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  1. I swear, this #FreeBritney movement sure has brought out my sassy side. I don’t think I’ve ever been so vocal on here or twitter in my life
  2. I tried messing around in My settings but I can’t figure it out. And also, this may sound like a **** but I’m just going to say it because I can’t be the only one thinking it: Between these notifications, ‘Club General’, and the New Pop Music section setup, one would think he’s purposely running this place into the ground I don’t mean any shade by that either @breatheheavy. I want to see you and the forum do well. I absolutely love this board and the users. But change isn’t always good, nor necessary. And you have deleted comments from me and others ( @really really cool guy comes to mind) in the past few weeks complaining about these changes so we know you have heard our concerns. Again, I don’t mean to sound like a jerk. It’s truly not my intention, but I don’t know how else I can say how I feel when myself (and others) have just been ignored for the past few weeks.
  3. The old pic was nice for a while but I agree, outdated. I’m glad you picked a nice picture of her performing. She looks like she was having fun
  4. Who’s laughing? And what else would you propose we do? Continue to feed the money machine that has kept her trapped all these years? So what’s your idea of helping her? Posting a #FreeBritney selfie on IG after purchasing a copy of her new vinyl at UO?
  5. I’m just having a Slumber Party with chu @Cappycorn87
  6. You continue to prove time and time again that we are long lost best friends
  7. And to think we used to think it was one of the most down to earth celeb IG accounts of all time
  8. I unfollowed yesterday because I’m just tired of seeing them use her account as a way of manipulating the fans and GP. Obviously I still love Brinni doe
  9. @breatheheavy why am I getting notifications when people COMMENT on a thread now? I can’t figure out how to change it. Help please?
  10. OMG waiting for the next round of Glassdoor reviews to come pouring in like: “Boss made me make countless Instagram accounts, liking comments on her client’s picture. Time could have been spent more productively”
  11. To be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s why she did that. She’s been ‘silent’ this entire time. I’m sure she’s keeping a close eye and has seen the momentum slowing. I’m sure she sees what’s going on with her IG. She probably wanted to light a spark amongst everyone again. Mission accomplished, Lynne.
  12. I have unconditional love for you, you’ve done amazing things for this movement and Britney I pray justice is served to these snakes
  13. So essentially moving Britney’s money from one account to another? ‘Paying’ her money back with her own money? ?
  14. OMG made back in March (when FB kinda became a thing, right?) and only 10 posts, one of them being this dramatic *** post about giving up on FB. And the name ‘ilovebritneyspears’ kinda screams shill Team C-**** doing the most as usual. Ya’ll may fool some of the fans on IG but we’re a little more resilient on Exhale.
  15. I still often listen to the CD in my car from start to finish. Amazing album and hasn’t lost its appeal
  16. Team C-ship remains trash. I unfollowed her IG today because like another fan said: it’s just a manipulation tool that she has no control over. I’m sorry for anyone who may be offended by that thinking that she has been posting lately, but i’d be willing to bet it’s Lou still and they are just using the entire account at this point to manipulate fans AND the GP. One of my GP friends sent me 2 different things she’s posted in the past few weeks both times saying ‘poor girl just doesn’t seem right’. So it doesn’t matter what WE stans think of her cute little videos and captions, the GP is falling for her teams motives and at this point the best we can do (in my opinion) is just ignore the account entirely. I’m still forever #FreeBritney and love her unconditionally. I am just growing more and more disgusted with this situation by the day. Her team continues to prove they are SLIMEBALLS, and fans either prove they are gullible sheep OR shallow af (like really? Complaining about her looks in the videos when all of this is happening? )
  17. Agreed, I’d even go a step further as to say they are trying to turn the fans against each other. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that since these IG posts started becoming more frequent, fans have drastically slowed down with the movement and divided even more. Now we have those who were never #FreeBritney and want nothing to do with it, those who are still #FreeBritney and think we should be more vocal, and those who are #FreeBritney but think we should leave the whole thing alone. They know what they’re doing, and I think this entire situation is going to get even messier for us fans as the summer progresses
  18. Girl I love a good conspiracy theory but
  19. https://www.instagram.com/p/Byc81pwFVQv/?igshid=pbrtmvw88i5c Not sure why it’s not imbedding, but I’m surprised this hasn’t been posted here. And why have we not strategically dragged Larry on twitter and IG? Even if he didn’t drug her that night he’s been an AWFUL manager
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