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  1. Am I the only one who realised that this is the first time Sam is posting something that Britney hasn’t of the two of them. I mean most of the time it feels like she needs to have a post in order for him to post it.
  2. SO what happened to all the investigation and the rumour about Lynn asking to remove Jamie as a conservator. The only thing I understand happened was that Lyn asked to have a say in Britney medical treatments.
  3. i kinda have a feeling nothing major is going to happen today. I hope I am wrong.
  4. This is actually scaring me. First Jamie hasn’t been accused for abuse I didn’t know that. Also it doesn’t say anything about wanting to stop the conservatorship. So all the things we know about how corrupt the whole situation is and how Britney, to me, seems like a person who can take care of herself is still being under restrains. The whole situation is just just ridiculous, I do hope they want her to be free and do something about it
  5. Unlike how her dark hair makes the extensions not as visible there looking better
  6. This is so out of character is unbelievable. Can’t believe they are getting that low that get take money to promote something. And not anything that Britney actually likes
  7. I was thinking the same thing. It’s sad to see everyone from the family together apart from Britney. It’s like either she can’t go because then there will be more paps attention to them which is sad or she is not allowed to go with them which is even sadder. And I know that they probably are there all together with Jamie because of the kids but really the whole situation of Lynn fighting him in court clearly wanting Britney to be free but then the rest of the family does not seem to fight over that. I don’t know the whole situation is very strange.
  8. I don’t agree with this! I think her make up is professional and also I don’t see anything wrong with her ponytail it’s not a really messy one. She looks super beautiful and there is no reason for people to hate on her look.
  9. I was just reading some of the comments from the instagrams of the media and there are so many negatives ones and it makes me angry cause I bet when it is someone else like Jennifer Lopez or Taylor swift there won’t be that many nasty comments especially about her look. I really don’t understand it. Okay she might have wrinkles but who cares I mean she is growing old of course wrinkles will start to appear not everyone is lucky to have good skin. But I still think she looks so beautiful so just seeing all those hateful coments is making me sad especially when there are many here as well.
  10. Omg she looks stunning. I don’t know what you’re all complaining with her make up when to me it looks like a professional smokey eye not like she does it! And also isn’t it weird that she posts an insta story on Sam’s insta instead of hers. I loved seeing it but she could have done it on her one which makes me think she really does not have proper access to her phone and that’s why she did that through sam’s Insta.
  11. I know about all this but still my question remains why the heck does Britney’s sister defend her. If all accusations about her are correct then Jamie Lynn is the most *****ed up person ever! And I really can’t wrap my head around how she can support Lou .
  12. This is the funniest thing ever, because I’m just a random person and I’m not working for anyone. Just saying my thoughts considering what is happening
  13. But then my mind can’t coprehand if that’s how she is why Britneys sister can be rooting for her. It’s just really doesn’t make sense. Yes I can agree that her dad my not have britneys best interest considering he is an alcoholic who has a lot of bad history but Britneys sister... it just doesn’t make any sense.
  14. Does this one work? https://www.photobox.co.uk/my/photo/full?photo_id=501986484339 I swear uploading pictures here is too much pain
  15. https://m.imgur.com/gallery/NwkqUGz
  16. https://www.instagram.com/p/BzzJ8PAl2YTHriGyDsq8LtLmEXJHpW3YN4tPGM0/?igshid=mf8xrd7e2lc2 im starting to get really confused. Is she really the bad guy? Even Jamie Lynn has commented support for her. If she is not the bad guy we all think she is then what’s with the Britney conservatorship. Who is actually the bad guy in all this
  17. It’s weird tho because when I saw her live last year I did feel like she was really confident and kinda felt a lot respect for her. I don’t know how to explain it but definitley felt like she had a strong and like “this is my place” kinda attitude.
  18. seeing the yellow dress makes me realise there is a reason why she cuts her dresses. The shorter ones look so much better on her. Also my favourite is the white one the one with the crop top with the shorts. What about you?
  19. To be honest I’ve always wondered how a person washes their hair with extensions i could never imagine how it would work without ripping them off or not washing your hair properly.
  20. I wonder to be honest if she can actually wash her hair. I mean we have seen how bad the extensions are on her head. When I wash my head I use my fingers to massage my hair and I can’t imagine her doing that cause her hair might fall off. So what I’m thinking is she actually does not wash it that often because of her extensions.
  21. This is just crazy. Yesterday when I looked it was full of negative comments and today it’s full of nice ones.
  22. I can’t imsgine her never making music again. No matter how much she might have been pressured to do some of the things it in her blood to make music. So I’m not sure if I’m delusional but even if she takes a big break she will come back to it.
  23. I can’t belie people are focusing on the wrong things over and over again. Why are you not happy she is posting every single day for some days now. She made insta stories which I never thought I would see from her. I’m so excited everyday to see new stuff from her. And this is just amazing. Her smile, her body, everything. How happy she is! I just want to see more posts like that. So people stop bashing her I thought we are all here to enjoy Britney but it seems there always some negativity even when good things are happening.
  24. Jamie Lyn posted two more insta stories it seems it’s from Britney house. Nice to her house from a video like that.
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