly posting commentary about her personal life and troubles when she's been muted by Jamie for years... and when she does it's entirely a narrative that would suit him. She cried for two weeks about Framing... and only watched a little part of it, but then she couldn't wait to watch this one and tell us her thoughts? She ignored the Hulu doc for weeks and in my opinion her team wanted it to all blow over - it didn't, so they scrambled to get out the idea Britney hated it. The Superbowl video she posted in which many of us think she was down low referencing the documentary - now deleted. The Billy B drag is interesting since Felicia s a big supporter and defends his commentry. Is Fe so out of the loop now that she doesn't know that Billy and Britney don't actually speak? That would be odd since her and Lynne spend a lot of time together. Why not just slap a cease and desist on him? Sam seems to be able to freely speak so why doesn't he shut Billy down, especially when he gets directly tagged in most of Billy' s posts and stories of his friendship with Britney? I have nothing concrete to say he's lying, so lean towards him being one of the good guys, same with Sam. I'll probably get harpooned and called a conspiracist, but whatever, there's too much now that isn't adding up for me to just ignore. Ultimately we know nothing unless Britney actually speaks from mouth herself, but we also know from the Domination cancellation and medical facility posts that it can be a tainted truth when she does under the current regime. I think the closest we get to 'real' Britney is the small glimpses we see of her living her best life on Sam's account until the day comes that Jamie is removed from her life.
  4. My favourite remix of yours @remixedbynick💜 It's so G-A-Y at The Astoria and is just joyous! Her gorgeous vocals on this track must have been a pleasure to work with!
  5. This was excellent. A much deeper dive into the corruption side of the cship. Very welcome, and to make her case front page of UK. Press is huge. Queen hath momentum and the Jesters shall fall.
  6. Of course this would happen. Lou went after That Surprise Witness' s social media accounts too because she know that it damn well PROVED what the thread here was discussing. Heya Lou! Just wanna let you know that I've got all the documents and evidence saved to my hard drive and on my phone, and only a shared link away if you (or indeed anyone, especially lawyers) ever need to have another look ❤️
  7. Anticipating is great, but it's not even the 5th best cut on Britney, nevermind the whole of 2001.
  8. I posted this in the comments on the post and it's been deleted twice. Cassie knows I see through her. Help me out - copy the text and spam the comments with it ❤️
  9. This is not Britney. - Britney's real opinion on the doc was already shared by HER in the cryptic and iconic SB video post. - RED began months ago with a random video which got a lot of online trolling. It was deleted very quickly when they realised they could use it against her when they need to - RED is old content, hence the reference to the documentary in there that fits THEIR narrative. - This happens on the same day as new court docs reveal more greedy steaing from Britney's Estate by those around her and against her. Every media story today is conveniently focused on 'Britney's statement on the documentary. - Both of Britney's sons unfollowed her account following this post.
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