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  1. @Jordan Miller Think it may just be a rumor that’s being spread around.... his manager posted on Instagram a little over half an hour ago that he hasnt passed. Unless something happened between 40 minutes ago and now.
  2. It’s unfortunate that when some answers come, or topics get addressed, the Q’anon-esque wing of FreeBritney cant accept it or appreciate it. Theres prob a bunch of what we see in the movement thats true, but some people think it all is...no matter what may comeout to debunk parts of the movement that are kind of a reach. ... at this point in our society conspiracy theorism needs to start being a clinical diagnosis. Bravo to You @Jordan Miller for always staying sensible and trying to maintain maturity and social responsibility on exhale when some people just want to stay in a constant state of aggression over things that may not even be true.
  3. The reason why the documentary and other major news outlets focus on her mental health, versus conservator abuse, is because a lot of the things that we talk about in freeBritney haven’t been fully corroborated, or been fully proven in a legal type of way. The Twitter threads, and people on social media linking pieces of various information together across a cast of characters, isn’t something that a major reputable news outlet will report on as fact until it’s actually proven to be so in a traditional legal forum. For long standing media brands to report some of the ideas we are seeing on social media as actual fact, when no one has been legally proven or charged someone of these accusations, is an endangerment to their crediibitly. Major media outlets like the New York Times, (and others), may report on a topic...or produce something like a documentary that will touch upon what some of the fan base or social media world is talking about..but theyre not going to report anything as fact until its actually proven and formally prosecuted in a traditional legal way... not just on twitter.
  4. But what makes you say that was so much certainty… That’s part of the problem...what we saw in 2007 was not a girl that had a tough time going through a divorce or whatever the story is that people put out there... she was struggling with the onset of her mental illness. People who go through the same things that Britney went through in 2007, from a life perspective, don’t tailspin like that.... speaking in accents, wearing different color wigs, walking barefoot through stores and screaming through the streets like a manic person. The guardianship/conservatorship came about because of all of that. I obviously haven’t had a personal conversation with you about this, but I am curious to know what makes you think that it’s 100% factual that she’s not mentally ill? All legitimate news sources, court appointments, and the things that really carry weight establish that she suffers from something. The fact that people are still trying to debate that is the part that makes free Britney look bad... please don’t take this as a personal attack in anyway, because I respect your opinion.. I’m just trying to wrap my head around the fact that people do not want to acknowledge that she is someone that lives with legitimate mental illness and thats a really harmful thing to do to someone we all care so much about and want To have a happy and healthy life. Let’s fight for her to be free, but lets not lie to ourselves in the process.
  5. I understand what you’re saying, but do you see the issue with that....and how it speaks to a larger issue .... It’s sensible for a lot of the bigger, clean imaged/more influential celebrities to not say anything until either Britney says something herself, or for everything that we see every day on social media to be fully corroborated. Just like anything else, we should always separate what’s facts from what is fiction. That’s whats smart and that’s what sensible, and ties exactly into what you just said about us not knowing much. The fact that the controversial, problematic celebrities don’t feel the need to wait for Britney to open her mouth, or for everything online to be fully fact checked speaks to what all these certain celebs share in common. They lead controversial existences and glob onto whatever is controversial...because it speaks to them. That’s not to say that lots of what’s in FreeBritney isn’t true. It just shows the human psychological effect that goes into who will sensibly wait for facts, and who just needs to be eroticized enough by conspiracy before they open their mouths. Admittedly, I started off as a full critic of FreeBritney. I’m someone who’s very moderate, very much pro mental health, and a person that tries to be as empathetic and sensible as possible. A lot of the fan base, when they got behind freeBritney, lost me because they just they couldn’t except the fact that Britney does struggle with mental health. No one was really talking about how Britney is someone who is mentally ill, but should still be free and have agency and autonomy to live her life the way she choses, w the right type of support system.... instead it became so much about her being chained up in a dungeon, force-fed medication, and all of this other wacky stuff. And it’s in that wacky stuff that the problematic celebs came out to react to it because that kind of darkness speaks to them. For myself, enough factual things have come out in the COURT process, NOT in twitter threads and random videos that who knows who makes, that Im now behind FreeBritney. I’m still sensible and informed enough to know that she has mental health issues, but that doesn’t mean every single aspect of her life should be controlled, or that she should be used in any way for someone else financial gain. And if and when the day comes when Britney says something herself, and enough of it matches what we’ve seen, I hope that all of the more influential, mainstream celebs will come to bat for her. But until that time comes, I think as adults we all need to be sensible enough to look at everything from a 30,000 foot view.... and correlate the fact that a lot of these problematic celebs who have become the face of Hollywood support don’t make the movement look good because of they support it. Their back stories and behaviors (although not something to be judged and condemned by others) does speak to the overall branding of the movement, and how its controversial enough in nature that it draws support from the type of celebs that are more along the lines of Qanon folk vs Grammy award winning, box office draws, etc.
  6. That’s true in a way... but aside from maybe Paris, none of the other problematic celebrities have had a continued relationship or dealings w Britney. So why do the darker, more controversial celebs attach themselves to it, and not the “cleaner” image, bigger celebs that have had just as little interaction w Britney as the problematic ones?
  7. I sincerely don’t mean for this to come off the wrong way, as what Im about to ask is no way meant to judge, condemn or villify certain celebrities, but is anyone else perplexed as to why the vast majority of celebs that publicly support #FreeBritney are either C-list, or from the darker part of Hollywood? They were all at one time or another all influential or popular, but now are more known for being INFAMOUS, rather than famous. Whether it be drugs, arrests, controversial comments/actions and/or conspiracies....everyone that gets behind FreeBritney seems to be a problematic celeb.....Courtney Love, Trisha Paytas, Rose McGowen, Lindsay Lohan, Raven, Paris Hilton, etc. etc. Aside from Miley and maybe Cher, (who also have their own moments from time to time where people just roll their eyes) why are no other industry power houses getting behind FreeBritney in an everyday, big kind of way? Britney is loved and admired by so many A-list people that could really help push the movement along, but something about it must seem either unattractive to them...or maybe too shrouded in incomplete/non-fully corroborated details that its a little too conspiracy theoryish to attach their mega brands to? Instead of having lots of reputable main stream media coverage (even though w the doc coming thats started to change), FreeBritney’s mainstay media coverage historically has been outlets like OK magazine, cheap tabloid shows that only air at 3am, and TMZ. ..and instead of Taylor Swifts, Adeles, and Beyonces showing support, its Courtney Love, Rose McGowan and “celebs” that look like they arent huge fans of self care. Has anyone else noticed this? There’s parts of FreeBritney stuff that I get behind...other parts that are just too far fetched...but it seems to be, based off of the way that A-list Hollywood interacts w it, that its like the Qanon equivalent of Hollywood topics, just based off of who has attached themselves to it and who chooses not to.
  8. Why is it always problematic celebs that get behind FreeBritney?
  9. I was so excited for this too!...Unfortunately Im let down 😞.....Loved Vibez but the rest album is so uninspired @Jordan Millerhow do you feel about it? Because you seemed equally excited about it..... I don’t know if it’s because I came of age during the golden era of pop, but it’s become so tiresome how so many big artists nowadays just make such boring, repetitive albums. This is like JB Intentions... i’m just over the trend of making songs/albums that are just so hyper boring...I live for a good ballad...and midtempos are actually my favs sonically, but every artist is just putting out uninspired downtempos at this point that alL sound the same from track to track. Like why is this become the new trend? Most of these recent downtempo albums arent critically acclaimed, don’t sell well, stans dislike them, and their singles don’t chart well, if at all. So who are they making these albums for? Sorry, Im just over the boringness on the music landscape recently.
  10. But how is The Weeknd trying to be Michael Jackson? Michael was always built around choreo.... this Weeknd era is very much not MJ I think because of a lot of our ***ualities, we love to stan the females, but also allow some of us to unfairly slam the male artists and paint them into this corner that none of them can be artistic or revolutionary. it’s a false premise. most current pop girls are ripoffs in someway of Britney and Beyonce and britney and Beyonce are rehashes of Janet essentially etc. etc....But we never want to hold that mirror up to our female pop stars, just the males. Its really not fair at the end of the day.
  11. Mmmmm but dont the female pop stars all just do the same thing anyways, also? Aside from Billie Eillish and Adele, all of our fav pop girls of the past twenty years just do the same recycled *** to sell music, looks, choreo, etc....it's not like every pop female artist is just so revolutionary either.
  12. This isn’t meant to be a knock on Britney, because I still STAN all of her work from the past 5 years...but I think we unfortunately get the up and coming, unknown stars that grew up stanning Britney vs established, big name stars because of Britney’s artistry has taken a bit of a hit over the past few years in an age of uber creativity, with epic stage shows, big music videos, etc. Between diminished or inconsistent dancing from her prime, lipsynching in an age of virtually no lipsynching, no iconic imagery in the past 8 years or so (big music videos, other popular aesthetics), and the lower charting positions with every new single...and she doesnt end up screaming someone that Beyonce, Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Taylor or Drake etc are going to jump to do a project with....no matter how much that may even stan her. Shes become more synomous with being in memes lately than being someone that you would think to be the next hot concert featured on Netflix. Unfortunately if there isnt a BIG comeback era that reestablishes Britney as a force artistically and serves as a reminder of her queen status in a very creative, reinventive and mainstream way, then I dont think the big collabs will be knocking on Britney’s door........unless it’s in a few years when a big artist may want to put her on a track for nostagalia/the retro fad.
  13. I definitely agree with the standpoint of it being overused/abused, but I think where the FreeBritney movement starts slipping into the realm of conspiracy theory, is that Jamie has puppeteered the whole thing from the get go in some devious, preconceived plan. The argument can definitely be made that over the course of the past 12 years the conservatorship may have slowly developed into something more of a controlling/possibly abusive device...but for Jamie, who was estranged from his daughter in 2008, and had no type of social, political, medical, or judicial influence in the state of California, could somehow lie about a medical diagnosis and get away w trapping his daughter under false pretenses from the get-go is anti-mental health, and dangerous to Britney. It’s great for many of us to hear from ex dancers, make up artists and limelight seeking friends/ex’s that claims that she wants out...and she most likely does...and we want that for her.... But to allow ourselves to begin to think that she is 100% healthy is a disservice to her overall health and well-being. Yes, these court documents, and the fact that we’ve seen Britney grow up right before our eyes between the ages of 17 to 25, serve as proof that she does NOT have a developmental disability, but conservatorship docs and 2008-2020 happening right before our eyes also show us that she DOES in fact struggle with some sort of adult-age on-set mental illness. Whether thats early age dementia or something else. And the fact that she has been able to work and tour does not prove she does not have early age dementia or any other mental illness. Her well documented regimen of nutrition, exercise, medicine, no alcohol/drugs, etc has given her the stability to counter the effects of her disorder(s) and cognitively function like most other human beings to the best of her abilities. And if you read about early age onset dementia it does not affect individuals the same way as late age dementia does. With the appropriate/adequate treatment and steps it can be managed. I think as a community we all really need to strike a balance between things and say we want Britney out of the conservatorship, but to do so with accepting the fact that she has mental illness. That we can simultaneously advocate for her freedom, while still supporting the idea of her having a system in place in her free life that keeps her mental health in check and allows for a healthy, consistent quality of life. When it gets to the point where people say she’s completely fine and she is just enslaved it really hurts her future ability for a happy, safe life that comes from adequate help with her mental health.
  14. Taking the dementia claim out of the equation for a second, there are many other debilitating, adult -age onset mental illnesses that can disrupt someone from fully taking care of themselves. Schizophrenia, schizo effective disorder (a combo of bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, which is what Amanda Bynes has...thus her conservatorship) and many others. And while I’m pro-Britney getting out of the conservatorship, I am equally pro-her having a system in her life, while she is free, that can assist her with her mental illness and keeps her healthy, happy and safe. And one last thing, I don’t think enough of us have done our due diligence to look into the whole dementia claim. After researching it, there are various types of early onset dementia that dont act in the same way that old age dementia does. It actually exists and if you look it up a lot of the signs/symptoms are things that we could maybe correlate to some of Britney’s past Behaviors (during 2007 and post breakdown). You can google and find a wealth of info on early age dementia. Lastly, why does everyone think that Jamie, a 50 something year old man (at the time) from the rural south, that has never had any type of political, social, or judicial power in the state of California, has somehow worked the entire medical and judicial system of the state. That he easily got away with putting whatever he wants down on a form and thats all that was needed to take over Britney’s life. If there’s a claim, it must be looked into and verified by impartial medical parties and reviewed/ruled upon by judges that Jamie never would have had the influence over.
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