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  1. Those are the main channel numbers vma full ratings come out later when all the channels are calculated. Last years main channel numbers were only 1.3 mil but total numbers were 6.4 million when all the other channels were added.
  2. Normani even topped Chloe! These young girls (Doja, Chloe, Normani) came with the iconic VMAs in mind! I know the trend is too “VMAs are dead” but these girls brought it back to life tonight!!! Best VMAs in years! Hands down!
  3. Chloe was SERVING the Piece of Me butt bendover hair flip in that leotard….Piece of Me all day LOL….but seriously that was an old school VMA performance!
  4. Actually have to maybe take it back about doja cat….that Chloe performance was insane! Reminded me of Oops 2000 performance. That was a DEBUT!
  5. Have to say that doja cat is the closest thing this generation has to a Britney in terms of performance ability. She shows out everytime I've seen her.
  6. For most of us VMAs will never live up to late 90s/early 00s (and a few of the 2010s years - 2011, 2016 etc) but watching now and actually impressed! Between the mix of Madonna, Jlo, Olivia, Bieber etc its a nice feel of classic vmas and new. The energy is great too, and the production value and format of going across the stage for back to back performances is great. Nothing will ever top the Britney era of the VMAs but we should also be mindful that every generation says the same thing. When we were stanning the late 90s/2000s VMAs, the older generation who came of age w the 80s Madonna/Michael Jackson/80s rock era VMAs probably thought the ones we loved sucked. Its all relative….its human nature to favor what you grew up with. Not just w the vmas but everything.
  7. Loved the song at the time and was so excited for the video…but all the cuts to try and hide the diminished performance abilities and dancing/over medication made it unwatchable and kind of a headache to follow. People were way too unnecessarily critical of it at the time though. I do have vivid memories of defending her to GP friends, and to the GP in general who thought the video was horrible and that old Britney was officially gone. The whole femme fatale era gives me senses of dread because it was the real turning point where it felt like the world gave up on viewing her as the queen of the industry and Beyonce really took over as the main girl. I remember watching my non-stan, GP friends who loved and grew up with Britney, (and viewed her as the musical icon of our generation), cheer her on during the circus era comeback…but left feeling a little flat by it, really be done w her after femme fatale. It was all the typical, “she just isnt the same”…”shes just a robot now and so odd now”…”her talents completely gone” etc etc etc…but I think this year put everything back into perspective and Britney has the world back on her side.
  8. And there's been just as many rational sensible responses amd people focused on what the main point of the post was… Keyboard warriors and immature passive aggressiveness on online forms doesnt invalidate my opinion or voice like you think it does… and if you would like a reference point on how mature sensible adults communicate you can reference the exchange with @NotBuyingIt
  9. Thank you so much for your story and openness!! ❤️ I suffer from OCD too so I know part of your struggle. Your willingness to be so open and personal is amazing and I wish you nothing but amazing things!! You sound very well-informed and on top of all of the things we’ve had to dealt with which is super important. Nothing but love for you!
  10. Saying someone may have a mental health disorder isn’t disrespecting them… It’s not a slur or Insult or condemnation…. you saying that right now is completely disrespectful to people who have mental health disorders.
  11. I understand and I take the feedback on the way I presented it and I appreciate the constructive criticism. The way that I initially said it was meant to be relayed in the way that you suggested, …but I think I missed the mark in trying to express it that way… again every step of the way I said in my opinion, or experience, not fact…but I appreciate the feedback…But this kind of response (minus the basically telling me to f off at the end) is the way that I think we all just need to talk to each other…our community on exhale has become waaayy too much if you we all dont agree on every single thing then we’re going to destroy each other.
  12. I agree the conservatorship never should’ve been put in place in the first place because of its corrupt foundation. And if she does have mental illness that’s not grounds automatically for conservatorship either. But the thing is you’re trying to say I don’t have enough proof or evidence…which I absolutely dont…but neither do you to invalidate it… like I originally said the part of my post that touched on mental health was my OPINION not fact… You’re invalidation of my opinion is trying to come off as fact, which you equally don’t have either…so that means we should just be able to all be adults and have rational conversations that are healthy and open instead of destructive and combative. But I guess thats how exhale has gotten now.
  13. Agree… She may not even have mental illness at all and some of the weird things from 2007 2008 could be from something non-mental illness that we don’t even know about… but also agree that if she does she shouldn't be a prisoner and needs to get her life back asap
  14. Finally a sensible person…what has hapoened to exhale….anyways, I agree with a lot of what you just said…want to see her come out of it well and happy and strong and on her own 2 feet and survive the torment that she has had to endure for the past decade plus.
  15. The mental health part wasn’t even the point of the post but let me ask why are you guys so adamantly against discussing it in any capacity? I love Britney to death I want to see her free yesterday. But why can’t we talk about her being a free person that may have a mental health disorder? Do you think that adult rational conversation somehow makes you pro conservatorship?
  16. It is genuine concern not masking …the fact that we can’t talk about mental health openly in a supportive and constructive way while fighting for her freedom is actually really sad.
  17. Not trying to be an armchair doctor but let me ask you why is it a bad thing for us to fight for her freedom and excepting that she may have a mental health disorder. Do you think by thinking it’s a possibility that that somehow makes you pro conservatorship?
  18. You’re entitled to your opinion, which I value and respect, and I am entitled to mine on the mental health portion. I’m not trying to diagnose her, but also it is ignorant for anyone to act like all of the stuff that she did and happened with her before Jamie and the conservatorship even came into her life was not possibly mental illness. Wearing different colored wigs and talking in British accents while walking around barefoot everywhere is textbook behavior directly correlated to a variety of clinical mental health diagnoses. Amanda Bynes did almost the same exact thing, and she is schizoaffective….its not me guessing , its me talking from a standpoint of having the education and exposure that certain mental health disorders manifest in very close ways for many people…wigs and accents (escapism, personality dissociation etc)…the fact that Amandas dignosis isnt shrouded in secrecy and sealed and that people know that about it is good…because transparent and informative talks around mental health can happen to support those who suffer WITHOUT locking them into a comservatorship. There is starting to be a real problem in our fanbase/community that is becoming very anti-mental health. The fact that we can’t simultaneously fight for Britney’s freedom and autonomy while also accepting that she could possible have something that we need to show love and support for is scary. She could absolutely have nothing, but the fact that no one is willing to talk about that she might is so destructive and disservice's those who suffer. Talking about Britney having mental health issues doesnt need to be seen as being pro conservatorship, it makes you human and empathetic. We need to find a way as a community to be #FreeBritney (which I am) while also being #promentalhealth….it is possible to be both and I think thats just lost on some people. Were all entitled to our opinions…but again, wasnt the point of the post…I want her free asap, but want her to find a new happy life free of the past entirely with no chances of lutfis, lohans, adnands, and hiltons being part of her inner circle.
  19. I definitely agree with all that!..but theres nuance in the testimony that unless you have the exposure to someone who may be bipolar, manic, etc you might not pick up on it. I cant articulate it exactly, but its there for those who know. Im not saying Im 100 percent right, just my opinion. But regardless of the mental health argument, I was just curious to see what may be a lingering concern or possible worry that people may have, as Britney finally breaks free but has to readjust to normal life after all the time and trauma.
  20. First off, I have to handedly admit, that before we started getting more substantive facts and proof over these past few months, I was always on the fence about the conservatorship throughout the beginning of #FreeBritney. Things were just so unbelievable and conspiracy theory-ish at first, but now after seeing some of what we have seen (and heard) this summer, it’s definitely time to end it and get Britney her total autonomy back as soon as reasonably possible (not years!!! Like some legal people have been saying in media articles) I still believe that even w Britney’s testimonies, she still has some mental health challenges…For anyone with real knowledge of mental health, the testimonies (while heart wrenching and absolutely jaw dropping as they were) equally point to an underlying issue that can be easily picked up on through her manic speech pacing and disjointed thought process (for anyone who knows about mental health, its easy to pick up on the textbook features). Whether it be from the obvious mental health issues of 2007/2008, or through the trauma of the conservatorship of the past 13 years…or a combination of the two, there’s something obviously there that Britney has to sadly deal with for the rest of her life. With that being said, that brings me to the main question of the topic…. As we continue to hope for the speedy dissolution of the conservatorship, is there any one thing that you’re worried about for Britney coming out of It? For me its the clinger ons and the sleazy people from her past working her way back into her life…or new sleazy, ill intentioned people working their way in. I feel like Jamie and the conservatorship have stiffled her adulthood development, trust, and judgement, and Im worried that not having the ability to cultivate real friendships and human relationships over the past decade and a half will result in her picking up her freedom right where it left off, with the likes of people she needs to steer clear of. It’s nice that people like Paris Hilton (who has seemed to turn her life around) advocates so much for her, but lets be real…Paris’ influence of drugs, alcohol, and partying in the 2000s played a role in Britney’s spiral. Even if Paris is in a better place now, I want Britney to be free and start fresh, void of any people from her life from the 2000s. Even these random, so called friends from the industry that love talking to sleazy tabloids about their personal encounters w her during the bad times as if theyre advocates….just feel so shady and the flamed out LA types who you can spot the coke on their nostrils from a mile away. If she chooses to work again or not (which I hope she does…but will respect and support if she doesnt) I want her to have Mom friends…couple friends for her and Sam…something more healthy and normal….and please move out of California asap to a state with a legal system where this ish cant happen to you again.
  21. Love this version...builds and builds sonically.. feels bigger and more dramatic than the released version....And more organic and clearer vocally too. Could see the stadium-like final chorus being used n a tv drama commercial spot. An emotional song with the sound of this mix would be an amazing first-single comeback to music, tellling a story... if she decides that she ever wants to record again.
  22. @Jordan Miller Think it may just be a rumor that’s being spread around.... his manager posted on Instagram a little over half an hour ago that he hasnt passed. Unless something happened between 40 minutes ago and now.
  23. It’s unfortunate that when some answers come, or topics get addressed, the Q’anon-esque wing of FreeBritney cant accept it or appreciate it. Theres prob a bunch of what we see in the movement thats true, but some people think it all is...no matter what may comeout to debunk parts of the movement that are kind of a reach. ... at this point in our society conspiracy theorism needs to start being a clinical diagnosis. Bravo to You @Jordan Miller for always staying sensible and trying to maintain maturity and social responsibility on exhale when some people just want to stay in a constant state of aggression over things that may not even be true.
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