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  1. How much more A-list can u go than Britney? Britney put The Neptunes and Pharell on a map with Slave 4 U hitting number one in many european countries. I wouldn't call Pharell a C-list that Madona put on a map at all.
  2. It's not karma if it's all fake - even his testing 'positive' for corona could be fake to be able to get a transfer to a better place - he got connections, he can pay some people to make this **** up. Or he can, of course - 'die' and just travel somewhere where he can enjoy his fortune until his life ends.
  3. I don't know where u got Bieber in this thread? We were talking about Finneas. His facial features are alrite - but that ginger beard and hair makes him thrice as unappealing to what he would be if he had any other color
  4. There's bunch of wrong things with this statement. Lana has not been replaced - at all, she has been churning out albums, having a successful following although she was never super popular in sales - she's underground pop (whatever that is anyways). Any person that was a fan of Lana 8 years ago is a fan of Lana today as well. Me included. Billie's brother FINNEAS, is a big reason why Billie Eillish happened - he is the writer and producer of most of her songs from her album - and he's the producer behind the new James Bond, so he has great talents writing songs. He also quite popular on his own as well - I could care less about Billie Eillish and I love FINNEAS (I actually found out he was her brother bcz he kept appearing in my spotify shuffles and I took interest in him). By trying to get into some of Billie Eillish's music afterwards my opinion is this: FINNEAS is the musical prodigy in that family, but Billie is super pretty and constructed a great persona and fashion to sell (or she truly is that persona) to 'misundaztood' girls. She can become iconic because she also has great vocal control, although her whispering sounds a bit too soft for my taste (and ruins a lot of songs for me, but it seems public loves it). It doesn't help that he is not good looking either. (though Ed Sheeran is neither for that matter)
  5. I am not debating her dancing talent - but she lacks so much of EVERYTHING else. No soul, no nice-sounding voice, tone-deaf, egomaniac. I watched Hustlers and I was wowed by her stripper performing skills, and body-wise, wowza! But I cannot fathom to hear her squeak her voice thru the simplest of songs or tell on interviews how she's this untouchable diva. She's like a more extrovert replica of Beyonka in that sense. P.S. I am unsure is it because I am gay that I cannot appreciate them, but leotards should be burnt and left in history. Proper technical dancing looks so much better in ANY kind of pants. (as can be seen from the video you posted, those dancers look much smoother - not underestimating JLo she is hitting everything as she should, I am hating on those outfits that I have grown to despise so much)
  6. Damn, I cannot stand J-Lo. That woman has been caught stealing ideas, artists are singing for her, she can barely hold her tune, she has trashed other women, and her acting chops are kind of laughable. Also, she has been flopping era after era with some Pitbull feature generic hit (also cover) in between floppages. Shakira is super smart, sweet and good-hearted, just like Britney! I will never understand the parallels of somebody liking Britney (the person) and liking J-Lo for similar reasons, cause J-Lo is an egomaniac. IMO she has rarely even tried to appear otherwise (aside from those 20 y/o song Jenny From The Block from times where she was worse and much more rude on interviews. Hint: https://theblast.com/c/jennifer-lopez-gwyneth-paltrow-movieline-interview-1998-viral). I would love to see Shakira perform empire! Awesome song choice
  7. I genuinely don't understand your analogy with the money and cat food. I am going to give my honest opinion: She lacks star power by herself - as a leader of a team she looks empowered and there is so much going on with coordination with the other group members and every character in the group brings something different (even if they are glorified backup dancers). Also, her solo single choices (or the songs offered to her management) sucks for the most part, or all those song become generic because of her somewhat bland voice/personality. I can honestly compare her to J-Lo, only she has talent for singing, but with the same problems - She puts too much power on appearing diva-ish and non-relatable that she becomes that - people are gonna like her photos and stories, but music wise there's so many pop divas that the market is over-saturated. Britney has been serving real teas, relatability, cuteness tied in with dancing persona, Pink has been selling motivational stories/inspiration and acrobatics, Katy Perry has been making catchy mindless bops with colorful visuals, Adele is the vocal powerhouse, Avril has been quirky and rebellious (I do know she is somewhat becoming irrelevant but she was super popular back then and some), Ariana is a descendant of Mariah with the perks of being a young gorgeous millennial, Rihanna is a super cool bad ***** and is owning it. Nicole does not tell any kind of story - she is this star that knows how to dance and is ****, but her character from as much as we know - she has been only painted like a ***** that wants all the spotlight to her - and the music does not tell us much more ('Right There' had some Hawaiian vibes though which I loved but this and Heartbeat seem to be the only exceptions!). P.S. Always found her 'bulimia' argument about her behavior super laughable. She has her whole life been a super skinny model body-wise. Did she somehow managed to get out of bulimia and learn how to be healthy that thin as well? Also, how did her having bulimia justify her being a ***** towards other members? P.P.S. The performance was great. It's not innovative per say (Fifth Harmony did it similar), but Fifth Harmony are not all **** per say and they always try to have their vocals in the forefront (in sacrifice to better dance routines). And also, some of them are barely able to coordinate themselves in space let alone dance (sorry Ally)
  8. They were saying it's interesting that she mentioned a lot of stars that were inspired by that photoshoot, but failed to mention Britney (who was also inspired by it obviously). Demi started it all 30 years ago anyways
  9. They brought 7 beyonce fans - only thing is - 1 of them is a liar. Did any of you get it right?
  10. I do agree that it is (borderline) tacky, but I do not think the general audience thinks of booty shaking as being tacky - Whereas for me definition of tacky is Beyonce, general public think she's a great dancer for some reason because she can shake the *** non-stop for a whole show. Nevertheless, I can see where Normani went wrong - she didn't try to create an overall look for the song, but just generally kept on doing stuff and hoped one of them would certainly wow the public. Yes, she wowed me to an extent I can see she's a great dancer and a possible future pop diva - but she needs to create an overall certain vision/feel/theme when performing a song, and I am not sure she has that with motivation - She had the oops shot of her lying on the ground, backflips and striptease brit style, booty shaking beyonce style and a classic max song that could have been just a bit more catchy (whenever I try to remember the rhythm/singing of her song motivation I immediately start singing that song cheerleader somehow) Her style of dancing is great though - but I do think dancing wise Tinashe got the aesthethic much better. I really do think twerking should really be left alone to the Miley wild years and be forgotten at this point.
  11. ASOS's crop tops are cute AF. Ordered some a month back, and noticed this one as well, but it was already out of stock for my size.
  12. I came back to use it like 2 months ago, because I couldn't for the hell of it remember the name of this song I listened to spotify a few months back, so in this way, it'll help me store all my tendencies throughout the time. Wanna add each other as friends? I barely listen to Britney though. I grew up with her and know most of her songs by heart, but I have grown to like more slow/depressing songs to listen when working or just walking in my daily life with my earphones.
  13. How were cassettes dead in 2001? I had my first walkman maybe in 2001 with a CD, all I listened to before were cassettes
  14. I'm not talking only about Mad TV, I am talking generally people imitating her behavior, singing style or referencing her in their videos (parodies though, not ala "reference of BOMT outfit because it's iconic") Which one comes to your mind? Did you think some of them were hurtful? Or are they funny even to a Britney fan? To start of this thread, some of my favorites include: Making fun of Sometimes music video amongst others, of course. Describing how Britney avoided talking about the ****** undertones from her earlier music (awesome!) And of course, one from MadTV What I really hate about some parodies, is they're kind of mocking that she is white trash/dumb/fat-shame/****/mental health offensive, like: E.g. Do you think MadTV would survive today if they were to shoot these? You got any other favorites that you want to share?
  15. Gosh, I forgot what a snoozefest that song was. Yes, Dear Diary instrumental sounds like a copy off Janet's song and Janet's song sounds like a Jiggly-puff lullaby that it sings and the whole town dies of boredom. Music has changed, thankfully
  16. So her choreographer grew tired of making up choreographies and for Toxic basically said: let's just do minor knee squats for most of the song really
  17. I turned 22 and my dream of becoming @britneyspears came true Did that dream come with the plastic operations and her botched lips as well tho? Denim Britney didn't have those lips hon
  18. BOMT and Slave fan mix - BOMT fan describes me almost perfectly, I'm all up for those innocent ballads and being a careless teenager - nostalgia kind of person - live and breathe for innocentny and simpleney, a 90s' kid, and the album that stayed most truthful to her actual vocal range and voice - Britney because I don't care that much about Lonely and Run Away, but everything else I wholeheartedly agree P.S. In The Zone is still my overall favourite era, but that description is far off me, so.... (not a hoe, not overtly ******, Toxic is awesome, but far from the best song of the century, think DWAD is slightly better/more consistent, knee is something I would never use, BOMT Onyx cabaret is awesome, but TOMH on the tour was kinda tacky Beyonceish type of thing imo...
  19. You got your events wrong - She filmed a cameo in June 2018. As far as I can remember she was already sporting a blonde wig at this point
  20. That doll is awesome, but our Brinni has double the neck of that doll. Always thought that was a very distinctive feature of hers among everything else, although not a very feminine looking one
  21. How do you double a price for a pride? Isn't that an event on the street where everybody can attend? Or are they creating a separate areas that will be soundproof where Ariana will be playing? This is bad Pride is a celebration of how far the LGBT has come, not a money earning festival in the forefront
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