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  1. This TMZ article is so frustrating... They "admit" that Britney wants out of the conservatorship, but then act like she's full of it by suggesting that her dad couldn't have put her into the wellness center against her will, because THAT'S ILLEGAL. Like just because he may not have dragged her kicking and screaming somewhere, doesn't mean that he wouldn't have possibly threatened her time with her children, or "pulled her show" as the voicemail positioned. Additionally, the fact that they say the judge took "no action..." but follow it up that with the fact that the judge ordered the 730 evaluation... WHICH IS THE JUDGE'S ACTION! The judge indeed took action and ordered a 730 evaluation! TMZ is such trash and so condescending. Ughs!!!
  2. Yea, keep your friends close and your enemies closer! Anyone who care about Britney and wants to remain close to her is going to have to play along with Team Britney to some extent, guys! Otherwise, they risk losing access to her for good. Look at what happened with Alli Sims...
  3. If Sam is smart, he's going along w/ Brit's team, otherwise they'd cut him out. To some extent he has to play along, but we shouldn't be going after him like rabid puppies. We have to trust that he's there for her more than anyone else because he's the only one who seems to have been by her side during all of this. Where was her dad during her stay in the mental wellness clinic??? Not by her side like Sam was.
  4. This is what I keep thinking. They'd be morons to try and continue the "Britney Brand" as if nothing has changed. It's had way too much attention on it. How are you going to keep fans from chanting "Free Britney" when she's on stage? Or showing up to concerts with "Free Britney" t-shirts? Exactly to your point, how are they going to forbid this from happening, and if they do they only draw more attention to themselves and in the long run risk losing money. They have gotten away with their dog and pony show for far longer than they ever should, but that day is long over. The longer that they keep her in the conservatorship and use media outlets to tarnish her personally, the more damage that they keep doing to themselves, especially if they end up touting her on stage or releasing new music. The gig is up! If she's so mentally unwell and unstable, then this girl should be focusing on her health and not putting herself out to make these f**king bastards more money! #f**kingfreebritney
  5. Gotta love the Eat Prey Britney girls because they are doing a remarkable job breaking down all these bullshit articles and calling them out! <3
  6. omfg **** this noise!!!! these articles just disgust me. her team is disgusting.
  7. I have a friend who is a singer and has flirted with record labels, at a pretty small scale, but still enough to peak behind the curtain. It's an extremely controlling and manipulative industry and many artists struggle with the pressures to release prescribed music or promote a particular image. Look at classic Hollywood actors who were basically owned by the studios. There is so much control in these industries already... Britney just has another, much more concerning layer to all of this, where they have literally ensured that they will continue to make money off of her, because they have legal control over this human being. It's literally like the second that she broke free from her handlers, that they conspired to take control of her life again. It's been disgustingly obvious to me for so long and I'm so glad that this has become such a huge topic of conversation now. Which is why we have to keep it going! #freebritney
  8. omfg! sorry, you're 100% right guys. I was totally reading that wrong! *facepalm*
  9. No, he said "the video/song wasn't released because Britney didn't like." It's a bit of a confusing sentence but basically he's saying the reason for it not being released wasn't because Britney didn't like it... “The video/song wasn’t released because Britney didn’t like it.
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