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  1. You are 100% right. I actually find it kind of frustrating that fans here and on IG seem to think all of a sudden Britney has access to her IG. Do they really think that NOW, of ALL times in her life they would give her access? We are talking about one of the most heavily sheltered stars on the planet, who they have done their best to keep on a conveyor belt routine of ‘work, perform, relax, repeat’ for 11 years now. They have done all they can to make sure she doesn’t speak out, do people REALLY think they are going to give her access to potentially reach millions of users on social media? ‘Her’ IG account is a propaganda account. No more or less than the TMZ articles paid for by team cshit. The candids are staged. Her IG is staged. Everything surrounding her is staged and controlled. Do you know the one thing that hasn’t been controlled regarding Britney? The #FreeBritney movement!! It’s the ONLY part of her career that her team has had no control over in the last 11 years. And because of that they have gone full throttle trying to regain control of the narrative. Time is up though. The sleeping giant has been awakened and there is no going back. Jamie, Lou, Larry, etc need to realize that no amount of damage control will dig them out of the hole they have dug themselves into. No amount of IG posts, candids or Britney driving, or controlled interviews will make the fans turn a blind eye. Not this time.
  2. Does he even have a leg to stand on? Tabloids report fake news all the time and I never hear of celebs or their teams suing. Sounds like someone is just trying to wave his wallet around in a show of power. You can silence the fan site but you’ll never silence all the FANS. There’s too many of us.
  3. Damn, I just checked amazon and you’re right. Wish I had ordered last year, I had it in my cart and it was like, $20
  4. Hopefully that tell all book exposing the snakes
  5. The #FreeBritney thread became too powerful so they finally found an effective form of damage control to cause us to scatter
  6. That’s what I’m worried about too. I thought it was only me who has been pulling back the last few weeks but clearly it isn’t. I figured this place would be popping with all of the #FreeBritney stuff going on. I know IG is
  7. I don’t mine the terminology change, we can call threads ‘Exchanges’ and posts ‘Exhales’ if Jordy wants, that doesn’t bug me. I didn’t realize the little different colored buttons were missing from the left side of each topic until a user above pointed it out, and yes it is definitely missing from the main topic pages. Everything looks boring now. Overall the changes are terrible, and I truly hope he just reverts back to the way it was. I love this forum, I know the other regulars do too. I don’t want to feel forced out but I can definitely see myself coming less and less if things don’t revert, I already have slowed the past few weeks because every time I log in it’s ANOTHER change that literally, NO ONE wanted. I don’t mind changes, I always welcomes the layout changes whenever he’s updated them over the years. But to completely restructure the entire forum, that people had gotten used too and made a regular part of their daily routine is just completely unnecessary. This isn’t a message board with hundreds of members posting daily, there’s like maybe 100 of us who regularly post and check (and that number is being generous). Don’t lose the remaining fans who have been loyal to this forum. Most of us are friends on IG/Twitter. We don’t need exhale to remain in touch and talk Britney, we chose to come here because we like this forum and like to support you. But please, listen to the people who give this place the heart and soul it has.
  8. I was waiting for someone else to say it so I didn’t have to consoling about yet another thing to poor Jordy
  9. And I was the jackass when I claimed the forum was like it was being run into the ground last week Jordan, we only complain because we loved the way things were...
  10. Wait wtf, posts aren’t even in order now in the actual topic threads? i just noticed, and it’s worse than I originally thought #FreeExhale #MakeExhaleGreatAgain
  11. Like I said last week: MESS This place has become such a headache that I have hardly been coming by. Then when I do, something else is different....
  12. BritneyTruth really is gone I’m SHOOK. I don’t think they were lying to get followers because they only have like 181 or something like that. Something VERY fishy about it. The account was very mysterious anyways, and now this happens. Not sure how I feel about it.
  13. If it’s Britney writing the caption: Girl you are perfect the way you are. No changes needed, especially not to justify others. If it’s Lou writing the caption: **** off *****.
  14. Well I am excited to see where things go. Like I said I love the forum and you have always done a great job listening to your supporters. Not sure what happened to those posts if you didn’t delete them, maybe it was a mod? Either way your reply back is appreciated and yes the notifications are fixed, so thank you for that
  15. I wonder if you’re right I commented ‘DELETE IT LOU - AND GET A JOB JAMIE?’ and it still shows up if I click, but other Britney fans could NOT see it. It was the only comment with NO likes on it last night
  16. Lou posting a shoutout for her Daddy Jamie
  17. BritneysTruth gives me so much hope. I love Britney so much guys, I just want her to be free and happy. She deserves it just as much as any one of us.
  18. Ok again, so what do you propose we do? Because in the state of the situation right now we can hardly call it ‘Britney’s money’. The IG is a non-factor in this whole mess, I personally just get upset seeing her team use the account to manipulate fans and the GP. And again, I hardly think supporting the team around her with our money is going to help her situation. So one more time: what do you think is the best plan of action to make the people around her feel the hit? How do you think we should go about things? Because if you really think buying shirts/vinyls is helping her, we are living in two very different realities and if that’s the case, there’s no point in continuing this conversation.
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