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  1. Omg haven't been here in ages 

    1. SlayOut

      Have you been slaying basics, sis? :queenflopga:

  2. Where's that video of Britney saying "everybody knows that I love tea"

    1. Electro World

      I don't now this video but I want it + in gif form

    2. falka

       must be from X factor :truthtea:

    3. 1999ney

      It's early Britney atleast pre-2005,

      it was all over twitter last year

  3. I'm gonna try and be active on here again :)


  4. It's my birthday today and my best friend got CupcakKe to send me a video birthday message and she says my irl name-I'm so shook 

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. 1999ney

      Thanks all,

      the tweet is nearing 300 likes-CupcakKe's impact

    3. SlayOut

      CupcakKe retweeted it!! :queenflopga:

    4. 1999ney

      I know!

      I was shook,

      It's been a while since she retweeted something of mine

  5. Teacher crush is leaving and i'm writing him a card

    (resisting urge to lust over him in his own card JSJSJ)

    1. BrittonJeanSpears

      Just whip it out and ask him to take a lick. :queenflopga: 

  6. "The result is a pining love song titled “Man on the Moon,” about a lost love brought to life by Spears’ breathy vocals. “The song is basically like that girl from the [Spears’ 2000] ‘Lucky’ video later in life,” Ryan says."


  7. Binge watched 11 episodes of Pretty Little Liars,I'm hooked

  8. Going to watch the Lifetime movie later tonight,

    Hoping it's not as bad as described on here :lostney:

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. mylonliNESS

      I've watched about half... will watch the rest when I get the time... its so far... VERY CRINGY!!!

    3. Electro World

      @mylonliNESS The second part is a little more bearable than the first part tbh :yaknow:

    4. mylonliNESS

      @Electro World Thanks for letting me know bb :kiss::)

  9. And Then We Kiss is so beautiful <3

    (Can we talk about how it was #1 for SIXTEEN WEEKS in Israel and it's reign was ended due to government involvement to give other songs a chance)

  10. I've never felt more :mybodyisready: than over the past few days...

    I'm shook

    1. mylonliNESS

      why gurlll? hat happened? :unbelievableney:

  11. Note to all that if you don't like the new theme,scroll to the bottom and click "Themes" on the lower left and select "Britney Spears" from the drop down menu :) 

    1. Iced Tea


      I guess the real question here is how does Jordan even have the nerve to associate the godsend that is Liar with that theme? :nicki2:

    2. button

      You're a sweetheart :lollipop:

    3. IUSM

      @Iced Tea: It should be called Slumber Party, since it matches the colours of the MV. :tbh:

  12. Fractured my arm during PE,told these people I'm not good at football and look what happened :(  A ball was coming at me mid-air and I tried kicking and lost balance and I fell and fractured my arm. At least I don't have to play for a while.Can't deal with the impending "what happened".I sit in the back of the class for a reason,I don't like any of you :sassybrit:. After I fell,I told my team that I was sure something's not right,and they told me to carry on playing and go to the medical room after lesson.Whores that will be bald by thirty and I couldn't care less about them.

    1. Show previous comments  14 more
    2. Electro World

      Slay @1999ney :thirsty: What kind of underwear was he wearing if you know? Boxer breifs are the ones that make me go :mybodyisready:

    3. 1999ney

      Have another PE class tomorrow,

      will try get another look tomorrow ;)

      (He like rubbed my back 3 times through class today asking if I was okay :cinderellaney:)

      @Electro World I'm 99% sure they were,can't really say :giggleney:

    4. mylonliNESS

      Maybe he could rub a little lower next time :thirsty::foh:and you could "rub" his front :NYsassy:

  13. Dirty blonde <3 her natural hair is good too
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