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  1. To be honest I’m trying really hard to see Preston in that person but I am having so much trouble, I would say that’s not him. But then maybe he is not as much visible as Jaden and if I see him straight in the face he will be recognisable. Jaden is indeed a copy of Britney
  2. I love this. It’s nice to see a post that’s a bit different than the usual ones. I hope she had a good time
  3. OMG this is so random 😄 but I love it. Good thing I always shop from Tesco
  4. OMG this is so random 😄 but I love it. Good thing I always shop from Tesco
  5. I know everyone is unhappy that Jamie wasn't removed but I think what was supposed to happen in this hearing happened. They accepted Bessemer as co-conservator. I think it was never possible to suspend Jamie effective immediately. I think one of the main reasons as well is that he has been doing this for 12 years, there have to be a transition between the new and old conservator. The hearing definitely showed some of Jamie's true colours and i think what's next is written documents with reasons why he has to be suspended. Never give up Britney Army I think we are seeing the light in the tunnel getting brighter
  6. What happened with the live stream. They normally stream after the end t give updates. Also has Bessemer been approved as co-conservator?
  7. Yay I was right https://www.instagram.com/p/CHSGrUhJ8rD/?igshid=vijglvk1fhlc
  8. I love her hair. I wonder if the pictures are from a week or so ago as her stylist was doing Sam’s hair and the pictures he posted seemed to be at Britney’s house.
  9. I love her hair. I wonder if the pictures are from a week or so ago as her stylist was doing Sam’s hair and the pictures he posted seemed to be at Britney’s house.
  10. Why is everyone wondering why they have put this picture? I love how She looks now and all the photo shoot pictures we have had but let’s be honest they normally use the same pics from the Glory era. For axmple the last few Christmas calendars I got of her were with the same picture from Glory era. I love it that they have chosen a picture that is not very popular. Makes a bit of a change in my opinion.
  11. This actually is making me angry for some reason. I really don’t want people to think that’s Megan’s song and for it to get more popular than Britney’s if they promote the hell out of it. It is even worse if the reason why she covered is is because Britney declined to do a Christmas album. I would hate it if they did it just to get more money out of it by having someone else promote it as they couldn’t get Britney to do it.
  12. Okay I’m a right to say that Britney has this trust that has all her money ($600 mill) and the money that we know about the $60 million is only the money within the Conservatorship? This is so confusing. So she definitley has more money then they keep saying. https://www.instagram.com/s/aGlnaGxpZ2h0OjE3OTUxMzU1MTM2Mzc1NTEx?igshid=kik0rz0w8j5v&story_media_id=2425008486658396789
  13. I think the same. He is probably not allowed to say anything nor is Britney. So they are both trying so say how happy they are with the outcome today in the only way possible.
  14. It was even worse being a fan since the beginning and experiencing all the concerts on videos but never been able to go until POM. Still count my blessings I managed to see her live on her last tour tho.
  15. Haha I know right?! I was oblivious to her part in everything 😄
  16. That’s what I don’t get tho how can they not be able to calculate how much that is as for example what I’ve heard with royalties like from the show friends I think One of the actors that showed up in a few episodes said he still gets a cheque every month from it so they definitley should be able to calculate how much she gets.
  17. But one thing I don’t get is if it is difficult to evaluate how much she has from music then does she really have access to any money from music in that case? Also even if the music is not included what about all the money the perfumes have made?! There is definitley soemthing shady going on.
  18. I love her hair in this video. Makes her hair look nicer and not messy
  19. I was just watching the live with the guy from as not seen on tv, and while interviewing Jason he was talking about going through lie detector but I couldn’t hear properly and also didn’t understand what question he was asked but does anyone know what that is about?
  20. “BRITNEY herself has expressed to me a desire that we associate an attorney or law firm with substantial expertise in handling contested litigation in a highly complex case such as this one through trial." im not sure if I understand this right. Does it state that they are planning on having a trial about the conservatorship? Like they do in the movies with a jury? That’s what I am imagining.
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