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  1. @MikeSim To say Gaga never took "responsibility" for Monsters is false, bitd when she was more active on social media she would tell fans to not be mean and till this day she even still continues her kindness message despite not connecting with us fans as much anymore (to the point LMs find it predictable and complain about it). She has told LMs to stop being mean to Katy, Ed Sheeran, etc. so don't even think of saying she doesn't take responsibility, if you don't believe then feel free to search it up. Also are you seriously bringing up Britney? Our Britney who doesn't have freedom to speak? Let alone speak about the Barmy?
  2. I remember there was even a "rumor" from one of the dancers (?) on the set who said that David was being a mess and had no direction for the MV while Britney was being nice and patient
  3. Charli XCX used deepfake for her 1999 MV (Spice Girls part). Lord knows what Britney's team would do https://www.theverge.com/2018/10/11/17963166/charli-xcx-1999-video-spice-girls-deepfakes-ryan-staake
  4. Oh no uh uh maybe they are now but they definitely were not us years ago
  5. Maybe I'm overreacting but it's not just the MV, he's been/was her mentor since she was around 14/15. There have been a lot of situations similar to this where it turned out the older person was indeed grooming the younger and Jennie's safety matters to me. Yes Jennie has been publicly linked to other people in the past but like when you take GD's animal abuse and mix it all up...look I'll reserve judgment until we find out more but I hope you understand why all of this would make me squirm and uncomfortable
  6. They're French bulldogs which are expensive and in high-demand and have a high risk of being stolen. Good ones can run you like over $5k. "Pure breed dogs can be very expensive. It’s like stealing jewelry. I imagine the thieves intentionally went to a rich area because they knew they would find more valuable dogs, it’s probably just an awful coincidence that they happened to be Gaga’s dogs."
  7. Yes they're fired up 'cause it's kind of creepy given he's known her since she was like 16. She can also do better than dating an animal abuser and a pimp supporter https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JF1rWk18n_A
  8. Sorry for the late response but the Twitter thread finally went from 4 likes to about 1.6K likes after 3 years nnn better late than never!
  9. Sorry for this late response but based on what a user on ATRL said, apparently Atomic Kitten was planning to release this in the US including filming a high production U.S. MV but 9/11 messed up their plans :(
  10. I'm a flop fan but was it Britney's team who made her perform or was it MTV that invited her? @PokemonSpears Maybe you'd know this
  11. Worn by current #1 girl Olivia Rodrigo with her song drivers license, shared by Miley Cyrus, a semi viral tweet... Related:
  12. Demi Lovato says that her most recent overdoses lead to three minor strokes and a heart attack. Related:
  13. But I thought he was kissing Gaga? https://www.instagram.com/p/CLSEgfVplmN/ The thumbnail: Lol no it's not them I'm just joking
  14. As a Little Monster I wished she spoked up for Britney yes but she doesn't even interact with us nor is that active on social media to begin with nowadays and other LMs made a point I hope y'all consider given what she went through with Kesha's case although the part about being ***ual assault survivors could be applied to Britney's mental health too with Gags: "It's really not her place to say anything. She spoke about Kesha because Kesha reached out to her directly and I'm sure approved of Gaga speaking out. Also, Gaga could personally relate since they both are ***ual assault survivors. Gaga's speaking out also got her entrapped into the lawsuit, being forced to testify in deposition -- which caused her to have a mental breakdown. I doubt Gaga would ever put herself in a situation to have to go through that again.." "Last time she supported someone (Kesha) It only made things worst and everything she said was used against them. So it's not that weird for her to do it only in private now." Bobby is friends with Sam so it would make even more sense she would speak out aside from her being a known fan (it's not impossible she's helping BTS but I quite doubt it) but it's not surprising given Kesha's case and her lack of social activity. Also if she did speak out let's not act like y'all wouldn't stop continuing with the annoying "OH SHES SO FAKE OPURTUNISTIC BLAH BLAH BLAH", also OT but a lot of Exhalers like Dr. Luke and don't believe Kesha so I wouldn't be surprised if someone responds and tries saying something snarky about her being in Kesha's case
  15. The tweet has finally started gaining traction after 2 years nnn. Lets hope it goes viral enough for Kylie to clarify! Not a fan of BuzzFeed but I've asked them to please reach out to Kylie and get a clarification:
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