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  1. I think you are right. They are not allowed to talk about the situation. Very clear from Bryan’s interview. He did what he could. Same for Sam.
  2. I just think it’s just too calculated of her team to be making her do these type of videos. I think it’s her choice to do this this way.i want to believe that she doesn’t have control over things such as what is posted on insta so all the free Britney movement is justified but I have a feeling she has decided for herself that she would like to make videos like these. I don’t think anyone is pressuring her to to them so yeah I think this video kinda proves that she does post the videos on Instagram.
  3. So it is her that posts everything. I’ve always thought it was her. I think we are too over our head to hope she doesn’t post herself as he rises gram is too controlled.
  4. It is really sad that we can’t enjoy full songs of Britney singing live. She has such an unique voice. She is such an icon in music yet there is hardly any live singing like that.
  5. This popped up on my Facebook. It’s interesting how popular it still is and Britney probably doesn’t get much of the sales https://www.thesun.co.uk/fabulous/12409463/britney-spears-perfume-reduced-superdrug-sale-shopping-bargains-facebook/?utm_campaign=sunmainfacebook&utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Facebook#Echobox=1597481983
  6. This is what I found about it on insta
  7. Well I wouldn’t be abelt I say but possibly all the drugs they have given her around 2012-13. Possibly the smoking but it’s definitely different than before. It’s possible it’s part of getting old
  8. You’re so right. I never knew before I saw Bryan’s interview that the state is actually in control of the situation. And it makes so much more sense why Lynnis trying to get control in it as it’s not only Jamie who controls everything and Lynn need permission from the state to be park of some of the decisions.
  9. For everyone saying it doesn’t sound like Britney I think you’ve lived under a rock. It does sound differently from the Britney we know but in my opinion that’s because her voice has changed in general we see it in all her videos.
  10. Omg hahaha I was thinking something was wrong with the title I wrote but I was in a hurry and left it. 😄😄😄
  11. OMG I got so excited 😄 didn’t expect it at all it’s at the beginning of the movie and the scene is in a really positive way I laughed out loud. It’s on Amazon prime in the U.K. if any of you want to watch it.
  12. Honestly if I close my eyes it’s like Britney is actually singing. Can I imagine she was part of that Disney singalong from the Disney +😄
  13. I like how far this is going but what happened with fans saying they would not buy anything Britney related until she is free from the conservatorship.
  14. I’m obsessed with her look from the Onyx hotel Miami. So pretty https://images.app.goo.gl/2ZRfuYHk3mpGJwrL9
  15. I was thinking as well how weird it looks and I think the reason is because she is not actually smiling but opening her mouth doing a fake smile that actually is overdone so much that it shows her lower teeth.
  16. So let me get this straight she was in Maui when she broke her foot and probably that’s where she went to hospital with Sam?
  17. I have the same feeling. We always have this big hopes and they never get the light of day
  18. Because of the changes I haven’t been here at all and didn’t know they have closed it. so sad I miss this place as well.
  19. The annoying part then is the title of the list. It should be artist history chart performance or something. But not have it say greatest artist of all time and have Britney all they way down to 58. Because to be the greatest in my opinion It is more about the legacy rather than how you have charted.
  20. How dare Billboard put Britney on number 58 of the greatest of all time artist! What freaking planet are they living on!? I’m not one to get angry much about stuff like that but this is out of order in my opinion https://www.billboard.com/charts/greatest-of-all-time-artists
  21. Oh yeah I forgot forgot about the premiere one. All in all it’s good tho that now he posts more without her posting that means there is a bit more freedom.
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