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  1. I can't particularly locate when my love for Britney started, because I have a few mixed memories which I am not sure which ones came before which ones - but basically, there were 3 instances that made me want to explore more, and in my mind, this is supposed to be the correct sequence of them - My sister actually had her whole room filled with posters (she was 2 years older than me). Among them, there was a picture of Britney with her belly button exposed. She had more Shakira and Christina Aguilera posters (she was trying to be edgier), but I couldn't exactly pinpoint why I was falling with Brit's beauty's instead, and I was secretly going to her room to admire that poster. This was that poster -> My gay *** didn't even notice she was wearing a Harley Davidson motors shirt until now - My dad's computer had a folder with 200 popular songs on it back in 2003, and in between all of those songs, there was "I've Just Begun (Having my fun)". I thought the song was really fun, and I kind of was repeating it a lot since it was very hard to acquire music at the time if I didn't buy pirated CDs from stores (I'm from Macedonia - no internet access at home at the time). I was 11/12 at the time, and I just remember being fascinated with the name of Britney Spears, as with her image, since I was seeing her on all the magazines, everywhere, and posters of her were also a big thing - I went on a holiday when I was 6th grade and I went to this mall, and in between the CDs, there it was - In The Zone - I immediately bought the CD, even though I didn't know anything else aside from Toxic and Everytime that were quite popular at the time (and everybody loved Britney at this point, but I was late on the game, though I was fascinated with her already). I was in a room in a youth hostel (under 18-year-old) camp with 10 boys in the same room, and I remember that I had to play the CD on this Discman and I stayed in the room whilst other people went to the beach so I can bust a move by myself. My favourite song that I killed over-repeating during the holidays was none other than Outrageous
  2. As much as I love Outrageous and think that thing would have smashed hard on the billboard with a proper release, it wasn't the most original one P.S. Hate Boom Boom with passion. Atrocious song.
  3. I became a Britney fan when In The Zone came out. I was 12 at the time I feel like the majority of Britney fanbase today is between 25 and 35, so that would make them in 2003 to be between 11 and 21. There was still a lot of barely teens wanting to see the sweet Oops I did it again during Onyx. Besides, even the Britney album was too cookie-cutter to appease the younger population, and though she looked like a **** grown woman during DWAD, nothing was ever too ****** there.
  4. The performance was semi-alright (just a little bit of today's Beyonce kind of tacky oversexualization for me), but so many songs were butchered on the onyx hotel tour, this being one of them. Like I can't rewatch it because of how bad the song sounds as opposed to the original
  5. Are you talking about the bottom pic of the hoodie, or the whole picture of this bottom in general?
  6. Do you really think yabbing on on Instagram the way Cardi and Ari do with 300 of stupid stories of them laughing with friends and talking dumb **** about whichever ***** comes into their mind is putting an effort towards their professional career? Singing live, dancing more hardcore, putting effort in costumes and theatrics in her shows, bringing in better music/albums - that's effort for me, not seeing her everyday life - she's not a reality star, and I'd rather her steer clear of becoming like one. Britney is not an instagram generation star, and she never had been. To me, instagram is pretty pointless, and don't understand what's that like validation has got to do with anything. Selena's album sales have been abysmal since she has arrived on the scene, yet she's the queen of Instagram.
  7. She's a singer/entertainer and she has never been an Instagram star. Cannot compare her to Selena cause she is basically the queen of Instagram. And cannot compare her to ari/cardi/jlo either, because they are the cancer of Instagram (as in posting too many dumb **** at all times, and having 300 stories a day - not hating on them, I love Ariana, my fav pop star from the new generations). Brit puts out a "JOY" snow picture after 20 days of inactivity. Of course, she's gonna have 10 times less popularity on the platform
  8. Though I was aware that she had kids and everything that would come after this was for sure not going to be all rainbows and unicorns, still - being happy that a person has cut a toxic relationship, isn't that good intention (caring about a person)? Like sure, they are extra, but they need to be on TV, to entertain. Like, I have been in bad relationships, and the closest friends had been telling me before I even had broken up that a guy was not good for me - and they were happy when I would break off a relationship. Why? Because they care, they saw me being miserable with someone, someone that was trash or was not treating me or being deserving to be given attention/or was not giving me attention as he should have.
  9. Britney's song sounds very similar to AIWFCIY, but for me, the female christmas trinity is 1. Mariah - IAWFCIY 2. Britney - My only wish 3. Ari - Santa, Tell me And on the male spectrum 1. Wham - Last Christmas 2. Train - Shake Up Christmas I hate Michael Buble tho. Never understood why they made so many jokes about him defrosting at Christmas (on meme sites), cause I couldn't ever listen to any of his Christmas songs till the end
  10. Britney Ever After To me she always had a very similar Britney character naturally in interviews. And with that cap, and natural charm/beauty She doesn't have that much womanly attributes, but I do think she is equally mesmerizing as Britney What do you think?
  11. Maybe it's just us Britney fans that dislike/hate them. They have gazillion streaming views (probably lots of teenage girls) for most of their hit songs. (Sugar, Girls Like You, Moves Like Jagger, Animals) I literally cannot stand that douche Adam, and I started hating them ever since Sugar came out. What kind of self-absorbed prick would agree to a video where it shows brides swooning over their band showing up and having their (for many) most important day of their lives being overshadowed by this egoist. And people actually love this video
  12. Definitely the best look Britney has served throughout all years. Don't know how this green simple dress didn't become iconic. It's proof of how a simple nice dress nice heels, and natural *** appeal can be all you need to hypnotize your audience
  13. There is no such thing in the book about Britney losing her virginity at the age of 14. Read the book if you want to comment on it
  14. I am willing to believe what I think is true, not according to her team, but according to everything that surrounds it (interviews, behind-the-scenes, music videos, pictures and tabloids). That's why I don't believe one bit in Beyonce's creativity and writing credits (but I do believe in her giving 105% dedication to everything). That's why I didn't believe Gaga when she was talking about how those costumes were truly her, but I do believe her about feeling lonely and when she has opened up she seemed more genuine. I can see fine through the media and bullshit. But even her character now doesn't correspond to any of that - if you ask me why? Because she can't seem to remember **** and is god-awful at lying/acting because she never knows how to add details to the lies. So I really doubt she had a whole image orchestrated for her which she thoroughly remembered and got into character oh so well for every single f**king interview and behind-the-scenes she was taped for. I can't know for sure what she was doing at the end because I am not Britney, but I did not suggest that she was squeaky clean, just that nothing about this podcast seemed sincere. P.S. I'm gay and I got naked with a few guys before eventually going through to have *** for the first time. It's so sweet of you to generalize that once you get a girl to a bra, you are for sure already f**king her
  15. LMAO, those things were made up the same way there's hundreds of FAKE NEWS circulating around the internet are made up- to gain viewers, to lure people to read articles - the same way magazines lie with "secret sources" and make-up whatever they want to. Only one person had to write a fake article and if that thing blew up somehow (was shared enough), other internet web sources just copied pasted and re-told the story that Lynne was going to write lots of **** going down behind the scenes. Then, the book comes out - and there's nothing. Unfortunately, to this day I read people on the internet (even some on exhale) being confused and saying - oh but no, she lost her virginity when she was 14, Lynne's book is the proof! I don't think she lost her virginity when she was 14. Nobody has ever said that, so I trust that she lost it to Justin. Yes, we have gotten a lot of proof that Brit has lied from time to time, but we never caught her lying at that time, nor did we see her party and there were none photographs taken where she was behaving out of her character (that we know of). Yes, she was sexing it up on photo shoots/videos, but she kinda admitted (even on interviews) that on stage she's a different person. Then whenever an interview or a behind-the-scenes was happening, what was she doing? On Slave 4 u she was complaining because of the orgy scene, on oops I did it again she was being shy and talking about the hot guys in the background (and she was like the hottest thing out there). So, everything that I read that this guy would be spilling does not sound like anything that Brit would do back in those days when she was young. Besides, her reputation back then would have been shredded if she was actually pursuing this whole image in the front, and actually doing all those stuff in the back - because people would have actually talked. Nobody ever said anything like that - and that was the difficulty of the battle (of the people that wanted to tear her down). They had nothing to tear her down for, before her infidelity to Justin, and her starting to act trashy with K-Fed.
  16. Look a lot like who? I think she's a spitting image of Casey. I mean, Dan could have still abused Jamie Lynn, but I highly doubt that girl is his.
  17. That song is basically a Walk Away - Christina Aguilera ripoff. It was very amusing to me that they did a duet on this one with Ariana on the voice. I was like gurllll that's like a reductive version of your 10 year old song
  18. Oh god. Scratch Memories. Midnight Fantasies just works a lot better
  19. 1. Brit 2. Sunflower 3. A Bare Reflection: The awakening 4. Midnight Fantasy 5. Uncensored 6. Revival Twist 7. The Vixen Chronicles 8. Heart 9. Masquerade
  20. Why is everybody ******** on Outrageous tho. It's in my ITZ top 5. And to answer my question, I think they sound too similar, but I hate Naughty Girl. If anything I think Outrageous ***** all over it
  21. That doesn't answer the question that had been previously raised tho.
  22. Do you think this was inspired by Beyonce's Naughty Girl? Discuss
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