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  1. This is so confusing then. Like we have had so many videos where we thought it’s not her posting but if this is true and she does it herself than what is true?!
  2. I can’t even imagine how one is putting it on ?
  3. I love how she actually seems to be doing what normal people do. Going shopping, going for coffee, going out to have dinner. I just hope the level of paparazzi following her is not gonna be the same as 2007.
  4. They are being so rubbish. Like they mentioned about Justin Timberlake being in the media and how that affects Britney as she hasn’t gotten over him. Are you kidding me that’s such Bull*** also they said that she is in a really bad situation mentally. Sorry but somehow I’m not believing it’s that bad. And why would Lynn need more information about the whole situation from the lowyers if she can speak to Britney.
  5. Even so doesn’t that mean she need to be out of the conservatorship? Like if they allow her to do it and she capable of doing it why is she still under the control. Still doesn’t make sense
  6. I’m super obsessed with refreshing and reading new comments. But then I think how everytime I get out of here for the last 5 days when I come back there is so much more info out which I kind of enjoy having to find out what has happened and learn the new things.
  7. It was in 2017 when they were on the tour with Britney in israel. It’s in Jerusalem where they baptised Jesus.
  8. Did they actually leak the whole song I’ve been loving you? I only heard the snippet ?
  9. I agree. They made the right decision by scrapping it. Makes me think that we shouldn’t hate on Larry. Proof is this video as well as it was true she went to the salon so it wasn’t a made up story by him.
  10. Omg right?! I was thinking the same. That part just looks horrendous!
  11. Omg just watched it. It’s indeed horrendous. You can see she wasn’t enjoying it. What’s with all the doubles as well of her. And also the kisses I can kinda see it in her face how she probably didn’t want to kiss that guy at the end
  12. I grew. And thinking how much she is not photographed going out I cant see her as someone getting wasted when she has her sons and a boyfriend. I think if there is a problem it’s definitley just mental related.
  13. I agree as well. Thinking back on the Maria story (was that her name don’t remember) while what she did at the meet and greet Was out of hand the way it was said Britney reacted was a bit out of control. I do think she has her problems otherwise she wouldn’t go to that wellness centre. And I’m getting a bit tired of all the people saying how she is being manipulated by her team. I do think that she needs the help and as we don’t know the whole truth I think it’s safe to say that the conservatorship is there for a reason. The wallet thing in my opinion is just because probably there should be some changes if her dad is really in bad condition and they want to change the lawyer so in the future they can find someone more suitable to be taking care of her finances if it’s not going to be her dad anymore.
  14. Go to her insta story. She is jamming to Piece of Me and saying how Britney is a genius. Just love it! Way underrated song
  15. I don’t understand why people are bashing Lynn. She is Britbey’s mother. I don’t think she would ever want to hurt Britney in any way.
  16. OMG you’re so right. I look horrible when I try to smile with my lower teeth as well. Haha weird to find something new about Britney like that
  17. Joe Jonas has posted a video of Derek Berry dancing at his fiancée Sophie Turner bday. I guess she is a Stan! Love this
  18. The thing is different people have different perspectives. For some two people might look totally the same for others, not. Me as well I can’t see the similarity as in she looks like her. The fact that both have droopy eyes doesn’t mean they look the same. So no point of arguing with each other if they look the same or not.
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