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  1. I already made a thread for this trying to get it viral nnn Basically the GRAMMYs clip is Justin asking Kylie if he can grab it again from the BRITS, you can see here: A lot of people said it was rehearsed at both the BRITs and GRAMMYs but I hope people can get Kylie to clarify. I've reached out to BuzzFeed to ask even though I'm not the most fond of them nnn
  2. I didn't hear anything about fingering, what did you mean finger? What exactly was JT trying to imply throughout the whole video?
  3. Someone on Lipstick Alley dragged him with a bunch of receipts. That racially profiled joke is horrible. Tagging you @Stefani since I think you're on LSA right?
  4. Did we ever find out if he was cheating on Jessica on set or not or was it taken out of context? We have to worry about Britney's first and foremost but in terms of JT I'm still side-eyeing him. He did too much ridiculous stuff that makes me question how far is he willing to go to compensate? Also lets not forget him talking about Rihanna's mom with an accent nnn Also I hope Kylie and Justin clarify if he ever got permission to grab her butt. It's not impossible Kylie wanted to avoid having beef with Justin or that the performance was rehearsed but a clarification would be appreciated:
  5. @Jordan Miller Today is literally the first day of Lunar New Year for many U.S. Asians and this is the type of bad luck trick you pull?! I'm joking and I know you meant it with good intent and it's not too serious but I hate to say it, you really should start to consider about avoiding certain things (and I know I should be the last person to say this but for real). Like @Blackout2006 said you've been cancelled like 10284x now and you could say that you can't please everyone or that not every is going to like it but if it's avoidable then avoid it nnn. I understand you gotta get that money or you're trolling but these click baits, messy timing like scheduling that My Only Wish video tweet linking to your YouTube video and including the frame of you receiving the vinyl even though you already made a tweet beforehand about feeling guilty about it, these things are highkey not it/necessary/somewhat tone-deaf-ish and very few people are not gonna react so kindly when they're worrying about Britney's situation. I honestly think this could've been worse but you should've waited to share this and really read the room nnn
  6. For those who don't know, Diet Prada (@diet_prada or dietprada) is a HUGE account for calling out problems within the fashion industry (so watchdogs), and has a following of 2.1 MILLION on Instagram. Today they posted about Britney!!! Last time they quickly shared on their story but quickly deleted it:
  7. She is considered the first Black popstar (unless you consider Josephine Baker) so put some respect on her name
  8. The Army have replaced the sign in Britney’s hometown of Kentwood, Louisiana with a #FreeBritney banner.
  9. I stole this whole thread from the ATRL administrator Ryan on ATRL. I have no clue when this was but regardless still so heartwarming!: "Deidre Hall aka Marlena Thee MarDevil Evans-Black supported Britney Spears during her worst time, clocks paparazzi while signing autographs"
  10. I agree, we should focus on Britney's freedom first and foremost. It would also be nice if can get this viral (hence why I keep posting it) and hopefully get Kylie to clarify nnn:
  11. Anyone noticed how Gaga showed support for The Weeknd's Halftime show but not JT/Justin Timberlake's? As she should
  12. Well Gaga did have home barbeque with Brit and her dad but idk if that would've required an NDA too
  13. She was appointed as Director of the SMART program for the US Department of Justice by President Trump
  14. Hmm well Gaga did write songs for Britney and I think it was around when the conservatorship just took place? Maybe she signed an NDA too
  15. @SlaymeMore If you can, also point out how Kendel who wanted to shoot Brit was appointed as Director of the SMART program for the US Department of Justice by President Trump
  16. Same I got caught off guard so many times. This is one of the rare times where I low key wanted the commercials to be slightly longer
  17. I have a Roku, does anyone know how I can salvage my Roku and watch this for free? The FX on Roku requires payment and I need to know if there's a free way to watch from Roku
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