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  1. Put some respect on its name when you speak of POM
  2. Boo I started that trend 30 minutes after my show last July
  3. I’m turning 28 this coming week and I have surrendered to aging, no point in fighting it Kind of wish I made some better life choices in my 20’s, but what’re ya gonna do? There’s always next decade
  4. I voted yes, I love acoustic music. It would be different for sure but I’d be here for it!
  5. Is that the cd that was on amazon last year and taken down before it shipped? I thought it wasn’t real
  6. I think it’s a mix of that and the fact that the major ‘digging’ has been done. There’s not a lot happening although I admit, I expected the letter to have a bigger impact in re-sparking some stuff. I guess the IG videos/pics helped bury that
  7. Wait wait wait, your username... I always thought it meant like, you like chillin with ‘me’ (us?). I thought it was like, a play on words. I never ever thought it actually meant you like Chillin With You the song Queen of setting trends?
  8. I knew I heard this rumor years ago, but wasn’t sure if I was living in some kinda Mandela effect or something I would love a JB collab tho
  9. Omg Like others have said, as hard as it is finding the good in any situation will make things better. I always tell myself: “it’s not the situation that’s stressing me out, it’s my thoughts ABOUT the situation that are stressing me.” I know sometimes it’s easier said than done, but just keep going. You always have a little family here and exhale, and can always count on the users here to at the very least be a listening ear if you ever need to vent. One solid piece of advice I can offer is not to spread yourself so thin. I can tell by your initial post that you care deeply for the friends you have made and give a lot of your energy to those you care about. Just remember it is NOT selfish to save some of that energy for yourself. It is essential. You cannot pour from an empty cup, and sometimes you it is okay to take a step back and do something for you. Everyone needs time for themselves and there’s nothing wrong with a little self love/self care. Keep moving along my friend, things will get better and someday this moment in time will be just that, a moment in time
  10. I’m obsessed, I have SO many too. Have fun, there’s lots to learn
  11. Lou* is posting daily for damage control, nothing more nothing less
  12. I like the hair better, I just shaved it a few weeks ago because it was getting long and the short hair is just easier for the summer. It’s grown a lot since considering I was BALD 2 weeks ago And dude I was thinking of that yesterday!!! PM me later I want to know how everything went. Tea time!
  13. Recent: (With my Britney shirt :D) Before the shaved head: (like 2 months ago) I’ve gone to post like, 3 times already and then deleted but **** it
  14. Honestly, Team Cship isn’t stupid, they know EXACTLY what the fans want. This fanbase is a mess. Half of the supposed #FreeBritney army is buying f**king vinyls and target shirts while doing mental gymnastics on how ‘the money isn’t going to her team’, while the other half is going crazy about the fact Lou posted a stupid video talking about ‘therapy’ in the caption. While 1/3 of people are still complaining about her hair/makeup Meanwhile: We got a leaked letter today, probably one that BRITNEY herself wrote talking about how she was lied too, trapped, and has been taken advantage of. And this letter is from years ago. A huge piece of #FreeBritney has been brought to light and no one seems to really care, it’s kind of sad... Sorry if this seems pissy, I’m just annoyed.
  15. This is literally just a distraction from the letter today, and it’s working because everyone is going crazy that she mentioned ‘therapy’ in an IG caption
  16. It’s probably just an old *** video they had saved and Lou added the caption. I agree it doesn’t help but I don’t think it really hurts either. I just think it’s weird..
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