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  1. To be honest, as f**ked up as this sounds, this is possibly the best thing that could have happened to her brand. i mean, I’m seriously not even thinking of new music or shows right now. But honestly, fans and GP alike were sick of the ‘Britney Brand’. The fans thought it was played out and GP has kind of thought she’s been stale for a while (a ‘has-been’ in Vegas). At least now people will blame Team C-Ship for her brand and not Britney herself.
  2. I also just went back and re-read the first couple of pages of this thread it’s kind of cool how far we have come!
  3. We all need a vacation from this mess I think but yeah I have a good feeling too. Even more so after that Tarot video yesterday. I know they aren’t anything to go by, but it gave me more hope
  4. Also, I also find it weird she’s always seen in a car. It’s like they are just taking her out for ‘the rounds’ so they can get the pictures and then back home she goes. Sick f**ks.
  5. LMFAO the dumb ***** who did that CNN article CNN is known as literally the lowest form of ‘journalism’ (if you can call it that), people pretty much consider it propaganda. At least the rest of them (NBC, Fox, CBS) have maintained SOME dignity. The fact that it literally says “There’s no need to #FreeBritney” screams propaganda. “There’s no need to free her! She’s fine! Very happy and healthy actually! Except a few months ago, but she’s fine now! Except for when she left court barefoot! Then she wasn’t good! But she really needs us because you never know what she’ll be like on any given day! Look! She’s doing yoga and exercising!” These people are SO stupid. At this point I think they are just trying to tread water before the entire house of cards comes crumbling down. They are freaking out and I am LIVING for this!!
  6. Can you really get in trouble with the law if the law considers you a ‘non-person’? Wouldn't Jamie technically just be suing himself?
  7. No I totally get that, the entire point I’m trying to back up here is Team CShip dragging out his illness and blaming this entire 2019 fiasco on that. At this point, it’s absolutely clear (or should be) that they used him as the scape goat for the mental facility. I was just trying to back up what King Alex was saying on twitter. I couldn’t care less if he was fishing (or even if they lied about him being sick tbh). Assuming they lied for other reasons, like the low ticket sales or something. The only point I was trying to drive home is that they exaggerated his sickness to fit their own narrative. He’s almost dying, and Britney is so torn up about it that she admits herself into a mental facility, and meanwhile he is out fishing? It just doesn’t add up and make any kind of logical sense If this was any other situation than where we’re at now, I would be thinking it was good he was out and about even if sick. It certainly didn’t help their case at all though
  8. Please don’t change your username even though you’re fired, I’m loving it
  9. Wasn’t he seen fishing like 2 months ago though? I’m sorry I just don’t think it was as bad as they made it seem. Certainly not bad enough to cancel the entire residency, anyways. Which is mainly what I meant when I said they dragged it out
  10. I mean, just because that happened doesn’t mean that what he’s saying ISN'T true though. I do believe he had the colon issue, but it was probably a one and done situation. It seems like they decided to drag it out to use it as an excuse for this entire situation.
  11. All set! Fresh out of the oven! Lmao! Sorry boo, cake was finished before I saw you message. But don’t worry, I bought a GF Apple Pie for those with restrictions
  12. I’m going to bake a cake for our #LarryRoudolphIsOverParty, do you guys like chocolate?
  13. The Tarot reading is really interesting, especially considering it’s almost from a month ago. To witness what has unfolded since then is even more interesting. I hope she enjoys performing still and was looking forward to Dom like he said. Not because I want her to get back on stage, but because I have thought since POM started that she actually did enjoy performing. FFT seems like a fluke thing looking back. Overall she seemed to enjoy POM quite a bit, she seemed happy at my show last summer. New music talks doesn’t shock me either, as I feel that if she does get out then she will release a ‘thank you’ album for the fans. I don’t really see any touring with it or anything. But I do think she will give us something. It’s all so interesting, and that dude on twitter is spilling TEA. Today is interesting lol
  14. The news is spreading, my friend texted me and said some 60 year old guy who she works with was talking about how Britney Spears is done with music. So, I guess word does travel fast
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