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  1. I don't think I've ever heard that xtina song, I'll have to check it out
  2. Hey Exhale! So, I heard "Dangerous Women" today and realized every time I hear it, I wish it was sung by Britney. I don't know why per say, I am still unsure if I feel like her voice would be good with it. I think it makes me think of the concept of Femme Fatale (a dangerous, seductive woman) so I just associate it with her. Anyways, so what's a popular song you have heard the past few years that you wish was one of Britney's tracks? Discuss!
  3. I just can't see the appeal. I can jam to it once in a while, it's not terrible per say, but compared to most of her discography...
  4. Bad song and creepy video that and WB are tied for worst lead singles of her career imo edit: wow downvote city, praying for ya'll with such taste in songs
  5. Gimmie More original video Rebellion Original Doll Perfume original video Original BJ concept
  6. I am dyin that's hysterical and I don't blame you. EXHALE!! Who's got an urban dictionary account?!
  7. Riccus: When you are so lazy and give no *****, and it shows in everything you do. Person 1- Have you seen Steve lately? He seems so uninterested... Person 2- Yeah, he's totally got a case of the riccus this past week, I think he's got something going on.
  8. Omg I love it! 'Think he has the riccus' POM's impact, urban dictionary is shook
  9. I was actually kinda interested till I got to the track list
  10. I do believe that there is a sort of hierarchy to the industry, but I do not think that all who are on radio are exposed to this. For example, I highly doubt that 5th harmony members know anything about the existence of such a concept. If there is some sort of secret sick agenda going on, the Madonna kiss was definetly some sort of initiation. I believe the shaving of the head was more of an act of rebellion than anything. As far as an act of humiliation that @I Always Sing Live talked about, I would say more of the way the media harped on her for every little thing, or maybe even the 55 hour marriage. I can't recall a single specific event from her career that would count as a major humiliation, but the look in her eyes when she was shaving her head screamed anything but humiliation, if anything it was a big **** you to everyone around her. I really do love conspiracy theories surrounding the music industry, I just find them fascinating. I'm not sure about the whole mind control thing now (when I was stoned all the time I totally used to buy into it though lol!), but something is definetly off behind the scenes, and I think that Britney really didn't want to be a part of whatever it was any longer.
  11. I heard a remix of TIG that made me like the song a lot more, tonight I'll try and dig it up on YouTube
  12. I agree a lot of the songs had great potential. Passenger, TTB, TIG are all pretty decent songs. But the cheap production and Myah vocals make them smeh. With a little more effort/polishing, it could've been a decent album. Not amazing, but decent lol
  13. I always refer to it IRL as Brenda Joan, so I'm going with that
  14. Thanks yeah after listening closely I heard the skip. So bad
  15. I always imagined a vid where she's driving in a car and it turns into a spaceship and she ends up traveling through space. At the end she was day dreaming and she was in the car the whole time
  16. Oh wowwhen you're listening for it you can hear it kinda skip. Sloppy af!
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