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  1. oh yeah no way i'm giving his video to anyone. no one will watch it other than I. but if he's still not ok with this solution then what can i do? at least i tried to help him out
  2. @Margaery hiding in the background as usual, waiting for anti-Lilith posts to upvote speak up *****
  3. @Edge Of Clockin' You if u don't wanna share ur videos in public or with lilith/cheri, u can send them to me in PM if u want. i'll look at them and based on how u do i'll confirm or deny that u are indeed a dancer. ok? i believe u trust me enough since u often tell me i'm one of ur favourite members.
  4. The BOMT rehearsal video is good but seriously MJ/Janet level? even the girls practising with her (especially the one in white pants) are putting in more energy in the execution but u expect 1998 britney to dance with Mj? come on she had very little experience here. At least if u're gonna post something, post a video form in the zone. yes i know u're not saying Janet is untalented duh but you're saying she's not better than britney. or that britney is better than her even. (?) I'm not tearing Britney apart though? I love Prime britney and live for her performances (Me against the Music SNL, VMA 2000, Slave 4 u at DWADW, Onyx hotel ect) but saying she's a better dancer than janet is going a bit too far. doesn't mean she wasn't great. just not better than janet. Janet's technique is vastly superior and her routines were a lot longer and more physically demanding.
  5. honestly saying Britney is better than Janet is just as criminal as saying britney is better than MJ. How can u watch a janet routine and not think she's technically superior to britney? like
  6. i'm seriously discussing with people about whether Janet is better than britney or not. and britney stans wonder why they're labeled as delusional
  7. the point of me bringing up the scream isn't necessarily the choreo. my point is that Janet kept up with MJ and did it just as good (slightly better actually). do u have a video of Britney where she shows signs of being able to keep up with mj's energy and flawless execution? if so show me when britney performed with MJ they didn't dance together. Looks like britney herself knew how good she was. keep overrating her and saying she is more talented than Janet tho
  8. @really really cool guy u should brush up on ur definition of the word "bashing". saying my honest opinion on her current performing skills isn't "bashing". i'm not attacking her on a personal level and saying she is untalented ect.
  9. Prime britney is great unlike current britney. If u say she is better than Janet, then hell yeah you're overrating her. there are limits to how good she was. when I registered on Exhale, nowhere did it state that I had to believe Britney is (was) better than everyone else.
  10. U come up with such conclusions but somehow u're not delusional? ok sweetie
  11. it's because both of u are delusional. u think britney could have danced with MJ like Janet did in Scream? janet is miles more talented than britney and what she did was a lot harder.
  12. Only one worth getting worked up over is Janet. u need to take a sit. don't push it that far.
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