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  1. Im listening to gimme more and i feel like that one vine where that lady is dancing to this on a bulldozer 

  2. Where have you been? I miss your posts  :queenriri:

    1. RebeIIion

      Hey sorry i havent been on ive been busy with school and other things , did i miss anything big like a new leak or something ? :awks: i saw that britney is dating the guy from sp yas britney get that bomb d :drinky:

    2. ImSoCurious

      Nothing else besides that. BH did rank Lemonade as n1 and made Glory n2. :crying4:

  3. I love the demo version of heaven on earth more than the studio version :meltdown: its so much more raw and i can hear the things she says in the end more clear :scalped:

    "i feel like im on the edge of my mind when i just look at you i feel like im gonna jump into heaven and its gonna catch me catch me if i jump will you catch me ?" :meltdown::meltdown:


    Heaven On Earth Is A MASTERPIECE btw both demo and studio version :rihclap: they are FLAWLESS



    on a side note i love how on blackout the end of heaven on earth kinda transitions into get naked idk its probably just me but i feel like it transitions to get naked like that little noise at the end of heaven on earth :awks: (im probably not making any sense but whatever)

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    2. Iced Tea

      Not reading this entire thing. ezgif.com-989ef65ad6.gif

    3. Electro World

      I honestly love Heaven On Earth, literally one of the best songs on Blackout, such an underrated bop :crying1:

  4. im watxhing the simpsons marathon and theres and episode with britney in it :gloss:

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    2. ImSoCurious

      I don't watch the show :selenerz:

      I'm such a flop :selenerz:

      That happens to me all the time :staysalty:

    3. RebeIIion

      I only watch it cause some episodes r funny and i wanted to see the britney one :bop:, but whos gonna spend 13 days nonstop of simpsons thats when it ends :awks::gloria:

      Maybe if it was a different show id be tuning for 13 days :gloss:

    4. korralations

      Lord, 13 days! Who would even? :rihstare:

  5. Does anybody know the difference of a 180 gram vinyl and a normal vinyl ? 

  6. Im bopping and singing to me against the music and i sung the fast part for once :meltdown:

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    2. Electro World

      Nice sis, fast talking queen! :flawless:


    3. DaxCass

      I think that even Britney cannot rap MATM :forkit::forkit::forkit:

      How was even possible to record the rap part of MATM??? :sassybrit:

  7. Skin by Madonna is a BOP ,:meltdown: its so electro i love it 

    ray of light is such a good ass album btw:dead:

  8. Has anyone heard Nemesis - EP by Bridgit Mendler ? :gloss:


    its really good you guys need to hear if you havent:meltdown:

    1. ImSoCurious

      Is she the Good Luck Charlie girl? :weirdmeout:

    2. RebeIIion

      @I'mSoCurious yes :orangu: but shes not on the disney record label that makes tragic music anymore so the music is actually good :meltdown:

    3. ImSoCurious

      Good, I'll give it a try :forkit:

  9. Has anyone on here ever watched Donnie Darko ? Cause bitchhhh i just watched it for the first time and im DONE :meltdown: The movie was so good omg :meltdown::meltdown: 

    1. ImSoCurious

      Well, my other Queen, Drew Barrymore, was one of executive producers and was in the movie. I'm glad you enjoyed it :gloss:

      *one of THE

    2. fnfurter

      I know a lot of people who like to say it's overrated, but I love Donnie Darko. It's such a good movie.:tiffanynod:

    3. LostInAnImage

      Despite being a cult classic, I actually think Donnie Darko is underrated (it completely bombed commercially). But honestly, it's multifaceted and utterly brilliant.

  10. Am i the only one who loves the choreo :meltdown:

     it looked so much better in the video than the pom performance :otears:

    i wanted more scenes of britney and tinashe dancing tho but i love the scenes with them together , when tinashe touches britneys pu$$y yaas and then when they do like that gesture when they say "go fucking crazy oh" and also when they move their hand inward and outwards and pat the floor :meltdown::meltdown:

    britney and tinashe fucking slayed so much :bootyney: im hoping we get an ama performance and they both perform :meltdown:

    anyways keep streaming the song and the video

    buy yall :cutebrit::meltdown:

    1. alexevah

      No, you're not the only one. I said it will be good in the video at the first place, and this choreo SLAYED me in the video, but it also looked not as bad as people keep saying at the performance, so i don't understand the complaining. Godney slayed, bye :FOH:

    2. GetBack98

      I love it both on the video and performance tbh much better than Make Me's 


    3. Delicious Pork Chops

      I love the video.  I think it's cause everything is all closeup and have good angles.  For most piece of me vids...they're either too far, or too close etc. And it looks weird on stage.  


      I honestly think the iHeart stage was the perfect size.  It made the stage less empty. Especially with the choreo. 

  11. Ok first of all I AM WEAVELESS :gloss:

    second of all

  12. biTch, the uncesnoresd version of early mornin' is so much better with the "sh!t" in it.

    "i was shaking my ass in the streets till morning just walked in and its early mornin' bump , bump till the break of dawn and sh!t dont stop till the early mornin'" :carpoolney:

    but i dont get why "sh!t" is censored to "it" when she be saying "ass" in the clean version :awks:

    1. ImSoCurious

      I agree! The dirtier the better :werk:

  13. The Bridge in 911 is so hot and iconic :scalped:

    "Felt Explosive When You Had It When You Cum All Ova Me" :asspop:

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