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  1. It’s clear that he will dump her as soon as he’s not gaining anything from being with her anymore being the attention seeking douche that he is. So sad for her since she will be heartbroken - but at least we will have a chance of her being herself again.
  2. But how can it be that these papers are not checked by anyone? How can it be that someone can just claim Britney has dementia - which is a reason to be put in a conservatorship without it having to be confirmed by a doctor? Probably she’s also been given medication for things she doesn’t even suffer from. She seemed totally normal in 2008-2009. Probably asked too many critical questions so they changed her cocktail in 2010 and then we got the Britney we know now.
  3. Also young people can have dementia. But it’s not something that can be cured - it only gets worse. This is of course total bullshit, maybe Jamie doesn’t even know what dementia is. And I also thought she didn’t have any custody but only visitation rights. So 30% would even be something to be happy about, wouldn’t it?
  4. Thank god, finally someone with good taste. And yes, he comes off like a total *********. Just think of that fake laugh in Britney’s cooking video on insta.
  5. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think she looks bad - and the word „trashy“ was probably not used wisely. I’m not an English native. Actually like her natural look and she’s giving me 2005 vibes. But him? Nah, never. But I’m generally biased since I was never attracted to Near-Eastern guys.
  6. Lol, me finding him unattractive makes me lazy? As a matter of fact I have been working out for the last 3 years but would never go for that unnatural look where the upper body is pumped up and ripped but then having chicken legs. Apart from that I consider myself attractive and everyone should be allowed to have an opinion about other people’s attractiveness. Especially if it’s someone whose whole „career“ is built around that. What does he have other than his body? This.
  7. Someone who doesn’t need to alter his natural appearance to be somewhat „attractive“. That’s what I was saying - if Sam didn’t have his trained body, do you think he would be where he is and would be considered attractive by some? His whole appearance is not effortless and that’s what I consider very unattractive. Strip down his hairwax, beard and muscles and see who would still lust after him.
  8. As trashy as she looks in that pic - I rather look at her than seeing that ugly *** guy next to her. Most Persian men are generally not that attractive - and I as a Persian can say that - but he is on another level. No wonder he’s training so hard to at least have something speaking for him - for some.
  9. Actually GNRs attendance was slightly higher with 16.000. Went to the show back then and it was packed - still wasn’t sold out though.
  10. But she did. 30 Seconds had a little over 14.000, Shakira only about 8600. Britney performing here was a big deal, every local newspaper wrote about it several times months before the concert and a lot of young people went to see her even though they never really cared about her.
  11. You sure? We had pretty big artists here before like 30 Seconds to Mars, Guns N Roses, Shakira or Avicii.
  12. Why? So Team B will put in even less effort coming up with something and just steals our ideas?
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